Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Green Thumb? we will see!

Good friend, Connie sent this wash basin home with me.  I don't normally 'do' flowers but this summer I have been planting in everything I can beg, borrow or steal.
A couple of Hens & chicks, a few misc rocks and we are off to a good start.

A couple of coats of clear spray brought the bird figurine back to life.  I am going to have my spring/summer full restoring Connie's throw-a-ways.   I am adding a future TO DO to clear coat all the metal someday.  I may even spray paint everything black or white?
This is last weeks project.  FYI- the crock pots will break if left out over winter.  The figurines are all glued down with clear caulk so they don't get knocked over and broken.  Everything  pictured (except flowers) came from the thrift shop.  I bought crock pots all winter and left them outside.  Several filled with snow/water and froze/broke.  Clear caulk glued them back together, now with character.