Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Yahoo Group--Invite die user friends/family

I have been wanting to start a 'group' for quilters that use die cuts.  I know this is going to be way more time consuming then I think it will be. lol!   I have been in several groups that revolve around the Accuquilt dies and as a lurker, I get frustrated at not being able to find/see what inspiration I need at the moment.

My specific grip was not finding albums by die.  Sounds silly b/c one can always Google the die name and view multiple beautiful quilts.  That is all well and good but it didn't allow for questions and comments.  So to make a short story long,  I am starting yet another group, this one specifically for BABY and GO die users who would be willing to share their work, comments, words of encouragement, etc....

My plan is to be fully up and running by Christmas.  If you can stand a 'little' under construction mess, please drop by and join me before then.  Here is the Link to the GROUP

I am not a Shop Owner/Employee but I do have access to some pretty good items that I can use for 'give-a-ways' and other challenges.

First Challenge is going to be get the first 25 groups members.  Prize is going to be a set of 12 die cut calico cats- for each new member (I will pay postage)    Group is Invitation only, send me a request and say "I was invited from your Blog"  of course if someone forwarded you my post, you would say I was invited by ..............who saw your invite.
I will let you know if you are in the top 25!
Clear as mud?   If you are not in the top 25, don't worry, I will be doing drawings for other 'to be announced later' challenges.

Be good-  cw

All good groups have a set of support people to help the founder.  I will be giving shouts out to the membership as we grow and needs arise.  If you are interested in being support staff, let me know.