Thursday, March 17, 2016

First- Last? Backpack

Any idea how hard it is to see/sew black fabric with black thread?   Hard enough that after I got the bag done, I decided to leave the thread trimming to the recipient!!  lol

Hard to see but I made several inside pockets out of the left over fabric.
 This fabric is so beautiful!  I started teaching a quilt class at the Marionville,  MO library, 1st Tuesdays at 1pm.   After class I asked if there was anything special anyone wanted to learn.-  You guessed it- backpacks!  Think of all the possibilities to use up scraps/ties/doubleknit/etc...

Hardware was salvaged from used purses-  another excuse to hit the thrift shops!!

No pattern, just fold and sew till it looked like a backpack.   Note to self, use a heavy duty needle and remember to bring extras.  Doesn't hurt to have a full spool of thread either--lol

Monday, March 7, 2016

Pre-Got-Ya Shower

I love to 'shop' at our local thrift store.  Many times I pick up items for future use.  Our niece is in the process of adopting her son.  Our church family threw together a toddler shower.  I normally would make a quilt, but this time I decided to 'run' with the transportation theme and see what I could do.

Play rug purchase 6 mo ago $5.00

Old blue toy box picked up last week for $5.oo!  Paint, fabric panels and new hinges-  Love it!!
Close up of top, love this print.

Closer look at the front side.

Book case was bought several years ago. Paint and a couple of packets of stickers, it looks new!  I also added  boards across the shelves to keep the books from falling through the back.  I glued felt down the back of all wood that would touch the walls

Ready to fill up with new books!

Play table was another neat thrift shop find.  I have re-gifted several over the years.  Paint and tighten up the screws was all this one needed.  Perfect size for a little one to play  with his cars.

 I enjoyed working on this play set--not pictured are the bean bags (rice)  I sewed using up scrap car/truck prints.  Hope the little one enjoys all his shower gifts.  It was a fun shower- so much so I didn't think to pick up my camera and click some pics.  Church family, aunts, uncles and cousins, young and old coming together to celebrate a new family.  God is good!