Monday, August 12, 2013

HO HO HO cont.

 The day after I was scheduled to post on the HO HO HO Blog Hop, I finally cut into material I had laid out for a quilt top.

 After seeing that I could indeed still operate a pair of scissors, I ventured into the world of holiday prints.

Kelly and I had pulled this red w/dots out to see if there was enough to do words on the HO HO HO quilt.

In the spirit of Cake Wrecks, my quilt will hopefully make future generation wonder 'what' was g-ma 'thinking'!

I draw out my letters free-hand.  Number the repeats so I only have to cut out one shape in multiples.  I use M &W,  n & u,  p, b,d(reverse)  Anything that looks like another letter gets cut at the same time and trimmed down.  This style makes even my ugly hand-writting look like a font.
The---- HO HO HO--down the side---  is all cut out too.
I love how each quilt turns out so different.
What quilt saying would you do Cake Wreck style if you had time to play?