Monday, August 12, 2013

HO HO HO cont.

 The day after I was scheduled to post on the HO HO HO Blog Hop, I finally cut into material I had laid out for a quilt top.

 After seeing that I could indeed still operate a pair of scissors, I ventured into the world of holiday prints.

Kelly and I had pulled this red w/dots out to see if there was enough to do words on the HO HO HO quilt.

In the spirit of Cake Wrecks, my quilt will hopefully make future generation wonder 'what' was g-ma 'thinking'!

I draw out my letters free-hand.  Number the repeats so I only have to cut out one shape in multiples.  I use M &W,  n & u,  p, b,d(reverse)  Anything that looks like another letter gets cut at the same time and trimmed down.  This style makes even my ugly hand-writting look like a font.
The---- HO HO HO--down the side---  is all cut out too.
I love how each quilt turns out so different.
What quilt saying would you do Cake Wreck style if you had time to play?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It is always a good time to show off a Christmas quilt!

   Special Thanks to  Mdm Samm and Carol for organizing this blog hop.  I hope you are having fun visiting all the creative talent we have had step up to share this week.

August 7
Since we are all 'friends' here I will admit that I did not do the project I purposed TO DO.   I am sure that no one else has ever had a near miss on a dead-line.  
I started out really excited and just "Knew" exactly what I wanted to -show off.
The Blog Hop was a perfect opportunity for me to  get out an old UFO and finish it in time to share (and to be one quilt ahead for Christmas)
Well you know how it goes.......(fill in your own excuses here- I may need to borrow one sometime).....I actually got the top back from my friend Pam. (She had it at her shop to show off how easy the small tumbler die from Accuquilt is to use with scraps)
This is one of the first projects I cut tumblers for.  I have always wanted to add borders and was holding out to find the 'perfect' fabric or idea to finish this future keepsake.  It will have to wait a bit longer--my bad.
I did pull additional fabrics to design and work on my border...and the rest is how it sometimes goes....nothing got done.  
I want(ed) to make a 6 in black border with 2 1/2" letters.  In the spirit of Christmas and as a salute to Cake Wrecks I came up with the perfect saying to tie this piece in with our Blog Hop.
 Don't laugh but I still plan to add:   
           M E R R Y (across the top)
HO                                                         Down
HO                                                          the
HO                                                         Side
              C H R I S T M A S 
             (on the bottom)     
I will do some holiday applique in the corners etc....
You know this was a lot cuter in my head--lol

Don't be too sad that I missed this dead-line, I look at it that I am ahead of  the game for next year.  
Because you have been so forgiving, I decided to throw  in a little more eye candy to make your stop worthwhile. 
You can do this setting in any size you like.  Make flying geese by the method of your choice.  Sew  geese together in sets of 3.  Measure two geese and use that measurement to make hour block and sq in a sq blocks.  Sew strip sets of 3 geese pointing towards an hour glass block followed by 3 geese pointing in from the other side.  Measure this new strip unit.  Take that measurement and cut background blocks to embellish as you chose.  I like to raw-edge applique. For this quilt I made scrappy Sue girls.    Set the top in a focus block and sashing w/corner sqs set.

I think I would like to try this sometime set on point, maybe with flowers?  What would you do?

Here is the finished quilt thrown laid out on the floor to get it's photo taken.
The grand kids always love a favorite quilt to pull out around the holidays.  I like that they enjoy a good snuggle under at grandma's house.  Some day I can gift this then well worn keepsake to one of my future heirs to share with their loved ones.
Several of the girls have already called Dibs....wonder who will add it to their collection?  Maybe I should just make a couple of more just in case...... the way I am going, maybe I should just gift the UFO's and call it good!

Thanks for stopping by
be good-  Cheryl