Monday, June 18, 2012

We have a pack rat and it is NOT me!

I was looking out in the shop for storage units I could clean up and bring in to use for my stained glass 'studio'  (I don't really have a studio but I did buy some glass so any excuse to create a new hobby space is good for me)

Look!  Two auction pieces.  A 5 drawer dresser and a 3 slanted drawer storage piece.  I think I bought these about 10 yrs ago.  They were way far in the back.  Shouldn't be too hard to dig them out and clean them off- 

Wait--- What's this in the bottom drawer?

If you guessed Dog Food, you would be right!
That is just crazy to put dog food in a dresser drawer.  What is in the next drawer up?

I am starting to wonder what is going on around here.

ALL five drawers packed full of dog food and bits of insulation.  I wonder how long it took for this high rise restaurant to get to capacity!

No I am not going to clean it up- this will be burned.  It will have to wait till I quit laughing.

I snapped a photo and text to hubby asking if this is where he hid the dog food.  He replied, Yes, didn't think you would find it.

disclaimer, NO he did not know this was going on.   I see a weekend of fun times- lol