Tuesday, May 31, 2011


6-21-2011 progress so far:  sun for first day of summer, mower,
added:  wiener roast(gingham dog is cut from the DOG die, then sub cut in half and a long body added)
yo-yo tricks:  sleeper, trip around the world and walk the dog.
#1 dad in hammock for Father's Day

6-15, I got the TATW block sewn up.  I had to use the back side of several fabrics to get a mix of lights and darks-  9 rows x 11 rows and all under 5"-  how cool is that?  I hope to 'hang' it from a clothes line-- I love late night sewing (don't quote me on that, b/c as soon as I mess up I am going to swear I'll never sew after dark again!)   

6-14-11  Can't believe I haven't started on this block (yet)  did scribble some ideas- here goes, it will be fun to see if I follow through with any- lol
1- father's day-  bow ties, apron "Kiss the Cook" 
2- Yo Yo month-  applique DOG (walk the dog) Trip around the World, zzzzz's for Sleeper (all yo yo tricks)
3- two grand kids b-days, they will get yo yo with name and DOB
4- first day of summer- SUN
5- calico cat to go with the gingham dog

If you have any ideas that you want to throw out there for me to consider, have at it.  Once again I will hold this page for the Monochromatic challenge color for June, Indigo.

Sad to report that Jack didn't look both ways before crossing the street and is no longer with us.  Oreo, however stays away from the road and close to home.  He is a sweet dog (although he looks a lot like a skunk!)  Tricks to date include:  sit, stay, roll over and wait.  He jumps into the bath tub and loves water.  5 months old.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Large Tumbler - Andrew's b-day

6-1  Andrew got to see the top today and has given me approval to quilt it.  He also approved the back. yeah, I might just have time to get this one done by his B-day on the 7th!

This what Andrew picked out for the back.  The characters are raw-edge appliqued to the pieced material.  I had an Aladdin sheet picked out b/c I liked the colors and he said, No Thank you, I would prefer if you did something different.  (I can use the kid sheet some other time I guess)  We looked through all the panel pieces I have and this is what he wanted.-
update:  Andrew called me and said go ahead with the snake border, he also likes the idea of spiders and a frog.  He wants his middle name to be "Danger" so add that to the front too.

Then I asked if he 'wanted' anything else-  he answered, yes, a T-Rex and a Bear and a Goose and a Fish (can the goose look like it is eating the fish?)-  sure
Oh and can the Bear be a Polar Bear and can he have a Monkey on his back?

(I seriously don't know if his mom is putting him up to this or what-  I took notes and will do the best I can to meet his expectations.  I think several of these critters can be appliqued on the back using kid prints)
Andrew giggled and said- bet you will be up all night working on my quilt-  I answered that I would love every minute of it, just like I love him every minute!

I am working on a quilt for grandson, Andrew's 6th B-day in June.  He picked out the fabrics, I cut them with my large Tumbler Die on my GO.  I think some of these prints are left over from when I made skater shorts for Andrew's uncles, many years ago.

He decided he wanted his name on a RED border and he wants a RED back. 

I wanted to try my chisel die out to make a border.  The more I played the more I think this looks like a snake!  Karlee said to keep the snake and add some spiders.  She is sure Andrew will like spiders and snakes.
I asked her if she would like a snake on her next quilt- and she said NO!

I will check with Andrew and/or his mom before I get too far along with this border idea.

I am cutting everything from scraps/stash so I don't have enough to border the whole quilt the same.

I do have enough of the RED to do the border just in RED if that is what he wants.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

GO triangles 55027

I got several new dies in the other day.  Spent a little time cutting up a few kits for future use. 

I wanted to try out my new triangles in sq 3" finished die.

I also have the 3 1/2" sq I hope to use in a scrappier version.

Karlee likes the colors in this piece so if I finish it, it will be for her.  I had just enough of the floral to cut for a total of 16 blocks.  I should be able to use the scraps to make her name.  I asked her if she wants me to put "Karlee"  or "Karlee Faith" on her quilt.
She said, let me think........can you do Jesus loves Me?

This blocks sews up fairly fast.  For my scrappy version I hope to add 4-patches in the corners in blue and tans.  The star blades will be solid reds and the center a 4-patch red scrappy.  I may decided to crumb the centers.  

I will have to pull fabrics and see what I already have in my 2 1/2 strip bin to start with.

Now I just need to decided on the 'background' fabric.  Do I do it all the same or go scrappy creams and tans?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Willis Wheel 2011

we have had this mini ferris wheel for over 20 years.  When our kids out grew it, I loaned it to my sister for her girls.  The wheel was returned to us now that our grandkids are getting big enough to enjoy it.

I expect to hear a lot of giggles and groans over the next few years.  So far no broken bones- I would like to keep it that way.  For now they have to have an adult with them to ride.  It stays under lock and key unless supervised.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Breeley eating applesause photobucket slide show tutorial

One of my cyber friends was having trouble adding a photobucket slide show to her quilting blog as a post.  I know in the past I have also struggled to figure it out.  At one time I think I added a slide show and the directions on how to do it (Of course I forget where I did that at- lol) 
Anyway- here we go again so I don't forget.

1- add photos to their own albumn on photobucket.
2-view as a slideshow
3-click on HTML embeded link to copy the text
4- in another window open blogger
5-new post
6- at the top right select the edit HTML
7-now click the curser on the body of the post
8-then control V (or paste) the slideshow copy text
9- now back at the top right select Compose
10- add your comments.

In my case the pictures speak for themselves.  Breeley age 11 mo likes applesause!  Photo shoot was at the lake by grandma Cheryl.  My mom, grandma Faith controlled the spoon!  A good time was had by all and no babies were harmed in the making of this slideshow.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Favorite Wedding Quilt- revisited

Favorite Wedding Quilt,  raw edge applique, set with flying geese blocks.