Monday, August 6, 2012

Grout is not that hard, even I can do it

I read somewhere that the artist didn't like to use white grout.  So I purposed to use a light grey on my light projects and a light black on my darker projects.

So far I like the results.  I was able to grout three future yard stones over the weekend.  All used the light grey and so far I like the results.  Knowing that these will end up in the garden as yard art, the decision to not use white was a good one.

The grey looks more natural for being outside.  Not that anyone walking by would think this just sprung up on its own- lol

L O V E   lg pcs

Blue Twirling Sun w/Red Cherries-  named by Karlee (age 5)

Who Stepped on MY Flowers! 

Yet to be named- fussy cut- hope to do dark grout