Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Yahoo Group--Invite die user friends/family

I have been wanting to start a 'group' for quilters that use die cuts.  I know this is going to be way more time consuming then I think it will be. lol!   I have been in several groups that revolve around the Accuquilt dies and as a lurker, I get frustrated at not being able to find/see what inspiration I need at the moment.

My specific grip was not finding albums by die.  Sounds silly b/c one can always Google the die name and view multiple beautiful quilts.  That is all well and good but it didn't allow for questions and comments.  So to make a short story long,  I am starting yet another group, this one specifically for BABY and GO die users who would be willing to share their work, comments, words of encouragement, etc....

My plan is to be fully up and running by Christmas.  If you can stand a 'little' under construction mess, please drop by and join me before then.  Here is the Link to the GROUP

I am not a Shop Owner/Employee but I do have access to some pretty good items that I can use for 'give-a-ways' and other challenges.

First Challenge is going to be get the first 25 groups members.  Prize is going to be a set of 12 die cut calico cats- for each new member (I will pay postage)    Group is Invitation only, send me a request and say "I was invited from your Blog"  of course if someone forwarded you my post, you would say I was invited by ..............who saw your invite.
I will let you know if you are in the top 25!
Clear as mud?   If you are not in the top 25, don't worry, I will be doing drawings for other 'to be announced later' challenges.

Be good-  cw

All good groups have a set of support people to help the founder.  I will be giving shouts out to the membership as we grow and needs arise.  If you are interested in being support staff, let me know.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Squedge 18 table runner

Pam asked me if I thought I could use a jelly roll and make a table runner using the squedge tool she has in the shop.

The answer is YES, I can, But I don't know that anyone else would want too.

Short story long.....jelly rolls are 2 1/2" strips, the instructions for this pattern called for various widths from 1 1/2" to 4 1/4.  I chose to stick to the 2 1/2" I had on hand.
This roll did not have any duplicate strips so I had to piece some of the larger lengths.

 The pattern was fairly easy to follow once I got my strips into sets.  There is a bit of waste cutting the odd angle but I have an on going crumb project these will be added too, so all is good.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Trunk Show at P-Dubs

I am probably the only gal that does a 'trunk' show sitting down--lol

Thanks, Pam for asking me to show off a few of the scrap quilts I have made using my GO and/or BABY and the DIES.

Both shows were a lot of fun for me.  I like asking/answering questions.  I love sharing/teaching new to you ideas/concepts. 

Special THANKS to Pat for lending me her apron so I could look/feel like a shop worker.  Now of course I am working on making my own to wear when I am feeling creative!

Friends and Family all know that I wear several hats.  It was a blast for me to get to keep my 'creative' one on for a full day.  Fun enough that I agreed to hang out at Pam's shop again this Friday & Saturday for the Shop HOP.

I don't know what she is going to be having me work on/with but I bet I have fun doing so.

Check out the Trunk Show post and join us this weekend!

If you want to see my 'other hat' give me a call if you are looking to buy or sell a home or farm in SW MO.
New listing in Verona $65,000  3 Bed, 1.5 Bath, fenced yard-  NICE call me for info 366-0057

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Coffee Table quilt?

I was sorting through some gifted scraps from a friend.  I came across a partial strip and some geese in progress.  I am assuming these didn't make it into a beautiful heirloom keepsake at her house.
Well, not enough for a top but more then a table runner.

What's a gal to do?

Compromise.  I nice size for the top of the living room coffee table.  Maybe someday this will get a little bit of applique, maybe not- we will just have to wait and see.

I do claim two points for cleaning off the table to lay out the top!!
Needs to spend time with the iron and get trimmed up to quilt.  If one of the grand daughters call 'dibs' for a doll quilt, we may have a fight on our hands.  This may have to be added to my 'collection'--lol
G-pa and boys at Bikes and Blues in Fayettville.
Can't run to AR and not go out to the lake for a bit.  Short trip but wonderful time together.

We didn't get to take the boat out but we did get to see a few fish.

Unkel Tom's fish pond.  Made out the parts from an old satellite dish.  

The gazebo is fenced to keep Critters from dinning on the gold fish.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Trunk Show at P-Dubs

Don't get excited, I don't have photos (yet).  Pam had asked me to do a trunk show at her place and show off some of the quilts I have made using my Go and BABY dies.

When she asked I thought -sure, I love to show off!

When I figured out that trunk shows were of quilts, I got a bit worried.  Lucky for me I didn't plan for the 'show' till the day before.  I make a lot of quilts I just don't keep a lot of quilts.

I do however, have more then a few 'tops' , kits and UFO's to show off.

If you -search- my posts for GO, BABY, dies etc.... I think you can find past projects to see my progress.

I wear a lot of hats,  Bible Teacher,Wife, MOM, G-ma, quilter, REALTOR (RE/MAX Solutions) Blogger.
Sometimes I get busy and forget to share my Creative Side. 
Evidenced by no new entries for awhile-  ok blame that on finding and playing face book games--lol

Happy to say both shows Saturday were sold out  (OK, there was no door charge But people actually came and stayed!)  The afternoon show was standing room only (all the seats were filled and one gal brought her girls, they had to stand to help hold up tops)

The experience was very fun for me (no paper work, or washing dishes!).  Pam is doing a Shop Hop next Friday and Saturday, she has asked me to help her by being on hand to demo the GO, dies and answer questions.  I can't wait-  I hope to dust off my machine and cut and sew a few new 'show offs'.

No photos today, but check past posts for eye candy so you don't feel left out.
I will get back to throwing up a little -look what I am working on-'s as soon as I can.

sew-on and sew-on,  Cheryl

Monday, August 12, 2013

HO HO HO cont.

 The day after I was scheduled to post on the HO HO HO Blog Hop, I finally cut into material I had laid out for a quilt top.

 After seeing that I could indeed still operate a pair of scissors, I ventured into the world of holiday prints.

Kelly and I had pulled this red w/dots out to see if there was enough to do words on the HO HO HO quilt.

In the spirit of Cake Wrecks, my quilt will hopefully make future generation wonder 'what' was g-ma 'thinking'!

I draw out my letters free-hand.  Number the repeats so I only have to cut out one shape in multiples.  I use M &W,  n & u,  p, b,d(reverse)  Anything that looks like another letter gets cut at the same time and trimmed down.  This style makes even my ugly hand-writting look like a font.
The---- HO HO HO--down the side---  is all cut out too.
I love how each quilt turns out so different.
What quilt saying would you do Cake Wreck style if you had time to play?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It is always a good time to show off a Christmas quilt!

   Special Thanks to  Mdm Samm and Carol for organizing this blog hop.  I hope you are having fun visiting all the creative talent we have had step up to share this week.

August 7
Since we are all 'friends' here I will admit that I did not do the project I purposed TO DO.   I am sure that no one else has ever had a near miss on a dead-line.  
I started out really excited and just "Knew" exactly what I wanted to -show off.
The Blog Hop was a perfect opportunity for me to  get out an old UFO and finish it in time to share (and to be one quilt ahead for Christmas)
Well you know how it goes.......(fill in your own excuses here- I may need to borrow one sometime).....I actually got the top back from my friend Pam. (She had it at her shop to show off how easy the small tumbler die from Accuquilt is to use with scraps)
This is one of the first projects I cut tumblers for.  I have always wanted to add borders and was holding out to find the 'perfect' fabric or idea to finish this future keepsake.  It will have to wait a bit longer--my bad.
I did pull additional fabrics to design and work on my border...and the rest is how it sometimes goes....nothing got done.  
I want(ed) to make a 6 in black border with 2 1/2" letters.  In the spirit of Christmas and as a salute to Cake Wrecks I came up with the perfect saying to tie this piece in with our Blog Hop.
 Don't laugh but I still plan to add:   
           M E R R Y (across the top)
HO                                                         Down
HO                                                          the
HO                                                         Side
              C H R I S T M A S 
             (on the bottom)     
I will do some holiday applique in the corners etc....
You know this was a lot cuter in my head--lol

Don't be too sad that I missed this dead-line, I look at it that I am ahead of  the game for next year.  
Because you have been so forgiving, I decided to throw  in a little more eye candy to make your stop worthwhile. 
You can do this setting in any size you like.  Make flying geese by the method of your choice.  Sew  geese together in sets of 3.  Measure two geese and use that measurement to make hour block and sq in a sq blocks.  Sew strip sets of 3 geese pointing towards an hour glass block followed by 3 geese pointing in from the other side.  Measure this new strip unit.  Take that measurement and cut background blocks to embellish as you chose.  I like to raw-edge applique. For this quilt I made scrappy Sue girls.    Set the top in a focus block and sashing w/corner sqs set.

I think I would like to try this sometime set on point, maybe with flowers?  What would you do?

Here is the finished quilt thrown laid out on the floor to get it's photo taken.
The grand kids always love a favorite quilt to pull out around the holidays.  I like that they enjoy a good snuggle under at grandma's house.  Some day I can gift this then well worn keepsake to one of my future heirs to share with their loved ones.
Several of the girls have already called Dibs....wonder who will add it to their collection?  Maybe I should just make a couple of more just in case...... the way I am going, maybe I should just gift the UFO's and call it good!

Thanks for stopping by
be good-  Cheryl


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another scrappy (stringy) top

I wanted to use up some of the strings I have been hording saving for a rainy day project.
These were paper pieced in sets to triangle papers that I die cut with my GO.

I like the way this is turning out.  For a faster way to get a similar effect, one could sew strips and then die cut.  I was specifically trying to use up odd size scraps.

Didn't even make a dent--lol

30 blocks (6 x 5) don't go very far, this one may get borders before it is done.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July (Independence Day) and Happy Anniv. (Dependence Day)

A picture is worth a 1000 words, but I will add a few that are on my heart. 
I love my husband and I love my family, I love my friends, I even love my enemies . 
As a quilter I am blessed to be able to express my thoughts in creative ways. 
This is our anniversary block that will be in a memory quilt someday. 
 'United we Stand'... one nation, (one community, one family, one soul), under GOD. 
What was on God's heart when he joined me and Carl together? 
Have we done the best we could to bring honor to this union. Are we an example of God's blessings to each other and our family?
Today we celebrate our Nation's Independence, bring on the family get togethers. 
Tomorrow we will quietly celebrate our committed dependence to each other. 
May the next 33 yrs be twice the work and twice the reward- Grow old with me......

Friday, June 21, 2013

yardsale, shop till we drop

Two grand daughters of a friend from church are visiting me today.  We started the day out hitting thrift shops and yard sales.  Three of my grand kids joined up with us about half way through my spending money-lol

I think there are going to be several families that are not going to be happy when they see what their kids bring home!

Breely kept the Flinstone collection and the Dora dolls.  Karlee is keeping the Scooby Doo set and Disney.  Lane has the Super man friends.  Not pictured are Amelia's  set of Simpsons family and Tweety birds.  Jasmine has Looney Tunes (I stole the Rooster)  Ben gets Mario and Madagascar animals.  Andrew is getting the Monster inc.

I kept the giraffee for a friend and am negotiating for the zebra-  we will see who wins that one.

Special thanks to Carol for letting me steal her girls today.  I have had a blast spending quarters and dimes!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Mosaic and yardsale

This will be a quick post, I am supposed to be making supper- lol
Today was grandson Andrew's B-day!  I gave him 8 gold dollar coins as a head start on a morning of yard-sales and a trip to the thrift shop.  What a fun day (for me)

I found a baggie of misc ceramic items I can use in my mosaic work someday.

I also found a cut photo frame to use as a gift for a niece who is bringing a baby girl into her life.

And..  I got to show off grand daughter, Karlee's and my newest glass mosaic.  This piece will be a platter to sit on my night stand.  It was made using the scraps from my bull dog window.
OK, now back to the kitchen!   cw

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Just a Stringing Along....

I have been stringing.  All the triangles are strung and sub-cut.  I used my GO triangle die to cut phone book paper templates to string too.  I also cut corner triangles to string on.  It didn't take long for me to decide to short cut and just die cut some of the corner sqs----lol.

Issoc Triangle die # 55016  and triangle die # 55009
Six blocks sewn, 24 to GO, then the question is to border or not to border!
This will def. be a scrappy busy keepsake.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Red Quilt and now I want a tree house!

On a recent visit to my good Friend Dawn's to show off my newest Flimsy, I 'found' a new favorite spot to hang tops from!
Now I want my own tree house hanger--lol

 Joshua was able to lay the top out and the breeze held it in place with out help.  Both boys let me get a picture b/c when I say pose they pose!  Thanks, Andrew for throwing in the smile with out being asked!
I don't know the name of this pattern, I did it strip cut and sub cut on the 16 patch.  I used GO dies for the 'red' blocks.  I tear my border strips.  If you see wrinkles it is from the top not being ironed first--and from the wind holding it to the side of the tree house.

The new puppy Louie, however does not know me well enough to pose when I asked him too.  Next time, Louie, Next time.......

Ros wants one and I want to help- request for orphan blocks coming.....

You know how Cyber friends all "Look Alike"?  Well with a little help from my live body friends and a few blog readers I am hoping to help Ros stand out from the crowd.  (or at least her car will-lol)

Dive into your orphan blocks and send me a few that you would like to see put to a fun use.  Here is the post that got Ros excited.  Let's see if we can help her achieve her vision.

I don't want to give out other peoples snail mail so you can feel free to send me your blocks and I will forward to Ros (my live body quilting friends are all going to pitch in a block each)  OR you can comment on her post and she can communicate her addy to you.  My goal is to get mine off in the mail by May 31th, so if you are sending some to me to forward do it now!!
Test Block for QuiltMakers 100 blocks--  Orphan in the box for ROS

My addy is:  Cheryl Willis  23598 Lawrence 1100  Monett, MO 65708

Thanks in advance--I think it will be fun to see her progress!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend at the lake sewing--

 Winding ways, 10 x 10 blocks,  36 total sewn together.  This 'kit' is all cut and ready for a sew day!

 Small Stars.  100 scrappy blocks, cut and bagged ready to go.  I got 12 blocks together.  Love the GO die!

 Double Wedding Ring, all cut out.  Sewed up all the arches and a few footballs.  Need to cut the backgrounds out.  Thinking about this being our anniv. quilt.  (Maybe even this year-lol)

 This was a bunch of cut out pieces I got from a friend.  I figured out the block and have sewn all the sets except the side mountains.  I have a few more triangles to go before I can sub-cut and re-sew.

 I have wanted to do a scrappy pinwheel for awhile.  I finally worked on striping the blades.  I love cutting paper with my dies to string piece on to.

There were a couple of other project I did not get pictures of.  I will up date later.