Monday, February 28, 2011

Monochromatic Challenge March=Brown

Great FNSI- worked on my "Brown" block for the MC. Mark this one off my list as - completed! To see other Brown -MC click here Here are my first Three blocks- I will have to come up with something fun for setting strips! Pieces for the Bear Claw block were all cut and modified using my GO. (I will do a separate Tutorial later) Finished block is 6 1/2" I will set them with spacers in a 9-patch arrangement to yield a 20 (ish)" block for my MC quilt. The Book: "Brown Bear, Brown, What Do You See" was my original inspiration, thus the brown Bear paws. After doing a holiday search for ideas on March, I discovered that March hosts National Anthem Day on the 3rd. I decided to change my wording to "Oh Say Can you See" as a Patriotic reminder. My new puppies, Jack & Oreo , 9 wks old Hard to believe these are brothers! . The MC for March is BROWN- I have ideas and will update this post as I come up with something. My theme is going to be "What do you See?" - a line from the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear My goal is a 20" block to add to my on going collection for a MC top. I have decided for each month to just keep one post going start to finish. At the end of the month I will link to Judy's post that shares the other participants projects. Can't wait to see what our 'color' is for April! Just found out April=Orange