Wednesday, February 2, 2011

50 States quilt- UFO- work in progress!

I decided to work on one of my 11 in 2011.

A flip of the coin pulled up the 50 flowers quilt. This was an auction purchase.

I did a bit of work with the seam ripper and promptly lost interest.

Think it had something to do with ironing 50 blocks!

My firsts thoughts were to iron, re-size and re-set.
After spending the time to take this apart, I had a close up and personal experience. My revelation is: I just don't like this blue fabric.
In fact if anyone wants it I will send it to you.

Because the original person used a lot of purples in the embroidery work, I wanted to find similar fabrics to work into the setting strips and borders.
I was not a fan of the On Point Setting.
I counted twice and all 50 state blocks are here! I don't know of any straight set for 50. I either needed to set 7 x 7 and use one as a label on the back. Or go with a 7 x 8 setting and add six blocks.

I was able to find enough of a couple of fabrics to do setting strips and sqs. I should get a few borders out of it too.
Question was, What do I do with the additional 6 blocks?
I am not in the mood to embroidery.
Answer is as usual- Raw Edge Applique some Butterflies. They seem to be my GO-TO block of choice.
The Win-Win is the butterflies can be made from the fabrics I am using for sashings.

Blocks are laid out in ABC order. All need re-sized. The Butterflies look a little dark, but I think will blend in after the sashings are on.
Here are the first 4 blocks I worked on. The rest will have to wait till later.
Every thing is cut and ready to go. About time for me to loose interest again- NOT!
So what are you doing on your snow day?- cw