Thursday, March 17, 2016

First- Last? Backpack

Any idea how hard it is to see/sew black fabric with black thread?   Hard enough that after I got the bag done, I decided to leave the thread trimming to the recipient!!  lol

Hard to see but I made several inside pockets out of the left over fabric.
 This fabric is so beautiful!  I started teaching a quilt class at the Marionville,  MO library, 1st Tuesdays at 1pm.   After class I asked if there was anything special anyone wanted to learn.-  You guessed it- backpacks!  Think of all the possibilities to use up scraps/ties/doubleknit/etc...

Hardware was salvaged from used purses-  another excuse to hit the thrift shops!!

No pattern, just fold and sew till it looked like a backpack.   Note to self, use a heavy duty needle and remember to bring extras.  Doesn't hurt to have a full spool of thread either--lol