Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sarh-NO-H B-day Quilt

Youngest son hinted that his girlfriend Sara (NO- H!) likes blues, greens and yellows.  He also let me know last week that her B-day is next weekend.

First thought is take a picture of fabrics and e-mail Sara and invite her to come over and pick out a pattern and learn to cut out a top.  (Not a real good idea, she lives in Chicago and it is a 12 hr drive)

Second thought is cut out the fabrics (Now that I have a GO cutter, I love to cut kits), snail mail them to Sara with instructions and encourage her to sew up the top!  (I kinda like that idea)

Third idea is quit trying to make the Birthday girl do all the work, sew up the quilt top and invite her down to help quilt it (I am leaning towards this one- a win/win)- I would get to do a be-lated birthday hug and see her and our son.
Going to be Scrappy, Now to decide on a setting!

Now to figure out a setting, I think the best way to do that is send this post to Sara and let her pick!  If I am lucky she will ask for the kit and choose to surprise me with her choice.  I get dibs on the machine quilting!!

If you were my favorite youngest son's girlfriend which setting would you like?

I sewed up four sets of triangles and laid them out with yellow and/or white triangle corners.  Looks like I left out the choice of white triangles w/white corners meeting in the middle.

July 20th, 2011
Sara-NO-H decided she likes the yellow corners added to the blue triangles.  She has spoken--so be it!  I will need to cut more yellow which is great b/c I can use the cream triangles on the other quilt!  I just love it when a plan comes together! 
Sara also is game to me sending her units to sew.  I think I have just the perfect starter kit to send her.  I knew there was a reason I have been cutting out so many kits!
July 23rd
Finally have a few more blocks sewn together, I am liking how this is turning out!

Purple quilt cut out

Quilted and Binding done in plenty of time.  Quilt group hand sewed the binding down on Tuesday.  Shower is on Sunday.
Aug 4th, top is done, wedding shower is next weekend.  Would it be rude to just gift the bride the top and a roll of batting- lol
We will  get it quilted and the binding done before the wedding in Sept.

Here goes:  Purple Wedding Quilt for Rebecca had its start at the Lake.  Good Friends, Debbie H and Dawn D and I got to run down to Rogers Ar to drop kids off for church camp.  After we completed our intended task we had a girls day that included stopping by the Rabbits Lair in downtown Rogers.  We also headed out to our place on Beaver lake and enjoyed a cookout of Salmon steaks and salad.

I brought my GO and the dies to cut a scrappy Purples and cream triangles and sqs quilt kit.  We made  10 kits of 8 blocks for the other gals from church to sew up.  Those will be passed out on Wednesday Night and gather back at the next quilt group meeting when we will hopefully piece the top together.
we cut 80 but may do 100 blocks.  each block is two 4-patch and two tri/sqs.

I am off to sew my set together-  cw

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vacation 2011

Some of my "favorite things" at the cabin
Butterfly don't just 'Fly'-  They also seem to love to Sew!
Oreo drinking out of the deer's water bucket