Tuesday, October 13, 2015

scrappy old gals

Connie and I got three totes cleaned out.  What a trip going down memory lane!  She took home one box of TO DO's and I put two smaller ones back on the shelf.  We 'found' over a dozen quilt kits from past years.

One baggie had 25 girls who had originally been pieces cut from feed sack sewn into Dresden plates.  Connie took 12 and I kept the rest.  Don't hold your breath but we both think we can get a top done before the end of the year.  No betting- this is not a race.

These sets all had the same hat and waist/body.  I will try them out on different background to see what looks good.

I traditionally lay the girls out on white or cream background-  Thinking I like the olive green better.

Yep, I will go with the green and changed out the hats too.

I have enough vintage white w/black mushrooms (looks like dots- right?) to do all twelve of my dolls.
I usually use a 16 1/2  x 18 1/2"  background and set together with strips and setting sqs.  I have not planned ahead to decide on fabrics to set the top.  Any suggestions?