Saturday, August 27, 2016

30 Quilts in 30 Days Day 8

I quilted 2 small quilt this morning.  Didn't get photos.

quilt 7 was for the baby shower
quilt 8 is a small doggie quilt

I did have grand kids most of the day so stayed home and goofed off.  After the boys went home, the girls and I attended the baby shower---yea cake.  The mom -to- be is actually having the baby on Tuesday-  don't know why I thought there was more time before she is due.

Anyway, she loves the little baby quilt!  The shower was nice, and I ate cake!!!

Bree told me her teacher likes frogs.  We pulled froggie prints and made a 62" x 62" couch top.  I have enough of the blue flowers to use as a back OR we can make another row of borders.  There is just enough 'blue' in the middle panel to let the flowers look good.  This top will be set back till closer to the Holidays.  (not committing to which year-  yet)

 Found this work in progress-  All the rows are sewn and just need sewn together.  Photo is half laid out on the floor.  I don't know how long ago I started this but it looks like I might get it back on track for a finish.
 I have pinned several rows together and hope to sew after the girls go home tomorrow.
 Sometimes I wish I used an iron before I take a picture.  Just pretend the wrinkles are not there.
 This is the fabric for the quilt back  However I really love it and think I have enough to make curtains for the cabin.  I have several ideas on what I want for the living room.  I seem to be leaning towards greens.  Kids are out of school next weekend so I can take them and fabric samples down to the cabin to pin to the walls.  (You can figure out what I mean--lol)