Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Large Tumbler - Andrew's b-day

6-1  Andrew got to see the top today and has given me approval to quilt it.  He also approved the back. yeah, I might just have time to get this one done by his B-day on the 7th!

This what Andrew picked out for the back.  The characters are raw-edge appliqued to the pieced material.  I had an Aladdin sheet picked out b/c I liked the colors and he said, No Thank you, I would prefer if you did something different.  (I can use the kid sheet some other time I guess)  We looked through all the panel pieces I have and this is what he wanted.-
update:  Andrew called me and said go ahead with the snake border, he also likes the idea of spiders and a frog.  He wants his middle name to be "Danger" so add that to the front too.

Then I asked if he 'wanted' anything else-  he answered, yes, a T-Rex and a Bear and a Goose and a Fish (can the goose look like it is eating the fish?)-  sure
Oh and can the Bear be a Polar Bear and can he have a Monkey on his back?

(I seriously don't know if his mom is putting him up to this or what-  I took notes and will do the best I can to meet his expectations.  I think several of these critters can be appliqued on the back using kid prints)
Andrew giggled and said- bet you will be up all night working on my quilt-  I answered that I would love every minute of it, just like I love him every minute!

I am working on a quilt for grandson, Andrew's 6th B-day in June.  He picked out the fabrics, I cut them with my large Tumbler Die on my GO.  I think some of these prints are left over from when I made skater shorts for Andrew's uncles, many years ago.

He decided he wanted his name on a RED border and he wants a RED back. 

I wanted to try my chisel die out to make a border.  The more I played the more I think this looks like a snake!  Karlee said to keep the snake and add some spiders.  She is sure Andrew will like spiders and snakes.
I asked her if she would like a snake on her next quilt- and she said NO!

I will check with Andrew and/or his mom before I get too far along with this border idea.

I am cutting everything from scraps/stash so I don't have enough to border the whole quilt the same.

I do have enough of the RED to do the border just in RED if that is what he wants.