Friday, October 29, 2010

pom pom goblin

I have three grandsons in grade school this year.
Lucky for me two are in the same class.
We decided to make some little goblins to tie on their classmates pencils.
Some of this is from stash saved over 20 yrs (when my kids were in school!)
The pom pom is created by wrapping yarn around a piece of card board. Tie it in the middle and cut the ends. (I always have to give them a hair cut to get the pom pom shape just right!)
For the mouth I use a metal bottle cap pinched with pliers and spray painted black.
The eyes can be purchase in bulk but I collect them from thrift stores etc... and save for special events.

In the past I have used these as pony tail ties. Decorations on gift bags. Added a safety pin to the back wore on my coat.
The glue is still wet but by morning these cuties will be ready to get bagged up and shared with a class of 2ND graders!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tylers belated b-day quilt

Tyler wanted to help make his B-day quilt. We were planning on getting together this summer to pick fabrics and pattern.

I was hoping to let him do some sewing. As always summer went to fast.
The other day when Ty was over at my house he asked if he could start picking out fabric.

Of Course! Any thing you want...

I love to do the D-9 when working with misc prints. I had just enough of the motorcycles to do an outer border.

He picked out a blue sheet that has Transformers all over it. It will go great on the back!

This Birthday Quilt may be a Christmas quilt if I don't get it quilted soon.
We might just save it for a time when we can work on it together. I love having grand kids!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

My version of design wall- todays color: ORANGE

For years I have been pinning my quilt tops to the mini blinds as my version of a design wall.

The other day I nailed a strip of oak trim above the windows and set in nails to hang clothes pins on.

The second picture was taken b/c I thought it might look better with the blinds closed.

After that shot I realized the table clutter deserved its own picture.
The flowers have been around many years, evidenced by the layer of dust.
The Hummel wanta be was a thrift shop find.
The orange bowl is a yard sale purchase.
I am starting to see an 'orange' theme going on.

I moved a couple of pieces up from the basement and haven't decided what to display in them. For now I am liking that the hutch is empty! I know it won't stay that way for long. The rooster wall hanging was a b-day gift from a good friend.

This piece was another yard sale find. It reminded me of work my mom use to do when I was a kid. I don't know if she ever did this pattern before but the texture reminded me of her so I had to add it to my collection.
This is not all a design wall post but it was fun to realize just how much I seem to like to decorate with orange.- So what is your favorite color to hang on the wall?- cw

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy B-Day Grandson, Ben is 3!

This b-day quilt has a little of everything in it.
The 8 1/2" scrappy blocks have been sitting in my orphan pile for many years.
Ben is the only grandkid that expressed any interest in having them sewn into a keepsake quilt.
This turned out a little 'eye spy'
It is set in a D-9 pattern with additional borders.
His name was added as raw-edge applique'
I am not normally a gal to do bindings but I had scraps of this zebra print that just begged to get put to use.
I hope Ben enjoys this snuggle under quilt as much as I have enjoyed making it for him.