Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas quilts for BLDCD

Barry/Lawrence Development Center in MOnett works with children birth to 5 yrs old.  Friends busted stash and made 17 small quilts for the kids.  Two pieces of fabric sewn on batting and tied with string.  I can only hope the children enjoy these as much as we did making them.

Debbie H- STAR-ted it

Deb asked me if I could die cut the shapes for this new keepsake for her grandson James.  Of course I had to try.
Several other friends want to try their hand at the interlocking stars, Bet we see a few more lovely quilts come spring!

Wonky star part 3 getting close

Star-ting to add the outer borders.  Simple spinning star made with chisels and triangles and a rectangle.  Most of these were pre-cut left over from a different project.

I was considering adding a border of these tiny stars,  Four units in I decided I wasn't that committed to this idea!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Another wedding quilt- congrats Teresa and Adam

This one is for a favorite niece.  The fabrics were brought back from India by her grandfather.  I hope the couple much success as they start their life together!

Grow Old with me

the best is yet to be

Thursday's class cont.....

Jessica and her mom, Clara both did a great job on their tops.  Hope to get these quilted in time for the holidays.  16-patched, triangle sqs. , choice block pattern and raw-edge applique- what a great first quilt!!

Thursday's class tops Marianna

There were three students in the Thursday class.  This started out as an into-to sewing and ended up with all three gals making their first quilts!

Each made similar 16-patch blocks.  The next week we worked on triangle sqs.  The third week was pick out your own pattern.  The forth week was an intro to applique.

I wish I had taken more photos of this beautiful quilt in progress.  I am so proud of Marianna for being the first on done.  Quilted and bound and on the bed!
Twelve 12 1/2 inch blocks

Set together in the D-9 pattern.  The top is quilted and pinned to sew the binding down.

Love this print on the back!

This reindeer will get button eyes.  The head is made from the tracing of her daughter's foot.  The antlers are her son's hand prints.   What a fun keepsake!

Isn't this a lovely block from week 3

Beautiful 16 patch

Someone figured out raw-edge applique!

Her third applique block is left over pieces from one of my past projects.  She replaced a few blades with scraps from her top to make the plate fit in.

Wonky star part 2

I love raw-edge applique for adding words to my quilts.

"Above thy deep and dreamless sleep the silent stars go by."

Outer border is a work in progress- hope to show it off soon

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Working on a wonky die cut star

Deb H. wants to do a quilt for her grandson.  I was sure I had dies that would cut out an easy wonky star.   Made myself a few test blocks to make sure I had interlocking pattern understood.  Cut out 6 sets of stars before I realized I wasn't laying the print good side down.   SEW, so I set 5 stars together rotating the wrong way.  I had to keep looking at my pattern from the back side to figure out how to piece the block--lol  
Now that I have the center completed, it is growing on me.  I have cut out enough stars correctly to make another full size quilt in the future.
Kinda a strange way to set the stars but once you figure it out, very easy.

Corner pieces, easy to do

Center 5 stars-  starting to like it, now to make it larger.

I had just enough of the brown w/circles to do a border around the center.

Triangles on the chisel die for the next border will bring this close to 60 x 60".  I like sq. quilts for maybe a couple of more borders and this will be ready for a bed!

Table runner for Kelly

Leona shared 12 orphan blocks and challenged me to use them soon.  Well--ta-da!   My first stitch in the ditch project in a long time.  Thank You to Francis for pinning all the safety pins!

The dots fabric on the back and binding are from a nightgown worn by Kelly's grandmother.  I hope she enjoys this new keepsake for a long time.  I was going to wait till spring and gift it to her for her B-day.  Quilts just wanta get done--quilts just wanta get done!

scrap duffle bags for mission work

When the church group goes on Mission trips they purpose their 'checked luggage' for items that will be used by the local church that they are going to.  I wanted to figure out how to re-cycle donated fabrics that didn't make it to the 'quilting' stash into bags that could be useful.

Marci just let me know that these first two arrived and worked how we hoped they would.  Hard to believe that each bag is holding about 50 lbs of items.  This set has 30 baby size quilts and a lot of school supplies.  The nice thing is the bags can be left at their destination for use later.

Trips are scheduled for 3 or 4 a year, looks like I am going to get to bust a bunch of  material in 2016!