Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow and Sew- that's how I roll!

Blizzard of 2011-

Lucky we didn't get as much ice as predicted. Schools are all closed, my office is too...

What is a gal to do?

I did as much as I could, I pulled out my 11 for 2011 and flipped a coin to see which one to work on.

drum roll.......... the winner is T-shirt Quilt for co-worker Brian!

Brian traded his camera to me for two t-shirt quilts. The first one has long been finished and delivered. Brian has bragged that all his soft ball friends want one too. (Too bad, I don't quilt for others!)

This one has sat around for way too long. I told him last fall I would try get around to it by the Holidays. Wrong! We just needed a good snow day to put me in the mood to sew.

This top is 88 x 88 and hopefully it won't take all year to get it quilted.

Now to find the right piece of flannel for the back. I think I can commit to having this done by Christmas!
(I am not going to commit to which year)- cw