Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mary M's quilts(I need a quilting suggestion)

I dropped by to visit good friend, Mary M.
I am so glad I had my camera with me b/c she has been a very busy gal.
Look at the beautiful piece she has hanging on her front door.

Mary has been doing her 'homework' from quilt class.
This is the focus fabric she chose to work with.

Her Stack & Whack blocks are just beautiful!

I am so jealous that she has her top finished!
This quilt is so beautiful it made me tear up, it just takes my breath away looking at it.
I love how she fussy cut to get the faux border on her plates.
I can't wait to see how she decides to quilt it.
If you have any suggestions, we are open to them.
Mary does Free Motion on most of her quilts. She also has access to my big machine. Mine does better with border to border continuous line patterns (no stitch regulator). What would you do and why/how?
I told her I could get several suggestions before we meet again for quilting.- plz don't leave me hanging. - cw