Tuesday, May 31, 2011


6-21-2011 progress so far:  sun for first day of summer, mower,
added:  wiener roast(gingham dog is cut from the DOG die, then sub cut in half and a long body added)
yo-yo tricks:  sleeper, trip around the world and walk the dog.
#1 dad in hammock for Father's Day

6-15, I got the TATW block sewn up.  I had to use the back side of several fabrics to get a mix of lights and darks-  9 rows x 11 rows and all under 5"-  how cool is that?  I hope to 'hang' it from a clothes line-- I love late night sewing (don't quote me on that, b/c as soon as I mess up I am going to swear I'll never sew after dark again!)   

6-14-11  Can't believe I haven't started on this block (yet)  did scribble some ideas- here goes, it will be fun to see if I follow through with any- lol
1- father's day-  bow ties, apron "Kiss the Cook" 
2- Yo Yo month-  applique DOG (walk the dog) Trip around the World, zzzzz's for Sleeper (all yo yo tricks)
3- two grand kids b-days, they will get yo yo with name and DOB
4- first day of summer- SUN
5- calico cat to go with the gingham dog

If you have any ideas that you want to throw out there for me to consider, have at it.  Once again I will hold this page for the Monochromatic challenge color for June, Indigo.

Sad to report that Jack didn't look both ways before crossing the street and is no longer with us.  Oreo, however stays away from the road and close to home.  He is a sweet dog (although he looks a lot like a skunk!)  Tricks to date include:  sit, stay, roll over and wait.  He jumps into the bath tub and loves water.  5 months old.