Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things I learned doing my Dear Jane

I looked through the book and made a list of 35 of the easier pieced blocks, I will work on them first.  I also picked out 15 applique blocks that looked doable.  I also decided that I am not going to print each pattern to make templates.  Instead will feel free to interpret the block as I like.  Many of these use similar pieces so I have drawn out for a 4-patch, 9-patch, etc.. and can use those to re-size units.
The first thing I figured out is that I would need a way to keep the blocks in order.  I also figured out after making A1 and A2 that I was not going to want to do each in order.  SO... I have made 13 baggies numbered 1-thru-13 and AS I make a block A-thru-M, I will add to the bag and mark the letter so I can see progress.
Yes I am aware that the right white strip has a 'bend' at the top.  I don't care and you shouldn't either- lol

Even though I say I am thinking of doing needle turn applique, we all know I am going to raw edge it!

A funny thing happened on the way to my pineapple....I skipped a row and ended up with a diamond in the center.  Instead of starting over, I kept going and will use this as an alternate block.  I will re-do this block in the traditional setting, just wanted to show off my lemonade.
14 Blocks completed so far:  A(1,2,3,6,7) B(1,12) C(6,9,11)  D(8,13) ,E(1,9), G(3,4)  H(13), K(2), M(5,10,12)
I am seeing that I haven't picked anything from F,I or L, I will have to work on those this weekend.