Friday, April 30, 2010

Thanks Sandy, the doll pattern has arrived.

Gypsy Quilter had a give away I couldn't resist putting my name in the hat. I love making dolls, especially ones I can gift. There are several young girls in my Bible class that I am sure will enjoy this one and the repeats of the pattern. (I can never make just one!)

I may even have a design you own day at my house. The girls come over a couple of times a year and detail clean the sewing area for me, we do a project while we clean.

Here is last years project (I finally got it quilted but it is waiting on the binding)
Thank you again Sandy for sending the pattern and fabric, If for some reason I don't get in the doll making zone, I will re-gift. be good cw ps, your squishy is in the mail!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby Willis gets a flannel Quilt....

Good friend Mary M finished the baby quilt for my soon to be new little grand-daughter.
A while back Mary was over at my house helping me sort through material. We found a small box of flannel and picked out some to send to Erin.
This group just begged to go home with her to be used for a baby gift.
Mary added the purple but the rest was from stash.
The back is as lovely as the front. The bird is from a stencil I picked up at the Chicago Show.
The only thing that will make this quilt look better is a precious little baby girl wrapped up in it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's my B-Day and Quilt Night....

Happy Birthday to ME! What a fun day. All four of our kids called me, grand kids too. Sarah and her boys made me a cake to share with the quilt group.
We worked on getting the two graduation quilts trimmed and ready for binding.
This one was sewn by Leigh for her daughter Aubrey.

The one on the machine was worked on by several gals. Amy learned to strip cut and sewed the 9-patches. Pam did the photos for her son, Mile's quilt.
My workhorse of a machine bit the dust so I picked up this little one at Walmart. It has a few decorative stitches so we tried one out on this binding. So far so good.
I might just leave it at the building so we have a dependable one to work with. Now I need to get another one for the house,...and one for the lake.....(wonder if I can sneak one into my office?)

We helped LaDonna get her Stack & Whack material cut out. Rule was to pick a print you liked. She really likes this one.
Mary M worked with her to design a layout that would make best use of the cars.
I think it is going to be a great first quilt! Don't tell anyone, it is a gift for her hubby.

See how neat those cars spin!

I'm tired and calling it quits for tonight. be good cw

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last Years B-day Cake

Cake Wrecks did a post on cakes that look like they were designed with the help of a crafter/quilter.

Last year my daughter Sarah made me a quilt cake. I thought it was wonderful! She is self-taught and is now the official family cake maker.
I like the cake wreck site, but try to keep in mind that what might be a wreck for some may also be a learning experience for another. Kinda like our quilting. We all have to start somewhere and those that hang in usually end up with a nice keepsake in the end.
I have thought about doing a birthday wall hanging, that way I can have my cake and not eat it! cw

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aurora MO quilt show-slide show

Grab a cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy the show- we sure did--
Good Friend, Mary M and I went to Aurora for the local quilt show. We had a good time seeing what other quilters had to share. The older quilts were such a treat to look at.
We also got to be there for the bed turning. I think someone said there were 187 quilts out. I know I took a lot of pictures!!

There is no rhyme or reason to the order in the slide show. When you go with a friend it is easy to see things that remind you of other things. A few of these photos are to remind us to do or try something new.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh MY....I need to catch my breath..

I get tired just looking at this one.
I wish I had the details on what the maker was thinking.
The time and fabric that went into this fantastic quilt is just amazing.
It has inspired me to dig out my older orphan pieces and see if I can bring a new life to a few.
Click on the pictures to see details.
This was a breath taking piece to get to see in person.

applique from Chicago Show

There were a lot of interesting applique pieces at the Chicago show.
This first one may have been a pieced project w/applique.

The flowers and photos was amazing.

I fell in love with the colors of this one. (I am going through a 'let's use black' phase).

Another 'wow' piece. The quilting was fantastic too.

This one is just beautiful. I love the on-point setting and repo fabrics.


Be sure to click on the photos to see the details.
Another beautiful applique quilt.

applique quilts cont....

Another fantastic piece of work! I was just amazed at the detail in each block.
This is thinking outside the box!

Wow, applique-beautiful!

Wish I had taken a couple more detailed pictures of this beautiful piece. I was concerned that my battery would give out on the camera and wanted a sampling of everything I saw.
Turns out the battery would have been good for a few more shots. Now I am kicking myself for not getting the info. pgs.
I don't know who this piece is from. It is just beautiful! cw

Chicago trip cont....

I love the stain glass quilts. I was surprised that there were not more on display. This one is just beautiful.
I am wanting to do a couple of wall hangings to go in our new building. This one caught my eye as a possible TO-DO.
I may have to teach a class and see what the gals come up with.

There were many beautiful applique quilts on display. I am upset that I didn't think to take a picture of the information page that was describing each piece of work.
I will be showing off a few more lovely older applique quilts in the next post.

This is one of the patterns I just had to purchase. I am sure that everyone recognizes the work of Patricia Cox
I was thrilled to purchase several of her One of a Kind Quilting Designs. Her work is just fantastic!

Those that know me, know I am a raw-edge freak, but I can see needle turn becoming an obsession in my near future!

I bought patterns for both of these quilts and a couple of more.--I can't wait to get started collecting fabrics to work with. -cw

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back from Chicago!

The trip was wonderful- I feel good. We took our time getting up there (laid over in St Louis-up and back) It is so much easier on me breaking the drive up. We ate out so much I just knew I was going to put on 10lbs but NO, I lost 3 !! (must have been the walking)

I have tons of photos to share but will just do a couple for now.

I did NOT make this quilt but think I will add a similar version to my TO-DO If you look close, this is small log cabins! I will do mine with strips and save the headache!

Disclaimer: I don't normally like to get my picture taken but I had such a nice time visiting with the gal that was working this area that when she asked if she could get a picture of my dress, I said yes if she took one with my camera too. (My dress was from hubby's mom- don't know if she added the embelishments or bought it this way) I also have figured out how to 'skinny down' by photo-shopping the picture.

I am sharing this photo two reasons: 1-as a brag that my hubby went to the show with me! 2-to prove that he took time to read the programs.

To his credit, he lasted over an hour before finding a place to sit and play games on his phone.

The vender booths just stressed him out- poor man, too much drama watching that card get swiped over and over again. (seriously, I did very well controlling myself and ended up with only must have items-lol)


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Last night was quilting night and I received a call from Andrew's mom. She was wanting to borrow my camera to capture this "first" of many childhood events. I asked the class to continue without me as I hurried over to record this milestone.

I think it is funny that he can lose a tooth but can't wash his face (just kidding)

He said G-ma I lost a tooth and I am going to get money!

I replied, well when I lose things, I just get in trouble.

Where did you have it last? He said: In my mouth!

Andrew will be 5 in June, his older cousin says this is NO Fair b/c he hasn't lost one yet. life is not fair.-

No quilting pictures but we did get a lot accomplished. I will have to update later. cw

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chicago Quilt Show--??--April 16-18th 2010

Anyone going to the Chicago Quilt Show this weekend? I am planning to be there on Sunday. We are headed up to visit our favorite youngest son. The guys are going to power walk the show with me. I told hubby he could help carry the bags (self included).

I will bring some packets of my scrappy butterfly appliques if you want to 'find' me in the crowd. If we don't meet and greet then I am sorry I missed seeing you. Here is a link to my little obsessions:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Couple More S&W (Mary M)

I am thrilled to say that Mary let me quilt small roses on this beautiful quilt.
It is so cheery- so spring- so Mary!

The border is the focus fabric- just beautiful.
This quilt was gifted this morning to one of our dear friends at church.

Mary had extra blocks and made one more small quilt. This one has a slightly different setting. The borders are a bit more narrow. It was free motion quilted by her at home. She has really been doing her homework!

Amazing how the same focus fabric looks so different after the top is set together.
Really makes me want to find a fabric with stripes to make my own.
Semi-funny story. Another friend decided to use the same fabric. She didn't make it to the class but cut her material up without the instructions. Of course she thought she had ruined it. Mary M was able to save 16 sets of blocks. Fingers crossed we may get to see yet a third beautiful rose quilt.