Friday, October 29, 2010

pom pom goblin

I have three grandsons in grade school this year.
Lucky for me two are in the same class.
We decided to make some little goblins to tie on their classmates pencils.
Some of this is from stash saved over 20 yrs (when my kids were in school!)
The pom pom is created by wrapping yarn around a piece of card board. Tie it in the middle and cut the ends. (I always have to give them a hair cut to get the pom pom shape just right!)
For the mouth I use a metal bottle cap pinched with pliers and spray painted black.
The eyes can be purchase in bulk but I collect them from thrift stores etc... and save for special events.

In the past I have used these as pony tail ties. Decorations on gift bags. Added a safety pin to the back wore on my coat.
The glue is still wet but by morning these cuties will be ready to get bagged up and shared with a class of 2ND graders!