Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's my B-Day and Quilt Night....

Happy Birthday to ME! What a fun day. All four of our kids called me, grand kids too. Sarah and her boys made me a cake to share with the quilt group.
We worked on getting the two graduation quilts trimmed and ready for binding.
This one was sewn by Leigh for her daughter Aubrey.

The one on the machine was worked on by several gals. Amy learned to strip cut and sewed the 9-patches. Pam did the photos for her son, Mile's quilt.
My workhorse of a machine bit the dust so I picked up this little one at Walmart. It has a few decorative stitches so we tried one out on this binding. So far so good.
I might just leave it at the building so we have a dependable one to work with. Now I need to get another one for the house,...and one for the lake.....(wonder if I can sneak one into my office?)

We helped LaDonna get her Stack & Whack material cut out. Rule was to pick a print you liked. She really likes this one.
Mary M worked with her to design a layout that would make best use of the cars.
I think it is going to be a great first quilt! Don't tell anyone, it is a gift for her hubby.

See how neat those cars spin!

I'm tired and calling it quits for tonight. be good cw