Wednesday, August 31, 2016

30 Quilts in 30 Days Days 11, 12

No quilting the past couple of days.  I did get some work done on the stash that is being sent to El Salvador.

The project was to make 100 baby/small size quilts.  It got downsized to making sets of fronts and backs to send for the women there to finish for local needs.

Fronts were matched with backs in sets of 5 per hanger.  For this shipment only 75 quilt kits would fit in the duffel bag.  I have more fabric and misc items to send down.  I will either fill another duffel bag or wait until another group from Church is headed that way.

Most of these sets are good sides facing together.  There are a lot of pretty fabrics.  The ladies at the church in La Palma give sewing classes.  These small quilt kits can be used for practice.  They also give the women gifts they can make for others.

I make the duffel bags from any fabrics I can find that are sturdy.  The airlines have size and weight restrictions for the checked baggage.  My bags will pass the size requirements and will hold 50 pounds of donated items.  I am  hoping to make a dozen bags a year for Mission trips.  I purpose to fill at least one with usable fabrics for the ladies sewing group.  We also ship sewing machines, when we have cargo containers going down.

I have made five duffel bags so far this year have 8 more cut out ready to sew when needed.

Over 50 quilt kits-  fronts and backs.  We do not use batting b/c the temperatures are so warm
 Mary got me interested in playing with jean pockets.  She is looking to make items for a craft show, I wanted to play and see how creative I could get.  I have no desire to mass produce.  The OWL pin cushion is a work in progress.  I am not sure if I want to hand sew and do other embellishments or just glue the eyes and wings on and be done.

This small pocket was perfect size to make a scissor holder.  The back side has another pocket that I put a bobbin of thread and several needles.  Now I have a ready for the road sewing kit if I need it.

 This is the practice book cover.  My grandson Andrew called dibs.  He likes the long pocket b/c it hold pencils.  I made these to fit the composition notebooks that were on sale at Walmart after back to school sale.

 Ben wanted a larger pocket on his.

 These really are a lot of fun to make.  Breely has a 1 st grade teacher that loves frogs.  I found an old frog print and embellished a pocket with yo-yo's  I still need to attatch everything to the pocket.

Dawn told me one time that she liked red tulips.  I just had to make her a notebook cover with this old print I had.  I added a butterfly because I love butterflies and I love her.  The butterfly is not sewn at the top so this  has two pockets in one gift!

Monday, August 29, 2016

30 Quilts in 30 days Days 9 & 10

No new quilts, I did make a couple of duffel bags for a Missions trip.  I also cut out fabric for 9 more bags to do later.  I spent most of the creative time cleaning up messes from the last time I got creative.

I brought a friend home this afternoon and she helped me move a few things around.  Starting to look like my basement is going to get cleaned up after all.   Tomorrow is another day-  Hopefully I will have a finish to show off!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

30 Quilts in 30 Days Day 8

I quilted 2 small quilt this morning.  Didn't get photos.

quilt 7 was for the baby shower
quilt 8 is a small doggie quilt

I did have grand kids most of the day so stayed home and goofed off.  After the boys went home, the girls and I attended the baby shower---yea cake.  The mom -to- be is actually having the baby on Tuesday-  don't know why I thought there was more time before she is due.

Anyway, she loves the little baby quilt!  The shower was nice, and I ate cake!!!

Bree told me her teacher likes frogs.  We pulled froggie prints and made a 62" x 62" couch top.  I have enough of the blue flowers to use as a back OR we can make another row of borders.  There is just enough 'blue' in the middle panel to let the flowers look good.  This top will be set back till closer to the Holidays.  (not committing to which year-  yet)

 Found this work in progress-  All the rows are sewn and just need sewn together.  Photo is half laid out on the floor.  I don't know how long ago I started this but it looks like I might get it back on track for a finish.
 I have pinned several rows together and hope to sew after the girls go home tomorrow.
 Sometimes I wish I used an iron before I take a picture.  Just pretend the wrinkles are not there.
 This is the fabric for the quilt back  However I really love it and think I have enough to make curtains for the cabin.  I have several ideas on what I want for the living room.  I seem to be leaning towards greens.  Kids are out of school next weekend so I can take them and fabric samples down to the cabin to pin to the walls.  (You can figure out what I mean--lol)

Friday, August 26, 2016

30 quilts in 30 days Day 7

And another one gone and another one gone, another one bites the dust- Hey!

So I didn't have my camera with me and I have already gifted the yellow and purple grad. quilt.

Connie helped me trim it up this morning.  We also pinned two small quilts to batting, I have both of them sewn together and turn inside out.  They are both in line to get quilted.  One is for the baby shower tomorrow, so it will either get done before or after the shower.  I may have to flip a coin to see which.  The baby is not due for awhile and I am teaching the block at the library class first Tuesday.  I am not in a big hurry to get it to the mom.

I also had help tearing sheets to make a back for my big quilt top.  This is all now sewn together and looks great , by the way.  I will be sure to document with photos later.

Day 7  - quilt 6-  Lindsey's grad. quilt  yellow and purple,  yellow back  was rolled to the front for binding.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

30 Quilts in 30 days Day 6- we have a finish!!

Give this gal not one brownie point but two for finishing TWO, count them 2 quilt today.  Today is Day 6 and I have a total of 5 quilts finished.

I was determined to have something finished today and I did!!.  Tomorrow may be another high completion count day.  Let's all hold our breath and see if anything actually gets done.  I do have a fun time penciled in with Connie over in Aurora.  Other biggies for my day include getting some quilting done and picking up grand kids to come spend the weekend with me.

 I have figured out my back seems to do better if I quilt in the early morning.  From here on out I hope to use my first couple of cups of coffee on being productive.  Another quilt pinned in ready to quilt.  I kinda think I should have gotten this machine fixed a long time ago.

How long has this been in a baggie?  Too long- get to work girl.

Not the best binding job but was better then sitting around unfinished.  My first attempt as scallops.

Old top finished ready to be gifted on Sunday to my friend Marianna  I don't seem to be able to get the photo turned correctly.

This row killed me.  I am not strong enough to handle the machine through all these little twists and turns.  I had to stop several time on the first row.  I finished the row this morning and decided to use an easier pattern for the rest of the top.

Good choice-  Funny thing is last time I tried this feather pattern I did not like it.  This quilt, however looks great with the feathers.  This pattern seemed so much easier then the other that I finished the whole quilt today.

I swear this seemed soooooo much larger when I was quilting it-  nice to have a finish-  binding is done.  I turned the back fabric to the front and  machine stitched it down

30 Quilts in 30 Days Day 5

So close today but no cigar.  I did actually pin in a top and almost quilt the first row.  I did get a lot of pictures

Purple top for Niece--Border fabric from MIL's stash

Second Purple top--this green is the original fabric I pick out.  Glad I slept on it b/c I really like the material I ended up with.

I played with my large bed quilt top and added a couple of more rows.  Am I crazy to enjoy the mix matched fabrics so much?  My new mantra is:  If it is ugly you just haven't use enough of it yet!

India print for the Niece's wedding quilt-- I will use a dark grey for the back

Abby's quilt has it's borders on

Close up of floral border

2nd purple to got a bit livelier --I think this is being held upside down but the turquoise palm trees really make me smile!

So this one was also from Moya, it was started DMS I pinned it in and will use it as a practice quilt to try out a few patterns.

First pattern I hope to try out--pretty busy

top is pinned in--yea me

I can do this---maybe---lol

well yes and no-  the machine is able, I am weak.  It really puts a strain on my back so I had to stop every 12"  I did get over half of the first row done.  Not sure if I will continue or practice different patterns.  I did break thread a couple of time but think it was a bad bobbin.

 My new favorite top.  I may tie this one-  it is really large-- I am guessing about 110 x 110 (ish)

oops, haven't squared up the corners yet

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

30 Quilts in 30 days Day 4

What is wrong with me?  Four days in and I have only machine quilted ONE top (the one that had been pinned in for a couple of months!)  And, I have already misplaced it.

I did get borders sewn on the two purple tops that Moya gave me. One top will be gifted to my Niece and I was able to add a print from her grandmothers stash as the outer border.  The other top will most likely go to one of the granddaughters, I had purple yardage with Palm trees on it.  Karlee had told me one time she wanted a quilt with it in it.

NO pictures from today.  I did get to crash a library knitting/crochet group--I was the designated driver and instead of doing a drop and run, I hung around and cut letters out for my top. I also glue stick attached them to the two last border strips of the large top for our cabin bedroom.  I am so thrilled to see this top go together so quick.  Two days from conception to finish is a bit slow for me but seriously the way I have been piling up UFO's lately, any finish is a pleasant surprise.

The phrase I went with is :  (top)  All my Longings   (middle)  All My Dreams  (right side)  JESUS is LORD of ALL  
I have always loved this song and I am so very happy to have it on my quilt.  There were actually several songs that I was considering verses from for this quilt.  B/C it was for a bed, I had to go with the "Dreams" verse.

Tomorrow is another day-  I will try remember to bring my camera.  I have a Bible class in the morning, I am sure I can find someone to help (Make) me pin in something and finish it.

Monday, August 22, 2016

30 quilts in 30 days. Day 3

So last night I decided to start another project, I had a song stuck in my head and thought it needed to be made into a quilt.  This one will be for our lake cabin.

Pulling fabrics and cutting letters

Got to use up the large butterflies.  Two more rows to sew letters on and this one is done!!!

 I don't want to post the rest of the words in case I don't get around to doing them.  I did bring everything home to work on this evening.  Of course Carl came home tonight so  sewing time is if-fy

Here it is laid over the bed with the corners pulled up to show off the applique flowers.

I should name this one kitchen sink b/c I have used so many left overs.  It is so much prettier in person!

Picture of top right corner.  I had fun trying to make the butterflies disappear. It was hard but I stuck to a low contrast with bold fabrics and I truly love the outcome. 
I did NOT quilt anything again today.  I did get to visit with a favorite Niece, Abby from Cal. who is getting married this Saturday.  I am not attending but did shop for a new wardrobe just in case.  I told her I could get a few glammer shots of myself and she could photo shop them into the wedding party pictures.  We also discussed a wedding quilt.  I am several months behind but will pull the fabric I have in mind for hers.  My father-in-law (her Grandfather) would bring me back fabric from his trips to India.  I have made each of TaTa's grand-kids a wedding quilt from that stash.  Abby said she really likes purples so I will have to dig deep to see if I have any left.  I think the niece who got married last year go the last purple yardage.

To make the story more fun--Moya stopped by to visit and brought me 2 purple tops she didn't want.  We shopped my stash for border fabrics and found yardage of a purple that my mother-in law had sewn a dress out of.  A big smile knowing I can now make two quilts for Abby that have memories of her grandparents.

I like this green w/purple flowers but may change my mind.  I want to get the borders on before I decided it needs to be much bigger.  DIL, Kelly loves purples too so this might end up at her house on a couch someday.

This is the one for Abby, the floral yardage is left over from Ama's sewing days.  Another couch size snuggle under as soon as I  make myself start pinning them in.