Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trinity Celtic Knot pattern is released! Way to go Deborah C

 A couple of years ago several of us joined Deborah in a "mystery".  I have to admit mine took longer to finish then I would have liked.  The quilt turned out beautiful and is now gifted to my favorite younger sister.

 We sewed the sqs into 'chunks' of 25 patches, it was kinda fun but time consuming.  When I got the chance to pattern test using strips, I jumped at the chance.  The pattern is great for scraps and/or eights or fats.  My test top was sewn using 1 1/2" strips and I completed it in less then a week of evening sewing. (8-10 hours total)
I hope to add applique borders.  This is on my TO DO for 2012

I plan to teach this pattern as a class several times this year.
You can order the pattern here:  Trinity Celtic Knot

Starting in March, I will host a Sew-In with tutorials and hints/helps for completing this beautiful quilt. If you have a wedding quilt in mind for this coming year, this is the pattern you need.

I will do a give-a-way of  2 1/2" scrappy strips to get you started.
Be a follower (you probably are if you are reading this-lol)
Comment - Who would you gift this quilt too
Order the Pattern so you can play along in March.

Disclaimer:  The tutorial will NOT give you fabric amounts or number of strips (you will need the pattern for that) The Tutorials will give you hints/helps that will speed you along and encouragement to finish.  The pattern is very doable for confident beginner and/or advanced sewers.  If you like to hand piece you can skip the strip steps and sew sqs. 
Add Trinity Celtic Knot to your list of TO DO's in 2012!