Friday, August 3, 2012

3rd and 4th Mosaic

Karlee is my muse.  We had one square micro wave glass tray.  We decided to use large pieces and fill in around the letters.

I used a marker to draw out the letters L O V E.  Karlee picked through the broken plates her and Lane busted up and found pieces that would work.  We filled in with odd shapes from a couple of coffee mugs.

We are still experimenting on ways to break the shapes.  The easiest is to use a hammer-lol

Tonight we tried layering several plates in a deep tote and dropped a sledge hammer on them.  I have to say it was very noisy and very fun!

The kids wear protective glasses and gloves.  Breeley (2 yrs) even got in on the stacking plates.

Here is tonight's masterpiece.  We call it  "Who stepped on my flowers!"

I haven't tried doing the grout yet, maybe this weekend.