Monday, January 23, 2012

Ben wants Pirate Bedroom- guess who gets to make the quilt!

Ben, age 4, decided he wants a Pirate theme for his bedroom.  And, he wants the skull and bones in Pink!  Because he really likes pink, it is his 'favorite' color.  I am sewing strictly from stash.  Lucky I had a piece of pink that wasn't being used-lol  I have yardage of a red and tan stripe that will fit the back and have enough left over to make a couple of pillow cases.  I am guessing that now that he is four, his 'beautiful pony' phase is over and I can look forward to making eye patches and head bands and hats.  Gotta love the Grandkids!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What TO DO with Wooden Spools

I have been using wooden spools for making thread holders.  You would need One Large and One Small spool (with or without thread attached) and a scrap board or other surface to glue them too.  I have used  metal burner covers and made cute thread holders to give away.  A metal coat hanger wire can be cut with snips and makes a great extension to keep the thread from twisting.  The Larger spool holds the coat hanger wire.  The smaller spool gets glued down to keep the cone of thread from walking around.  You can glue any type of embellishments you want to the base.

I use a tacky glue to glue the two spools down.

I made several with fabric butterflies in different sizes for a ladies get together.  I think I still have a few.  If I remember right I also did  mini-Sun Bonnet Sues and some with paper cut outs from mags.(funny saying, cartoons, quilt pictures, etc...)  When I make them for friends I like to add a coat of varnish so you can wipe the dust off easier (Not that you would have dust but just in case it gets left sitting around like this one on the shelf!)
While I am thinking about it, Look at the cute thread holder I found awhile back.  It fits perfect on the wall to the left of my machine.  AND... it is just the right size for holding three bobbins per spike.
I love to chain sew and having extra bobbins wound before I start is a great help.  Hanging them on the thread holder keeps them from getting all tangled up.  It also helps me keep up with the empties.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What a beautiful quilt, wish it were mine..

Quilted a large rose and flowers, border to border.

This back is so pretty, it photographs on the dark side.
Again, I call Dibs on the scraps.  I don't quilt for the public so Pam reminds me that we are 'friends'.. This is the type of friends I like, ones that make beautiful tops for me to quilt- lol

Drum Roll please....... 1st top for QoV is in, hope to pin in and quilt tonight

This one is from Lilly in KC, she is working to collect 400 quilts for the returning soldiers at Fort Riley KS.  I signed up to quilt 12 quilts in 2012 for Quilt of Valor.  Quilts from my stash and friends will go to Alycia in CO.  If you find you have a top or two and need a good service project, send them my way, I would be thrilled to get to fire up the machine for such a worthy cause.  I suggest you all invest in Ibprofen stock, I am going to need a couple of bottles before I am done- lol
One of bonus's of quilting for others is I get to see beautiful pieces.  I love these fabrics!  And of course this is a pattern I have not made yet (I see another TO DO in my future!)  Send good thoughts my way that I can mark this as a 'finish'.  Here's to ONE down Eleven to go.-  cw

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sarah's first time driving the big machine!

Youngest daughter, Sarah sewed this quilt for her hubby Nick.  She picked out the pattern and fabrics a few years ago and actually got the top done in pretty good time.  It finally got its turn on the quilting machine and she helped by winding bobbins and sewing a row on the top.

She did tell me it was harder then I make it look.  I told her I usually let people 'sew' a couple of times with out the needle and thread to get use to the speed and motion- lol  I think she did a fine job.  This continuous line is called Bubbles.I

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things I learned doing my Dear Jane

I looked through the book and made a list of 35 of the easier pieced blocks, I will work on them first.  I also picked out 15 applique blocks that looked doable.  I also decided that I am not going to print each pattern to make templates.  Instead will feel free to interpret the block as I like.  Many of these use similar pieces so I have drawn out for a 4-patch, 9-patch, etc.. and can use those to re-size units.
The first thing I figured out is that I would need a way to keep the blocks in order.  I also figured out after making A1 and A2 that I was not going to want to do each in order.  SO... I have made 13 baggies numbered 1-thru-13 and AS I make a block A-thru-M, I will add to the bag and mark the letter so I can see progress.
Yes I am aware that the right white strip has a 'bend' at the top.  I don't care and you shouldn't either- lol

Even though I say I am thinking of doing needle turn applique, we all know I am going to raw edge it!

A funny thing happened on the way to my pineapple....I skipped a row and ended up with a diamond in the center.  Instead of starting over, I kept going and will use this as an alternate block.  I will re-do this block in the traditional setting, just wanted to show off my lemonade.
14 Blocks completed so far:  A(1,2,3,6,7) B(1,12) C(6,9,11)  D(8,13) ,E(1,9), G(3,4)  H(13), K(2), M(5,10,12)
I am seeing that I haven't picked anything from F,I or L, I will have to work on those this weekend.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear Jane A1

We all have to start somewhere.  A1 is as good a block as any.

As a disclaimer:  I rarely 'follow' directions.  I doubt I follow too close doing this quilt.

I have struggled with the concept of 'what' I want to get out of doing this project.  Am I looking for a challenge, meaning stick as close to the patterns as possible, including needle turn applique?  OR, am I looking for a finish, interpreting the blocks however my mood strikes, doing my favorite raw edge applique, making up the pattern or making it work.
Do I start with the easy blocks to get a few under my belt?  Do I go in order so I can make rows to show progress?  Do I just pick my favorites and do repeats to show off my fabrics?  So many decisions.

Last night I cut the print triangles for the outer borders-it was fun to see the different materials laid out next to each other.  Tonight I sewed up A1, I did it crumb style, meaning I didn't measure other then by 'eye', I liked the result.  Then I 'eyed' A2- I missed by an inch.  Guess the lesson learned is to take the time to make templates.-lol

I have tracing paper and will re-do A1 (and A2)  Maybe what I am going to get out of this experience is a little patience and stick- to- it -ness.

I think I will get myself  little stars to mark off the blocks I finish!
I think I got pretty close, but I will draw off the pattern and do one up right.

I am more then happy with my side triangles.  Can't wait to get to use them.
Now what about you, are you doing a DJ quilt this year?
After I got all the fabrics pulled for this version I started to think about doing one in solids w/black background are we going to take bets as to whether I get a second one done?

Trinity Celtic Knot pattern is released! Way to go Deborah C

 A couple of years ago several of us joined Deborah in a "mystery".  I have to admit mine took longer to finish then I would have liked.  The quilt turned out beautiful and is now gifted to my favorite younger sister.

 We sewed the sqs into 'chunks' of 25 patches, it was kinda fun but time consuming.  When I got the chance to pattern test using strips, I jumped at the chance.  The pattern is great for scraps and/or eights or fats.  My test top was sewn using 1 1/2" strips and I completed it in less then a week of evening sewing. (8-10 hours total)
I hope to add applique borders.  This is on my TO DO for 2012

I plan to teach this pattern as a class several times this year.
You can order the pattern here:  Trinity Celtic Knot

Starting in March, I will host a Sew-In with tutorials and hints/helps for completing this beautiful quilt. If you have a wedding quilt in mind for this coming year, this is the pattern you need.

I will do a give-a-way of  2 1/2" scrappy strips to get you started.
Be a follower (you probably are if you are reading this-lol)
Comment - Who would you gift this quilt too
Order the Pattern so you can play along in March.

Disclaimer:  The tutorial will NOT give you fabric amounts or number of strips (you will need the pattern for that) The Tutorials will give you hints/helps that will speed you along and encouragement to finish.  The pattern is very doable for confident beginner and/or advanced sewers.  If you like to hand piece you can skip the strip steps and sew sqs. 
Add Trinity Celtic Knot to your list of TO DO's in 2012!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Orca Bay Reveled- mine will have to wait awhile- Dear Jane is calling

For not participating, I think I have done pretty well keeping up.  Everything is cut, I need to trim up the triangle/squares and add 'wings' .  Looks like this one may get done this year!

Two rows of stars done,  I think I will leave this hanging up for awhile to motivate me to finish!