Thursday, June 9, 2011

spinning stars for Tyler and Sarah

Another young couple from Church has set a date!  Our quilt group is busy making yet another future keepsake.

Congrats to the new couple who plan to exchange vows the end of July.

Spinning Stars was cut from Fat Quarters (thanks Quilt Makers Mag for such beautiful fabrics- being on the scrap squad has its perks)

Triangles and Sqs were die cut using the GO.  Sets were passed out to gals that wished to participate.

This top should be a bit larger but I misplaced a few blocks.  If found soon they will be worked into the back.

In the mean time, this center will get a couple of borders.  The bride to be likes yellow.

It has been fun working yellow into the top with out having it over rule the other materials.  I think we did a good job!