Friday, August 31, 2012

Shop Hop 1st weekend in Oct 2012

Springfield Expo Center- Quilt Show Sept 20-22

Who is going with me?

635 Saint Louis St
Springfield, MO 65806

September 20, 21, & 22, 2012
Hours  Thursday & Friday 9:00am 5:00pm
          Saturday, 9:00am - 4:00pm
          General Admission $6.00
          3 day pass $10.00
          Pre-sale tickets  $4.00
Contact Ruth Pearce
Children 12 & under free admission
Groups of 10 or more $5.00 per person

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hexies? me? who would have thunk it

I have wanted to do hexies but (insert excuse here) have just never gotten around to it.

I have collected thick card stock for most of this year, you know the flyers that come in the mail.

strip cut at 2 1/2 inches  then die cut shapes! way to GO

I die cut fabric templates and then scissor cut sets of 6 from chunks of scraps

I actually Googled several tutorials to figure out how was best for me to construct the flower.

I used black thread- so I could see my stitches.  Basted on the back.  Whip Stitched the edges together.  I am beyond thrilled that I have started a new future WIP!

I finally have a take along project that doesn't need the whole trunk of the car to transport.  Hexies are on the schedule for September, I hope to see several movie nights so I can justify sitting and hand sewing.  Wish me luck!    cw

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Working on organizing the bottles for mosaic work

It is hard to tell from this first photo, but these are three sets of display shelves.  The local grocery store is updating and I was able to purchase shelving to use in my new outside area.
I still need to take the peg board off and rearrange the shelves to work with my ceramic plates and cups.

This unit of shelves was set up to store bottles prior to use.  I have plans to cut and/or break the glass to use in mosaics and possibly a glass wall (we will see)

I would like to set up a work station outside on the downstairs patio.  This area is not seen from the road and has the upper deck as partial protection from the weather.  The shelves are coated metal so I am not worried about them being exposed to rain or snow.

Disclaimer:  We don't drink so I have to dumpster dive for my bottle collection.  I really want to start a bottle tree but may have to wait till other projects get finished before I start.

Here is a photo of my friend's tree and a mosaic piece Nancy did.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Grout is not that hard, even I can do it

I read somewhere that the artist didn't like to use white grout.  So I purposed to use a light grey on my light projects and a light black on my darker projects.

So far I like the results.  I was able to grout three future yard stones over the weekend.  All used the light grey and so far I like the results.  Knowing that these will end up in the garden as yard art, the decision to not use white was a good one.

The grey looks more natural for being outside.  Not that anyone walking by would think this just sprung up on its own- lol

L O V E   lg pcs

Blue Twirling Sun w/Red Cherries-  named by Karlee (age 5)

Who Stepped on MY Flowers! 

Yet to be named- fussy cut- hope to do dark grout

Friday, August 3, 2012

3rd and 4th Mosaic

Karlee is my muse.  We had one square micro wave glass tray.  We decided to use large pieces and fill in around the letters.

I used a marker to draw out the letters L O V E.  Karlee picked through the broken plates her and Lane busted up and found pieces that would work.  We filled in with odd shapes from a couple of coffee mugs.

We are still experimenting on ways to break the shapes.  The easiest is to use a hammer-lol

Tonight we tried layering several plates in a deep tote and dropped a sledge hammer on them.  I have to say it was very noisy and very fun!

The kids wear protective glasses and gloves.  Breeley (2 yrs) even got in on the stacking plates.

Here is tonight's masterpiece.  We call it  "Who stepped on my flowers!"

I haven't tried doing the grout yet, maybe this weekend.