Saturday, December 18, 2010

600 tri/sqs finish at 1.5 inches- merry christmas to me!

I haven't been posting my progress on the latest mystery by Bonnie Hunter. The Roll Roll Cotton Boll has been a very active project with my cyber friends.

Bonnie is known for scrappy Mystery's that pull from stash and I am all about loving both.

I wanted to use my new BABY GO to assist in the cutting. Last night I actually cut out kits for steps 1, 2, 4 & 5. (I have been working on the 60 string blocks for step 3- also pulled from stash and cut on the BABY)

The 600 triangle/squares that finish at 1 1/2" are going to be a take along project to do over Christmas. I will get them sewn before we leave and trim/resize during quiet time.
I did that step last night with the die I have. I used the 2 1/2" strip and cut cut 20 width of fabric strips of my RED and then used 4 neutrals I liked and cut 20 WOF of them too.

I scissor cut those strips in half (just preference not necessary) match sets right sides together and sew 1/4" down both long sides.
I then press (I know I never iron but trust me it is ok every now and then)

I then layer 4 sets on top of each other and rotary cut my triangles lining up on the sewn line. Alternate from each direction and it yields a lot of tri/sqs. For this step I will iron/press again and re-size. Yes I know that leaves a bias edge on the outside BUT these are small units and it shouldn't be an issue.

I have the BABY GO and purchased the 3" finished triangles and the 2" sq dies specifically for this mystery. I cut out parts 1,2, 4, 5 last night (almost finished with sewing part 3 which I also cut on my strip die)

Now I have a new pile of strings for the next project! Merry Christmas- cheryl

I will edit in photos later- cw

Saturday, December 4, 2010

apple core Holiday prints

I swear this seemed so much larger before I quilted it.

Still need to trim and bind, I am hoping to do a bias keeping the scalloped edges. (we'll see)

60 x 60 (ish) cut with my BABY GO apple core die and scraps from the Christmas box. (144 pcs)

I have ordered the foot for my sewing machine that is suppose to help sew these curves.
I read up on the site how to do it and did all this with my regular 1/4" foot. (I can't wait to get the new one and see if I can do better)

No ironing, no pins, only a couple of spots where I didn't line up right the first time. (If I had cut everything correct there would not have been problems, but cutting from scraps sometimes I had a bias edge to make the fabric fit the die)

Now that I know I can do it, I have two more cut out ready to sew up.

Look how straight it loaded for quilting- I am a fan of this block! Never thought I would be sewing them, but now I have no excuses!

In the spirit of using up stash the back is pieced from panels and yardage given to me from my mom a few years ago.

Grand kids are spending the night and did their best to keep me busy. Every time I tried to slow down from quilting, Lane would remind me that these don't quilt themselves!
What would I do without them!- cw

Thursday, December 2, 2010

apple core in BW&Pink

I have a couple of different ideas to consider.
Short story is I want to make a quilt for my daughter's niece. The child's mom said she decorates in black & whites and likes pinks too.
I have pulled all the fabrics I have with those colors.
Idea #1: finish cutting apple cores and do a controlled scrappy with the prints in picture one.

Idea #2: sew four solid pieces together to make a background and then applique Sunbonnet Sues using the two multi prints from photo one.
If I go with a version of #2, do I make some backgrounds in solid pink, some black, some white?
I don't have a coin to flip but will consider any/all suggestions.
My BABY GO is being put to use, I love this apple core die!- cheryl

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I worked on all three today!

Tumbler top is almost finished. I need to decide on a border. I am in the mood for some raw edge applique. Just need a catch saying. (I am leaning towards: Merry (on the top) Christmas (on the bottom) and HO HO HO (down each side). Unless you can give me other suggestions,

I have viewed a lot of cake wrecks and might go with a literal MERRY ON THE TOP, CHRISTMAS ON THE BOTTOM, (OK it is late, this is not funny, except to me)

I'm loving how the triangle pieces are coming together. Not real sure how to treat the sides, if I want to leave them pointy/scalloped or add wedges to sq. it up. I don't have to make the decision yet.
I am enjoying cutting and sewing on this, not committing to ever finishing it but so far I am NOT giving up hope for a future Holiday Keepsake.

Two/Thirds finished with the piecing of the center on the Apple Core. Not sure how I want to border this one yet. May leave it on the small side for a couch quilt. I do like the scalloped edges!
I ordered a foot for sewing the curves, hope to get it soon and start another top. I want to see if the foot really helps speed it along. I don't pin and these were large enough they went together pretty well. Not sure if I could have done it with smaller pieces.
Thanks for looking at what I worked on for my Friday Night Sew-IN- be good cw

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving sewing time

Not quite snowed in. Storms from last night messed up our well so we have no water.
The favorite brother in law who works with a drilling compy will come out tomorrow and help hubby pull the pump.
Fingers crossed they can get it fixed.
(Not that I mind not doing dishes or laundry due to the lack of running agua!)
Too cold to get out.
It was ice not snow,
What's a gal to do?
Stay inside and sew!
I haven't counted how many triangles I have cut. I am getting them from the scraps of the scraps.
The apple cores get cut first, then tumblers and last the larger triangles. (Even I am not nuts enough to cut the smaller two sizes- ok may a few but not a whole top worth.)
If anyone wants the smaller scraps for doing crumb blocks give me a shout. (You better hurry before I make a few and decide I like it!)
Happy Thanksgiving, hope your Turkey Day was fulled with fun, family, food and fabric!- cw

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tumblers, cut and ready to sew

Ask me when was the last time I cut out a 600 piece quilt top. My answer is: Yesterday!!

Again with the BABY GO.

What a fun way to use up the Christmas scraps.

I am doing all the 1/2 tumblers on the edge in a Red print. Hopefully I will then add an 1 1/2" border on the straights edges.

I am thinking I want to do raw edge applique' borders at the top and bottom that say: Merry Christmas and the sides: HO HO HO!

I haven't named this quilt yet b/c it is still a work in progress. I am leaning on calling it the Holiday Kitchen Sink. I think just about everything has been thrown in it.
Here's my favorite part. No ironing, no pins.
These pieces line up amazingly well. It wouldn't surprise me if I don't get it finished this week.
There are enough scraps left from cutting out the apple core to cut another tumbler (or two) Those will end up kits to gift or use as donation quilts.

Apple Core top cut out

I am still playing with my new BABY GO!
I had such a good time showing it off to my quilt group.
Bet we get to see a lot of new apple core tops in the future.
This die is fast and fun to cut out.
I had scrap strips left over from another project. It was easy to fold them over and cut 4 to 8 pieces at the same time.
I figured out a chart to see how many pieces to cut. Normally when working with larger scraps, I tend to cut what I have and then see what size I want the top to be. (One can always add border later!!)
A couple of hours later and I have enough pieces for several Holiday quilts.
Here is one section laid out. I hope to sew these as 4 patches/16 patches and then in Nine.

I think the challenge is going to be to sew the directional prints in a way that doesn't drive me nuts.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I have a new BABY it's a GO!

I found my new BABY on the site. It was priced lower then any I have seen.

I was able to get a couple of dies and several mats too.

The triangle die will be used to cut my scraps to do the 1,000 triangle quilt tops. My first one will be will Christmas Holiday scraps.

This die would be better for me if it cut more then two of each size. There are 3 sizes and two cuts each. I have sewn all three and prefer the larger set.

I can see myself making several tops over the years with this die.

This is the pile of scraps from several years of sewing. I hope to pull the larger pieces and cut apple cores then wedges and finally triangles.
Plan is to get three or four new Holiday print tops out of this stash.

I have cut enough of the tumblers to make an outer border on a top I sewed a couple of years ago. The more I look at the border pieces the more I want to cut extra and make a tumbler block quilt top.

The apple core has always been a block I wanted to use for a top, I just didn't want to cut them out. The BABY GO has a die to cut 6 1/2" pieces. These will be an on going project for me to take on the road.
I also purchased a 2 1/2" strip die. I have not tried it out yet but plan to play with it later this week.
The BABY is fast and fun and should let me cut pieces that I would not normally want to do.
My preference would have been to purchase the industrial unit but I just can't justify the expense vs my use.
I have been thinking about doing crumb blocks with the scraps from this session of cutting. If I get everything cut from the Christmas prints I should have quilts, tops, kits and scraps to keep me busy for awhile!- cw

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

how Small is too Small?

Good friend, Dawn gifted me hundreds of these little mini 4-patches that she got from a friend.

She knows that I love scrappy scrappy and would have just the right project for them.

I have been wanting to start a hand sewing project to have something to work on this winter. Adding 2" black borders to the center and then 2" of 4-patches will give me areas to do a little applique' or embroidery later.
Now it measures 36" x 40"

Here are a few more that that I played with today to gift back to Dawn.

A little mini wall hanging. I love her so much I am going to let her machine quilt it herself!

This one is a 6 1/2" block, look at the tiny tiny 9-patches between the grey sqs.

There is a lot of sewing in these pieces. I wonder what the original maker was planning. I hope if/when she sees what I have done she is pleased.

If you ever have a friend that wants to pass on scraps, give me a call. I love to add to my stash!-
I really enjoy picking up other's UFO's and finding a new way to finish them.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Deborah Cohen's Trinity Celtic Knot Quilt Pattern 2009

Deborah's quilt began with her desire to celebrate what makes marriage work.
For her two colors express how the partners contribute and the third represents faith and love completing the pattern.
Her fascination with Celtic knots gave her a way of expressing three interwoven ideas. She interpreted this in simple squares.
I started my quilt top as a mystery last year.
At the time we made 'chunks' consisting of 9 nine patch blocks.
We could make our squares any size we liked. I choose a 2" sq. I have had several requests to sew another. I plan to use this pattern again in a 2 1/2"sq. using different colors..
This pattern and more about Deborah were published in the Australian Quilting Mag. earlier this year. If you find the issue, please save it for me!-
What did you work on for your Friday Night Sew-IN?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kellys Quilt w/Borders

15" Blocks. Fans are raw-edge appliqued.
Blades were cut Stack and Whack style (layered and sissor cut)
Border of 2 1/2" background and 5" original print.
I hope to use a light purple on the back and for the binding.
86 x 86 " (ish)
Now to just talk favortie D-I-L into coming over and quilting this new keepsake.
I have been working from stash this year and had a couple of three or four yards of this rather large print. Kelly loves these colors and volunteered to take the top off my hand if/when I got it done.
I dug it out of the on going pile and started it for my Friday Night Sew-In project. Tonight I stayed late after class and finished sewing the borders on.
I think I need to make a scrappy one for myself. The large blocks are a lot of fun to do.

Monday, November 8, 2010

auction finds cont...

Half of the yard at this auction was lined with boxes of misc. Many went for $5.00 for choice, then many more for $3.00. Half that was left for $1.00 a box. I did NOT get any from that round. The other bidders staked out their 'finds'.
I did however get the rest of the lot for a $2.00 nod of the head.
Thought hubby was going to kill me. I am still surprised he loaded it all up. (Not surprised that he had tie-downs in the back seat)
Bless his heart, I think he even enjoyed the trip home.
Conversation included: How much do you think it will cost to just take this all to the dump? along with: Do you think it is burnable?
Sarah is coming over today to help me unload it all to the basement. We will sort it and just see what $2.00 can purchase. The fun part is going to be re-gifting it. Good news is that if we don't get it done, then I will have a good start on being a Hoarder- maybe I can get a TV show!

Looks like I am going to have to take a day off work just to dust!

Cookie Jar was NOT in the boxes for $2.

I actually picked this one up after the table was picked over at a $3.00 for choice.

Since he sits near my "design" wall, I think I will use him to hold my clothes pins.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Auction--there goes the NO BUY!

Couple of Disclaimers:
1- I suggested we take the car (I never buy anything big enough to need the truck)

2- I really don't like auctions (that is starting to change)

3-I learned you can fill a truck with a $2.00 nod of the head (I'll save that for a future post)
As always there were a couple of things I wanted to bid on. I know that I will not win them so bidding is just to say "I tried".
I scout for items of interest. Speak in code to the hubby (things like, I would like the blue quilt top with state flowers if it can be bought for less than $50. To which he will reply: You don't need it.)

That's our system and it works well. I look, sometimes get a bid or two in, but rarely bring anything home.
I figure if I like it enough to bid on it, everyone else participating will like it more.

For some reason today's event was set up for me to learn a thing or two. There were three quilt tops for sale, I won choice at $20. I took the embroidered state flowers and a double knit bow tie. (I love double knit- I hope to spend a year or two quilting all my yard sale/auction finds some day)
The State/Flowers top may get re-set at a later date. A few of the seams have personality. I think I can quilt them out but just for giggles I might choose to explore a different setting.

Can you figure out which state I live in now? (hint: MO)

I also ended up with a box of sheets, some of which I may use as filler on a couple of my double knit tops.
We had specifically gone to this auction to look at a couple of items of interest to the hubby. I didn't see anything I wanted when reading the add in the paper so I brought a couple of quilt books to read while he watched the sale.
I really think I would have be satisfied with just the two tops but we had time to kill before his 'Want List' came up for bid. Opening bids were all higher then his Intended Purchase Price. (Fine by me, more $$ for me to spend!)
I will do a post later showing off just how much one can get in the back of the pickup. Good thing hubby keeps tie downs on hand.- cw

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kellys new top-

Grandson's, Andrew and Ben are spending the night tonight. I told them they could stay up and play while I finished sewing together this top for their Aunt Kelly.

As soon as I got it hung up to look at, Ben said: "Get the camera Grand Mother, Take a picture of me and the beautiful quilt!"

As a disclaimer, Ben calls me Grand-Mutter. He like all sorts of beautiful things. "Beautiful" is his word of choice when it comes to horses and quilts!

When he got here this evening he asked if I wanted to take his picture. I asked why. His answer was: "That's what grownups do because I am so cute!"

These kids just crack me up! Ben turned 3 in October and he was such a ham at his party.

On to the quilt top.
Blocks are 15" Raw edge applique. I enlarged my Dresden plate pattern and cut fans in a Stack N Whack style.
I was going to set them in a D-9 but decided the top would end up too big. Instead I may do a narrow green inner border and then 6" of the background.
OR..... if there is enough of the original flower print, I can do 2 " background , couple of inches of flowers and then finish with more background.
For now it is just going to hang and be 'beautiful'.- cw

Last Yardsale for 2010- plant stand!

The weather is starting to turn a bit chilly. I was surprised to see a couple of yard sale signs up over the weekend.
It never hurts to stop and take a look.
I am a long time 'Junkie" and usually have to get my 'fix' at the local thrift shop.
Some how this plant stand saw me coming and followed me home. Can we keep it?
Of course hubby thinks it is the crazy-est thing I have ever bought. My thought is surely I can do worst....give me time and a few bucks.
Both of my girls claim dibs.
It certainly has 'character'. It also has a lot of areas that need dusted!
What is the strangest item you have brought home this year, tell me the what and why.

Friday, October 29, 2010

pom pom goblin

I have three grandsons in grade school this year.
Lucky for me two are in the same class.
We decided to make some little goblins to tie on their classmates pencils.
Some of this is from stash saved over 20 yrs (when my kids were in school!)
The pom pom is created by wrapping yarn around a piece of card board. Tie it in the middle and cut the ends. (I always have to give them a hair cut to get the pom pom shape just right!)
For the mouth I use a metal bottle cap pinched with pliers and spray painted black.
The eyes can be purchase in bulk but I collect them from thrift stores etc... and save for special events.

In the past I have used these as pony tail ties. Decorations on gift bags. Added a safety pin to the back wore on my coat.
The glue is still wet but by morning these cuties will be ready to get bagged up and shared with a class of 2ND graders!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tylers belated b-day quilt

Tyler wanted to help make his B-day quilt. We were planning on getting together this summer to pick fabrics and pattern.

I was hoping to let him do some sewing. As always summer went to fast.
The other day when Ty was over at my house he asked if he could start picking out fabric.

Of Course! Any thing you want...

I love to do the D-9 when working with misc prints. I had just enough of the motorcycles to do an outer border.

He picked out a blue sheet that has Transformers all over it. It will go great on the back!

This Birthday Quilt may be a Christmas quilt if I don't get it quilted soon.
We might just save it for a time when we can work on it together. I love having grand kids!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

My version of design wall- todays color: ORANGE

For years I have been pinning my quilt tops to the mini blinds as my version of a design wall.

The other day I nailed a strip of oak trim above the windows and set in nails to hang clothes pins on.

The second picture was taken b/c I thought it might look better with the blinds closed.

After that shot I realized the table clutter deserved its own picture.
The flowers have been around many years, evidenced by the layer of dust.
The Hummel wanta be was a thrift shop find.
The orange bowl is a yard sale purchase.
I am starting to see an 'orange' theme going on.

I moved a couple of pieces up from the basement and haven't decided what to display in them. For now I am liking that the hutch is empty! I know it won't stay that way for long. The rooster wall hanging was a b-day gift from a good friend.

This piece was another yard sale find. It reminded me of work my mom use to do when I was a kid. I don't know if she ever did this pattern before but the texture reminded me of her so I had to add it to my collection.
This is not all a design wall post but it was fun to realize just how much I seem to like to decorate with orange.- So what is your favorite color to hang on the wall?- cw

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy B-Day Grandson, Ben is 3!

This b-day quilt has a little of everything in it.
The 8 1/2" scrappy blocks have been sitting in my orphan pile for many years.
Ben is the only grandkid that expressed any interest in having them sewn into a keepsake quilt.
This turned out a little 'eye spy'
It is set in a D-9 pattern with additional borders.
His name was added as raw-edge applique'
I am not normally a gal to do bindings but I had scraps of this zebra print that just begged to get put to use.
I hope Ben enjoys this snuggle under quilt as much as I have enjoyed making it for him.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Scrappy BLUE's with a border!

I suprised myself and threw together a border for the Scrappy Blues Quilt.
I have always enjoyed seeing the piano key borders that my quilting friends do. I can mark one off my TO DO list b/c now I can say "been there and done that!"
Talk about fast and easy, this border will be top choice the next time I have a scrappy that wants to grow up into a big quilt some day.
SCRAPPY BLUES is now 88 x 88 (ish). This one is a keeper at least for a bit. I can see doing one in purples for favorite DIL, Kelly. I think I will let her pull the favorites and add it to my TO DO list.
This was a fast, fun project to use strips on.