Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ordered the GO- sale this weekend is having a sale on the GO and dies. I have been tracking the prices and this is the least I have seen. (More than I want to spend but a sale is a sale is a sale)

I ordered the GO (it comes with dies and a mat) and you had to get four additional dies to get the sales price. (the additional $25 saved paid for taxes and shipping was free!)

I purchased the Large Drunkards Path, Large Triangle (I want to do borders and pyramid quilts) The Large Tumbler, and the smaller Drunkards Path.

I hope to bust a lot of stash for donation quilts. I pulled a tub of fabrics to 'practice' cutting on as soon as the machine arrives. Some pieces are yardage, others fats or smaller.

I purposed to cut at least 11 Kits on my BABY Go in 2011. I will commit to doing at least 11 with my new GO too.

From the Practice fabrics I am guessing I can make a pretty good dent on the Kit Tally.