Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wedding Ring TO DO

Another beautiful quilt top to add to my collection.  Thanks E-bay!

I have an on going pile of older tops and blocks that I hope to bring back to Snuggle Under Keepsake status.
If I can figure out some borders for this one, it may end up on my bed!

Shooting Star Quilt Pattern- a future TO DO?

Did a little fabric therapy with my good friend Dawn today.  I rarely purchase patterns but when I 'find' one that has templates I don't have........ well let's just say fabric isn't the only thing that speaks to me- lol

Do we want to take bets on 'How long it will take for me to cut out a test block"?

Friday, November 23, 2012

50 states quilted for a new friend

I got a call awhile back asking if I could put a top together and quilt it for a couple in the next town over.

Of course I told him I don't quilt for the public.

I ask the man where he 'got' my name and he said from a friend of mine at a blood drive 4 years eariler.
He had kept my number 'just in case'.

His wife had been embroidering her 50 state blocks for almost 40 years.  She had just finished and really wanted to see them in a quilt that she could pass on to her daughter.

How could I not at least meet them and 'see' what she had in mind.  I took my 50 state top to show a possible setting.  She loved mine and wanted hers exactly like it, only in solid blue, like the sky.

I hoped to get it done and back to them by Thanksgiving.  Well to make a short story long, yesterday at 2.30 in the afternoon I got to deliver the future keepsake.  I also got the nicest hug and thanks.

She is so excited that she told me this quilt is going on their bed!  Her daughter is just going to have to wait her turn to get it.  I have to say that made me smile!

Never give up on your goals.  One stitch at a time will get the job done.

Easy Street Mystery 2012

Finally I have a pile of fabrics I think I can work with and the first step is reveled. Good timing.

To see the other quilter's version of step one check out the links HERE.

My background is going to be the RED solid and my 2 yd constant is the black w/roses (2 yds!)
My goal is to totally shop from stash.  The 'yellow' may end up being 'pink',  I will decided when we get to the part where we have to cut- lol

Of course the colors never show true in photos.  My red is actually a bit darker, must have been the flash.

I hope to die cut my strips today and will update this post if/when I get my 4-patches sewn.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Now I am staying off of Ebay (brag)

In my defense I did not bid on this one- lol  I know DIL, Kelly loves strawberries and this top would make a perfect one to quilt for her for Christmas.  I did offer to let her cut out red fabrics and make her own version of this vintage masterpiece.   We will have to wait and see it she gets one.  (If she is good, I will let her quilt it too!)

 Here are my latest E-Bay purchases in  no particular order.

I can't wait for the mail this next week.

This wedding ring top is one that I have had on my TO DO list, now I can cross that off- lol

 I have always been a fan of scrappy, this is another pattern that I enjoy seeing and now can boast that I have in my 'collection'

And scrappy and yellows--I love it!!!!
This Log Cabin is the sister to the top in our family photo.  I may have to quilt both to take to the cabin.  I love the fabrics in the first one so I know I am going to love this second one too.  Fingers crossed it comes in the mail this weekend!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.  Stay off E-bay for a couple of days or at least until the last several I bid on have closed- lol

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ebay purchase- scrappy log cabin

Shout out to Vickey in Hillsboro WV- Thanks for this top!

I love scrappy and love the fabrics in this future keepsake.

I am considering adding a border of butterflies to enlarge this beauty to a king size for our bed.  I rarely bid on Ebay but have had success in getting tops at a reasonable price.  My new log cabin die is coming soon for my GO, maybe I can cut out a companion piece from my scrappy stash soon!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Finally figured out what I want to do for the new Mystry quilt

I was doing a Google search for focus fabrics, thinking I could find something I like to pull colors for the new Mystery- Easy Street (Bonnie Hunter)

This is exactly what I had in mind!  I know I want to do a Red background and will use Red as my Constant.

Colors 1, 2, 3, 4   will be pulled from this inspiration piece.
Right now I am leaning towards Dark Greens/Black/Navy/Purple,   Yellows/Beige/Tans/,  Light Blue, and Pink or White
I could go Black, Green, Yellow and Lt Blue.   I will have to start pulling scraps and see what colors I have enough of.

It will be fun to see how many times I change my mind before the final top is sewn.

Are you planning to join the Mystery?  Check out the yahoo group quiltvillechat.

I didn't make it very far on my original choices.  I found a red sheet I can use for background.
I have just over two yds of this pink with Red, Yellow, Purple flowers.
Quick pull of Green, Purple and Yellow, looking good but not my original idea.  Hope this doesn't mean I have to make two quilts!  lol

Sewing in my 'Office"

I have been doing my Spring cleaning in the Fall this year.  I work from home and really wanted to update my office.  I have two Brick and Morter offices that I can meet with clients, one in Springfield and the other in Ozark, MO.

My home office is for the late night computer work and other paper pushings that come with working with the public.  (Not everyone keeps a 9 to 5!)

I moved all the file cabinets from the back wall and set up a vinaigrette w/a spare machine to allow for a quilt seam here and there.

Thrift Store find.  You know me, if it has a black frame, it must be ART!!!

More example of inspiration and 'art'- lol

This is my next future TO DO in Stained Glass.  Why there is a can of spray paint on the window sill is anyone's guess.

Flowers laid out on the floor.  Some are sewn together some are waiting for just the right spot.
This is Command Central, I did a fuzz out so you wouldn't have to see the clutter. Or so I wouldn't have to see the clutter- lol   Who am I kidding, we all have clutter.

I need to get back to work!  cw