Monday, February 27, 2012

Black and Orange for a Wedding Quilt- Baseballs too!

A friend of mine asked if I could make a wedding quilt for a couple who are getting married in July.

I should have 'time'.

Then he said he wanted a Baseball theme.---  I am always up for a challenge.

Then he called and asked if I could 'add' photos--- sure (not my favorite but doable)

Then he called to tell me the couple likes Orange and Black-  (I put him on notice that I will NOT be taking any more of his calls-  seriously just kidding)

So much for me making a baseball diamond applique with photos of the bride and groom.....  Instead I decided to do a Black &Orange  swoon quilt

I think Two color quilts always look great.  I am excited to see what I have in Blacks and Oranges that I can mix and match.

The photo is taken at the baseball field.  It shows off the engagement ring sitting on a baseball.
My concern with this block is that there is not enough contrast.  I think I need to re-do the outer orange in a lighter shade.  It may be quicker to just make another block and use this one on the back- lol

Not sure I like this enough with the light to un-sew the outer orange,  what do you think?