Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back from Chicago!

The trip was wonderful- I feel good. We took our time getting up there (laid over in St Louis-up and back) It is so much easier on me breaking the drive up. We ate out so much I just knew I was going to put on 10lbs but NO, I lost 3 !! (must have been the walking)

I have tons of photos to share but will just do a couple for now.

I did NOT make this quilt but think I will add a similar version to my TO-DO If you look close, this is small log cabins! I will do mine with strips and save the headache!

Disclaimer: I don't normally like to get my picture taken but I had such a nice time visiting with the gal that was working this area that when she asked if she could get a picture of my dress, I said yes if she took one with my camera too. (My dress was from hubby's mom- don't know if she added the embelishments or bought it this way) I also have figured out how to 'skinny down' by photo-shopping the picture.

I am sharing this photo two reasons: 1-as a brag that my hubby went to the show with me! 2-to prove that he took time to read the programs.

To his credit, he lasted over an hour before finding a place to sit and play games on his phone.

The vender booths just stressed him out- poor man, too much drama watching that card get swiped over and over again. (seriously, I did very well controlling myself and ended up with only must have items-lol)