Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Thursday's class tops Marianna

There were three students in the Thursday class.  This started out as an into-to sewing and ended up with all three gals making their first quilts!

Each made similar 16-patch blocks.  The next week we worked on triangle sqs.  The third week was pick out your own pattern.  The forth week was an intro to applique.

I wish I had taken more photos of this beautiful quilt in progress.  I am so proud of Marianna for being the first on done.  Quilted and bound and on the bed!
Twelve 12 1/2 inch blocks

Set together in the D-9 pattern.  The top is quilted and pinned to sew the binding down.

Love this print on the back!

This reindeer will get button eyes.  The head is made from the tracing of her daughter's foot.  The antlers are her son's hand prints.   What a fun keepsake!

Isn't this a lovely block from week 3

Beautiful 16 patch

Someone figured out raw-edge applique!

Her third applique block is left over pieces from one of my past projects.  She replaced a few blades with scraps from her top to make the plate fit in.