Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2nd Tuesday March 2010 layer and cut

Dawn has been wanting to do a stack and whack style quilt, she has a perfect fabric picked out nagging her to start. I dug around in my stash and 'found' a couple of prints that made me think- this sounds like a fun idea!
We decided to add the concept to our TO-DO in 2010. Our group meets 2X a month and the first meeting is designed to be one of concepts and theory. The concept is easy enough-layer fabric on the repeats and cut it out- We can DO IT!

For starters we (when I say 'we', I mean Linda) photo copied eight pgs of several fabrics. The gals got to see, how this process works in a 4-patch block (we did several sizes and prints). We explored a 6-wedge, and the traditional 8-pc. Concepts were discussed as to size (what every you like) How many blocks are needed- (depends on what you want to do) and setting arrangements (again, whatever you choose to do).
I have at least a half dozen Want To-Do's in my head and will purpose to finish at least the favorite 2 or 3. (Hint: I really want to make a 16 pc dresden plate in this method)
This was not a class that said DO THIS, THIS WAY- it was more of a 'Here's an idea- what do you want to do with it?"
I am excited to see what the gals come up with.

Squares can be done in any size, both of these were from the same original sq, just turned different.

Notes to remember: Pick a fabric you love the colors of b/c they will define the quilt top.
Do any pattern you like, and in any size you like. There are many traditional quilts out there from classes that were taught in the 80's. This session is not to promote any one 'pattern' but rather to explore the concept of layering the repeats and enjoying the result.
Feel free to join us next time 4th Tue at 6:30.- be good-- cheryl

Each quilter is encouraged to make at least one project to show at our annual ladies dinner in the fall. It can be as small as a pot holder or as large as an elephant blanket (lol) The fun part is we should be able to see how we inspire and encourage each other on to good works.

For me one of the enjoyable parts of this years class is that we are not motivated to each do the same ole- same old. In the past we have participated in Exchange blocks, and traded, did mysteries, round robins, all the normal projects groups tend to do. This year we are headed in an organized individual creative endeavor.

When we gather on the 4th Tuesday of March, we will share what we hope to do, our fabrics, and patterns. We are also going to photo copy our fabrics to test drive our plans.

I didn't get pictures of our cut and play from last night but will edit in photos from next time of our fun with the paper.

Hope you can join us- be good cw