Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Working on a name for the new future mouser

Thank you Tyler, Jackson, and Lindsey - we will love our new addition to the family!

Friday, December 12, 2014

A quilt, a coffee cup pegboard and 4 potted plants....

And the question is:  what did-ya do today?

Ran to the Ozark office to drop off this long overdue future keepsake.  King and then some sized to hang way over the bed.  Made with Kansas Troubles Cakes (thanks Pam) and the D-9 pattern.
Not bragging but my friend/co-worker loves it !!!

Narrowed the coffee cup collection down to 72!  Subject to revision.  Everything that didn't make the wall (or the kitchen collections- lol) will be gifted or  sold at the next yard sale.  It was fun revisiting many old favorites.  All these have been used over the years and made it to 'favorite' status and now retired to the wall in my glass/mosaic room.

Every time I visit Connie in Aurora I leave with something.  4 large pots of plants will be re-gifted to my girls as soon as I can divide and replant them.  Connie put the golf balls in the cactus to keep her cats from digging in there.  I don't have cats or play golf.