Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Red Quilt and now I want a tree house!

On a recent visit to my good Friend Dawn's to show off my newest Flimsy, I 'found' a new favorite spot to hang tops from!
Now I want my own tree house hanger--lol

 Joshua was able to lay the top out and the breeze held it in place with out help.  Both boys let me get a picture b/c when I say pose they pose!  Thanks, Andrew for throwing in the smile with out being asked!
I don't know the name of this pattern, I did it strip cut and sub cut on the 16 patch.  I used GO dies for the 'red' blocks.  I tear my border strips.  If you see wrinkles it is from the top not being ironed first--and from the wind holding it to the side of the tree house.

The new puppy Louie, however does not know me well enough to pose when I asked him too.  Next time, Louie, Next time.......

Ros wants one and I want to help- request for orphan blocks coming.....

You know how Cyber friends all "Look Alike"?  Well with a little help from my live body friends and a few blog readers I am hoping to help Ros stand out from the crowd.  (or at least her car will-lol)

Dive into your orphan blocks and send me a few that you would like to see put to a fun use.  Here is the post that got Ros excited.  http://ros-the-quilter.blogspot.com/2013/05/i-want-one.html  Let's see if we can help her achieve her vision.

I don't want to give out other peoples snail mail so you can feel free to send me your blocks and I will forward to Ros (my live body quilting friends are all going to pitch in a block each)  OR you can comment on her post and she can communicate her addy to you.  My goal is to get mine off in the mail by May 31th, so if you are sending some to me to forward do it now!!
Test Block for QuiltMakers 100 blocks--  Orphan in the box for ROS

My addy is:  Cheryl Willis  23598 Lawrence 1100  Monett, MO 65708

Thanks in advance--I think it will be fun to see her progress!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend at the lake sewing--

 Winding ways, 10 x 10 blocks,  36 total sewn together.  This 'kit' is all cut and ready for a sew day!

 Small Stars.  100 scrappy blocks, cut and bagged ready to go.  I got 12 blocks together.  Love the GO die!

 Double Wedding Ring, all cut out.  Sewed up all the arches and a few footballs.  Need to cut the backgrounds out.  Thinking about this being our anniv. quilt.  (Maybe even this year-lol)

 This was a bunch of cut out pieces I got from a friend.  I figured out the block and have sewn all the sets except the side mountains.  I have a few more triangles to go before I can sub-cut and re-sew.

 I have wanted to do a scrappy pinwheel for awhile.  I finally worked on striping the blades.  I love cutting paper with my dies to string piece on to.

There were a couple of other project I did not get pictures of.  I will up date later.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Double Wedding Ring re-visit 2000

This is the start of a DWR (started in 2000 and still a WIP)  I think I just got bored sewing the same pieces over and over.  Today I decided to bag up the starter set (my new name for UFO's) and start over.

The yardage had all been cut into strips so I figured out my new GO Double Wedding Ring Die would work to get me excited again.  Good friend Dawn is borrowing my cutter to work on her version of a DWR.  I can sew arches together for a day or two before I have to commit to a background.

I def. want the cutter back to cut those!

Arches will have the Left and Right pieces constant through out.  The setting sqs will be the burgundy and blue from the original project.  The  center three prints will be either light or dark red with blues on both sides.  I think I will mix them up through out the top.

Any suggestions on which background to use?  Kelly likes the pink or light yellow.  I am leaning towards the green or pink.  I may just flip a coin.