Saturday, October 31, 2015

Graduation quilt made with t-shirts

A friend let me quilt a few for their church kids.  I had this one longer then planned but have finally gotten it finished.

I decided to change up my go-to quilting pattern- sorry roses maybe next time.

love, love, love the borders that were put on this one!

Little hearts--border to border

I will show off the whole quilt after it gets gifted

Nov. is last trade for Library Holiday Swap

I have been teaching an Intro to Quilting class at our local library once a month.  We meet 1st Wednesdays at 2:30pm.

We are participating in a block exchange.  Each person takes home as many as they bring.  We are seeing a lot of fun fabrics and patterns!

I am trading six 12 1/2" scrappy Tumbler blocks

Last month I made six snowmen blocks w/red borders and six with tan/angel borders

I had enough of the green and white stripe to strip the blocks in sets of four.  I will then border those sets with red w/dots.
I made this 4-patch for the middle of my top.

Monday, October 26, 2015

The first two scrappy--boys

Evidently I neglected to post photos of the first two scrappy tops I made for the grand-boys.

All SIX (6) waiting to get quilted--seriously hoping the daughter's do this as a joint project--hint!

Ben's top--Lot's of fun prints!

Close up-  boots, baseball, basketball, horses, fish, sponge-bob-  busy top

This is the back to Ben's top--crazy

Andrew's quilt top- another good selection of scraps

Chiefs, horses, Garfield, bears, leopard prints, hot air balloons, whales etc...

Andrew's cont... hearts, Micky Mouse, frogs, Buzz

Gumby playing Soccer for Andrew's back

Sunday, October 25, 2015

art for my sewing room

A few years ago my mom gifted me her embroidery stash.  She saved all her leftovers in the original kit package.  A friend was telling me she wanted to finish an older piece but didn't have matching yarns.  I suggested we raid mom's piles and see if we could find scraps to work with.
Jack pot!!!

It was so much fun going through each package to glean usable leftovers.  I remember seeing most of these pieces finished over the years.  I hated to throw away empty kits so I cut out the photos and made a one of a kind art pieces for my sewing room.
I still have the finished mice in the center photos.
I don't know who ended up with this woodland series but I have the package photos and  love how cute they are together.

Friday, October 23, 2015

couple more for the grands

These stripy scrappy snuggle unders are so much fun to make.  Tops for all six grand kids are in line to get quilted before the holidays.

Lane pick out his fabric choices.  I love this style of piecing, not two tops are ever the same!

Raw edge applique

Tyler's top, 

Tyler wanted football on the back.  I had to piece several fabric together to get the right size.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Small snuggle under-- know you are loved-- quilt for friends who are moving away.

Dorothy said she did not want me to go to any trouble.  It is never any trouble to make a quilt for someone you love.  The piano keys have been feature in several quilts the past couple of years.  These scraps are finally used up!

I think this is about 60" x 60"

I love working with blues!

scrappy kid quilts (different kids)

These will look a lot better once they get quilted.  This year all the grandkids asked for scrappy snuggle unders.  These are all made with fabrics from other projects

Karlee's top

Karlee's back

Breely picked out the purple w/cats for the back, I added to it to make a twin size.

Breely's top

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

scrappy old gals continued

What a difference a day makes.  Got all the girls appliqued and made a decision on the setting strips/sqs.  Think I will keep looking for a fabric for an outer border.  May have to go with the background olive green if I can't find an old print..

Before applique stitches on the arms and neck

I did an overcast machine stitch on the skirt

Layout is 3 x 4,  I think it needs sashing!

Also decided to chicken track down the blades of the skirt.

Black for strips and vintage green print for the sqs.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

scrappy old gals

Connie and I got three totes cleaned out.  What a trip going down memory lane!  She took home one box of TO DO's and I put two smaller ones back on the shelf.  We 'found' over a dozen quilt kits from past years.

One baggie had 25 girls who had originally been pieces cut from feed sack sewn into Dresden plates.  Connie took 12 and I kept the rest.  Don't hold your breath but we both think we can get a top done before the end of the year.  No betting- this is not a race.

These sets all had the same hat and waist/body.  I will try them out on different background to see what looks good.

I traditionally lay the girls out on white or cream background-  Thinking I like the olive green better.

Yep, I will go with the green and changed out the hats too.

I have enough vintage white w/black mushrooms (looks like dots- right?) to do all twelve of my dolls.
I usually use a 16 1/2  x 18 1/2"  background and set together with strips and setting sqs.  I have not planned ahead to decide on fabrics to set the top.  Any suggestions?