Saturday, May 31, 2014

What? Still working on the yard?

Cement mushrooms have new glass globs glued on.  I can't wait to see if they get sparkly when the caulking dries.

 Connie gave me a wagon she didn't need anymore.  Flower Time!
 Wheel Barrow is an old one another friend shared when she moved,.  It didn't sell at the yardsale.  The white rocks are from Hubbies mom's flower garden.  I hope they will help hold the soil down when it rains.  I would hate to lose it all so early in the season.
 Wheelbarrow looks more like a rock garden then a flower garden--oh well.
 My bear that friends in KS gave us when they moved.  He will stand guard over the wagon.
 A reclaimed milk jug filled with broken pots and rocks.  I hope it enjoys a new life hosting flowers.
This new TO DO's is in an area that is hard to mow. It is a triangle area between the carport and a row of trees.  We usually just let it over grow and mow it down a couple times a year. Connie gave me a trailer full of large rocks that made a very nice base.  Hubby brought in a load of to full in.  I think after they get a chance to settle I will add a couple of more larger accent rocks to the area.

That's all the eye candy from today.  Special Thanks to the kiddos that helped move stuff around.  I hope to enjoy NOT mowing our new area.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Low Priority, Non-sensible projects- DONE!

None of these things are like the others, lol

I enjoy thrift shops.  'Found' this light a year ago and thought it would look great in my sewing room.  Check it off the low priority list.  The room looks fit for the queen of sewing to take her throne!  And I shall someday.

Not low priority but a work in progress, a quilt top for a friend.  Hold me to showing it off soon.

Ceramic nicknacks and clear caulking, set on an old microwave plate and a lazy susan.  Work in progress- little but spooky with the candles lit and the lights out!

What TO DO with the box of  holiday houses I found?  Make a city and set it in the center of a kiddo pool.  A couple of packets of wild flowers should over take it by summer.  I smile every time I see more starting to grow.

Not from my TO DO list but daughter Sarah has been waiting to get this tattoo drawing of her boys done for awhile.   She showed it off yesterday and asked 'what do you think?'  I think it is a nice drawing for a coloring book-  not into body art. - Her brother Jess did a good job capturing the kids personalities..

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Shelby's graduation quilt 2014

Not quite what I had pictured.  I die cut the diamonds with an 8 pt star in mind.  Of course I didn't double check the angles and ended up with a 6 point one!
Shelby wanted off set, which is harder to do with six sides.
Her siggy strips arrived Thursday which should have given me time to finish this top and quilt it before her graduation on Saturday--NOT.

Fingers crossed I can run down to Ar this week and let her pick out a back fabric that she likes.  Let's not hold our breath till it gets finished, I have several months before she goes off to college--lol

Congrats to all your graduates this year!   -cw

Friday, May 16, 2014

Our yard in progress 2014

Hubby didn't want the bird baths set up until he had time to level and secure them.  I decided they are safer on the ground where the kids/wind/etc can't knock them over.  The pedestals make nice perches. Tipping problem solved.

Sponge Bob fish tank decorations give the birds company.

Every birdbath needs a sand castle- right?

I have seen more birds on/in the wagon.  None would sign the release to get photographed today.  Maybe next time.

Little Bunny Foo Foo's house -  Thanks Connie!

Another reclaimed piece, this one just needed a couple coats of clear sealer.  Ready to go for another couple of seasons.

Ceramic Roosters claimed the other two posts.

Girl and bench from my mom's place.  Kelly has dibs, I am just not ready to let her have it just yet.

My rose bush didn't make it through the winter, This is a walmart transplant, I did purchase another rose to keep in the house.  Maybe I can do better with it indoors.

Yard Sale, Thrift Shop, Friends cleaning their kids rooms.  My pole is getting populated!

high enough up we are starting to need a ladder

This one needs cleaned up, didn't want to disturb while he is sleeping.

Another nice set from my mom's yard.  So sweet!

large tree-  I have a couple of TO DO's in mind- stay tuned

Another TO DO pile-  I see flower logs in the future.
Special Thanks to everyone that knows I love your re-gifting!

Another haul from Connies yard

I will probably wait till next spring to show off my progress.  It may take me that long to get these back into the ground.  A couple of more trips (this time with the truck) and I am calling it quits for a bit.

Lillys,Cannons and Seedum.  I have my day cut out for me transplanting
Another tub of Iris- we didn't make much of a dent in the garden Connie is wanting to relocate out of her yard

Windsocks without wind are sad

Three weeks and still alive-  a record?

Washtub from Connie is taking on a life of its own

Grands kids at Nancy's

Kiddos and I ran to Connie's to dig flowers out of her yard.  Lane (10) had the camera and most of these shots are from him.  Cousin Andrew(8) tagged along and pointed out TO DO's that he wanted documented for future reference.

Happy to report that this load of Seedum and Iris have all found new forever homes.  Between my yard and Sarah and Kelly's we are going to enjoy Connies transplants for many years to come.