Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chicken Quilt

I am supposed to be working on a commissioned piece for an auction this summer.  My problem is I have ideas, just too many of them.

I know I need to just start and see where it leads.  The company requested a Chicken theme and a center applique medallion.  The focus fabric to the left is my inspiration piece.  I bought the bolt so it may be the back too!

Original thought was to do a Stack and Whack blocks border.  I think the focus fabric will look pretty neat 'spinning' around.  Then I considered if I am going to layer and cut to do something unexpected like Dresden Plates or Fans.

I am curious to see how this heirloom piece turns out.  I hope to surprise myself with the final piece.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Black and Orange for a Wedding Quilt- Baseballs too!

A friend of mine asked if I could make a wedding quilt for a couple who are getting married in July.

I should have 'time'.

Then he said he wanted a Baseball theme.---  I am always up for a challenge.

Then he called and asked if I could 'add' photos--- sure (not my favorite but doable)

Then he called to tell me the couple likes Orange and Black-  (I put him on notice that I will NOT be taking any more of his calls-  seriously just kidding)

So much for me making a baseball diamond applique with photos of the bride and groom.....  Instead I decided to do a Black &Orange  swoon quilt

I think Two color quilts always look great.  I am excited to see what I have in Blacks and Oranges that I can mix and match.

The photo is taken at the baseball field.  It shows off the engagement ring sitting on a baseball.
My concern with this block is that there is not enough contrast.  I think I need to re-do the outer orange in a lighter shade.  It may be quicker to just make another block and use this one on the back- lol

Not sure I like this enough with the light to un-sew the outer orange,  what do you think?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lg Tumbler Borders on a focus fabric- quick and easy future gift quilt

Years ago I made up kits of fabrics for future TO DOs. Tonight I had a little time to kill waiting for hubby to get home and opened a baggie to see what I could do in an hour.
I giggled when I read my - notes- on this one, quickly threw them away and cut large tumblers. The fabric I had purposed for the back is now the center.
I don't even know the size, I will figure it out when I go to quilt it.
Nice way to spend an hour and a half!

I know I am not the only one that pulls fabrics for a quick TO DO and then buries them under other higher priority projects. One summer I had a young girl visit me while her mom worked,  we sorted fabric and made kits. I remember joking that she would probably be married before I got around to some of our bundles.
I still have 4 drawers Full of misc cuts. We cut 6" WOF from favorites and bagged them up in sets of 24 (at the time I liked to make Dresden Plates) Now that I have a GO and misc dies I have been wishing I had time to cut more kits.
This week I pulled out two bags from that summer and die cut tops.
Tonight I threw together a quickie, large tumblers bordering a center focus fabric. It made me smile to think of Zoe and the summer she helped me "clean" my sewing room.
She has been married two years already, guess I can predict the future- lol 
My original notes suggested using the focus fabric for the back and doing Dresden Plates for the front.  Evidently back then I out grew my DP phase.  I don't remember how I acquired this matching collection.  I used it all.  Less then a handful of material left over for the scrap box.
I hope to gift this quilt soon- hold me to that-  cw

Chicago- Sewing Expo March 2012 and or Kansas City Oct/2012

Who is going to be in Chicago for the March show, do you want to try meet up and attend together?

I am not committed to GreyHounding my way up but it is a consideration (would get to see son and his girlfriend- great motivation to travel)

also checking date for KC, I have friends I would love to visit there too!

check out the dates and events and get back to me-  cw

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dear Jane Feb update

Happy to say I have come to a good stopping point, I will pick this back up in March.  All 169 inner blocks and all the outer triangles are WIP's!
I decided I like the look of raw edge applique enough to finish my block in this style.  Originally I made notes of which blocks I could piece, applique, paper piece or combo.  I worked on the first 40 blocks in the different techniques.  My favorite was raw edge applique.  So......... the next 100+ blocks were cut and glued at my mom's place last weekend when we ran down for a visit.

It is fun marking the "X"

All 169 in piles ready to finish the applique work!

Just had to see what they would look like sewn together.  This is the top left 9-patch

This will look better after  top stitched

My mess laid out at mom's, I worked while we visited.

Center of the Back for my DJ.  I hope to add borders with room to allow for scalloped edges after quilting.

Friday, February 17, 2012

First two Winners in the Knot A Long give-a-way ............

I KNOW I am super slow getting this going, I just got my extra copies of the pattern yesterday.  I printed off the comments and drew a slip from the hat (actually a bowl, no picture, sorry)

Our first winner is Lynne, she will have choice of my left over strips from my red/black and blue 2" or if she prefers, 4 fats in colors she prefers cut to the size she would use (I have the 1 1/2, 2" and 2 1/2 inch dies)

wow cheryl, do i HAVE to give it away??!! i want one of my own. if i HAVE to give it away, i would give it to my daughter patience who is getting married this august. i started one of my own, but that was when i was that i am divorced, i still want the quilt on my bed, but NOT the one i started for kevin and myself. i have absolutely no idea what is ever gonna come of that one......i am soooooo tempted to see how this goes by strip piecing that i think i am gonna have to break down and buy the pattern ;o)

Second name is Kim, a pattern will be on the way as soon as I confirm a mailing addy.

Oh my goodness...dare I start another thing? I have always loved this pattern.
I think I will have to watch this is such a lovely classic quilt.

Happy sewing

I have one more pattern to give a way, if you want to play, leave a comment on what colors you would like to make a Celtic Knot in and what size.  Remember this is strip pieces so you can do anything you want.  I like to die cut but you rotary gals can even go extreme if you like.  I have made 1 1/2, 2" and cut several in 2 1/2", plans are to try it in 3" with out borders (we'll see)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Started on my Back for my Dear Jane

First run over to and wish LeeAnn a Happy Birthday, (my gift will be in the mail tomorrow).

Check out the quilt she is planning to make.  Wouldn't you know I have a ton of chisel die cuts from my Dear Jane fabrics.  I just had to make one block and like potato chips I couldn't stop.  I will need 81 blocks total to do a back for my on-going Dear Jane quilt.  Do we want to take bets as to whether I scallop the edges- lol

Used the Chisel Die and the 3 "Triangle to sub cut the fabrics for Dear Jane, I had hopped I would do a braid for a future TO DO.   Didn't even think about using these for a backing until I saw LeeAnn's TO DO.
Sew sets of 4 triangles to chisels (Makes a larger triangle)
Sew the 4 pieced triangles into a block
Mine will be set into large 9 patches and then sewn as units into a 9-patch  (9 x 9) for an 81 x 81(ish) back.  This is four units together.  This block would look good using a contrast fabric for the triangles (white?) and set with strips, the possibilities are endless!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dear Jane Borders

The first thing I did (after pulling fabrics from stash) was to cut the printed side pieces for the outside borders.

January Jane time was spent working on blocks,  Happy to report I got over 40 sewn.  Not enough to start sewing them together though.  I have gone through the book several times making lists of which ones to do.  This weekend I decided to flip a coin and work on some of the outer triangles.  After a few I wanted to fill in the gaps and see how they might look together.  The top row is correct, The right side is missing block 1 and block 2.  Hopefully I can piece them this week and finish the blocks for the Right side.  Committing to one side a week should get me ahead of schedule on my year of Jane.

I would like to say that I am going authentic but I am not.  I am using raw edge applique along with strip piecing to make my blocks.  I have also decided to tweak a few to make construction easier.  In the long run this quilt will be more about enjoying the fabrics and the journey then about perfection.
Each time I work on a project I find inspiration for future TO DO's.  After working a few of these border triangles I am thinking I will use this ruler again in other ways.

How far are you on your Dear Jane journey?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Celtic Knot pattern sale

Starts 7th February (Pacific Standard Time)
Every hardcopy pattern is on sale
1 week only or until stock lasts
No back orders taken
Priced from $2.79 to $7.49
Get ready to place your order while patterns are available at these unbelievable prices.
From the team at
Arbee Designs

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Celtic Knot, pattern give-a-way

Ok I know I am slow getting this post together.  Plan is to do a Knot-a-Long starting in March.  Of course I want as many cyber friends to join me as possible.

I am finishing up on the tutorial and plan to make another as we work together..
Quilted and read to bind, this one is headed to CA to the publisher's office!
 I have been told that this pattern is a hit! (and not just b/c I am making so many-lol)

I have a couple of patterns to Give-A-Way before the tutorial and Knot A Long in March.

The other day I did a post here and you can still comment on it to have a chance at my starter strips (left overs in black,blue and red from this quilt)  I will also use those comments and the comments from this post to draw for a pattern winner.

To enter the drawing,  (1) Be a follower, (2) Leave a comment (here or on any post about Trinity Celtic Knot, past or present) (3) blog and link to this post for extra entries.  I hope to do a series of  teaser posts this next week to get us in the mood.