Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stach and Whack fabric pre-view

I love this fabric and hope to doing something with a FAN look. I have played around with photo copies of the print and am liking how it looks so different cut into wedges.

One of FOUR TO-DO's during out group layer and cut class.

This is a very traditional print for layering. I am not sure which pattern I am going with.

Most likely will use a light purple as the accent fabric and gift this one to favorite daughter-in-law Kelly.

(I don't think I have made her a quilt yet this year- lol)

Hopefully this one is going to be MINE! I just love this shade of blue. First choice is to do a Dresden Plate, applique to the cream background.

Not sure if I am going to do setting strips. This print cuts up pretty nice on paper so I am excited to see how it looks in fabric.

This is going to be the one I work on prior to class, I want to have a couple of blocks finished to 'show off'. The accent color is really a red/red but I am leaning towards doing this on a black background.

This will be a combo of the spiderweb block and the kite shape. I plan to applique to spead it along.
Here's what I figured out playing with paper.

I do all the centers first and then number the blocks so I can attach the corners.
I love how great it looks in B&W, sure hope it looks just as good in color!

We meet 4th Tuesday night to start on our group project, there should be a lot of great fabric and pattern ideas.

I can't wait to share how we do.- be good cw