Sunday, May 1, 2016

My Journey 2018 Pilgrim's Plan Wk2 Fri/Sat

Friday--Sarah picked me up and dropped me off at water class.  Her vehicle is ready so I dropped her off after class to get it.  I drank a bottle of water before class and a glass of ACV/L (apple cider vinegar w/ lemon).  I am amused at how well this tastes.  Not having sugars the past week has really made my taste buds have to work to find flavors.  My guess is the lemons are 'tasting' sweet for now.  Today is my last day on antibiotics.  Head is still way too congested but today's headache is a bit less annoying.

In class today the instructor had us do little push up on the side of the pool.  Today I could do it.  Took me a couple of bounces to get the rhythm but then I could actually get all the way up.  I can feel it in my shoulder muscles to prove it.

Don't know Carl's plans yet for when he is leaving for his route.  I will put off groc. shopping till he is gone.  Fingers crossed today or tomorrow I can fix a crock pot of cabbage soup.

Don't know where the day went.  Did get the graduation quilts sorted and machine set up to sew.   Christy helped lay out and cut background blocks.   Tomorrow looks promising for a Sew-In (kinda like a Lock-In but with sewing)

Carl took me to Walmart to get what he needs for his trip.  He will head down to Bentonville this evening.  I also picked up enough stuff that I can do a salad tonight and tomorrow and start the soup for Saturday Night and Sunday.  I also picked up healthy food to eat before and after a 2 day Fast.

Saturday morning and I am awake with out an alarm clock- this is going to be a good day.  Plans are to clean the kitchen and start the soup- both goals are doable.  I would also like to piddle around in the sewing room for a bit before heading to the building to sew.

Soup:  crock pot on high.  1 bag of broccoli/caulf mix.  (I am not using carrots or celery) cover with water and added a 1/2 stick butter.  1 bag of coleslaw cut cabbage.  Cooked beef/roast tips in teriyaki w/the left over mushrooms in refrid.  When browned add all to crock pot.   Use coconut oil to pan fry onions and peppers.  Walmart sells a bag of three peppers (red,yellow and orange)  I used about half of each color.  I used one yellow and one purple onion.  I like to cut them so the rings are intact.  The house smells so GOOD right now.  Doing a happy dance excited for supper this evening!

Kallen Brown's quilt top is sewn together!  So cute!  She tie died her blocks.

Best soup ever- well maybe not the best but pretty good.  I can eat this several times with out complaining.  Very filling and lots of flavors.

Headed to bed early to get a good night's sleep.  God is good!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

My journey 2016 Pilgram's Plan Wk2 D5

How can it be Thursday already, this week is flying by. The boys are up and ready for the bus. I slept Ok last night and hope to make it to the water class this morning. I still don't have my car back so I either need to steal Carl's or get him to take me or start walking now. Some how I have messed up the font size on this post. Hope I get it figured out soon b/c I don't like it!

Wild goose chase and finally figured out what I did wrong.  Wonder if I will remember it again next time.  Carl is starting to sound sick again so I called for an appointment got one at 2:40.  Hate to see him go back  out on the road with a sinus infection. (Or what ever it is)  My cough is getting better but for some reason I have a headache.  I still have the dry mouth but not as bad.

I got the boys on the school bus on time-  yeah all of us!  They have testing today.  I laid back down and took a morning nap--haha.  Now I need to either steal Carl's truck keys or talk him into joining me for an 11.00 class in the water.  Don't place bets on the outcome b/c it could be none of the above.

I am going to take my meds. and straighten up the upstairs until he wakes up. Or lay down.

Carl dropped me off at class a little before time to start.  One of the schools was having a field day and the pool was packed with kids.  The little area we work out in was clear.  A few routines into our workout the kids were lining up in the bleachers to get a head count to leave.  The YMCA song came up on our play list.  I felt like a rock star!  150 screaming kids doing the YMCA with us.  My take away is to look for encouragement everywhere around me.  Thank you Lord for people who cheer us on.  Today as I was leaving I stopped by the front desk to get my participation T-Shirt.  The goal was a certain number of workouts in a 6 week period.  I don't remember my number but I met the goal.
My shirt reads:  We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.-Aristotle
I will press on my journey of healthy eating.  It is almost one and I am not hungry but I know I need to fix something for Carl for lunch so I will eat now too.

He goes back on the road tomorrow so I can start working into a couple day fast.  When I get my car back I can hit the store and stock up on what I need for the next several days.

Doc sent Carl over for x-rays poss. pneumonia.  He can't work until temp gets in normal range.  He is not going to like being late on his go out day.  I played with the fabrics Phyllis brought me.  Lots of pieces that I can work into projects I have on going.  It is nice having a sister who works in a fabric shop!  Boys are here from school till Sarah gets off work.  Everyone had/is having a good day.

I got a note card from Janea (Librarian at Marionville) she wrote:  Thank you so much for being so awesome!  Thanks for helping to do my backpack-  I Love it!  Your kindness is greatly appreciated.
Last month I did a backpack class at the Marionville Library we only got one done- yes it was for her.  Glad to know she loves it.  I had never made a backpack before, now I can't say that anymore.  Enclosed  was a gift card to Pizza Hut.  Maybe next month after class Connie and I can grab a bite together.  Now to look up low carb foods at Pizza hut.

Sarah is cleaning out the Fridge b/c someone left the door ajar all day.  It needed cleaned out anyway.  'Found' a container of apple cider vinegar w/lemons, cinnamon and cyanne pepper.  Stuck it in the refrid to drink this evening and tomorrow.  Funny thing is last time I tried this mix I could barely swallow a couple of sips.  Tonight I have downed a small glass full and it taste great!  Maybe one more small glass before bed and finish the rest off tomorrow.  Nice way to start a detox headed into a fast.  Glad I found what was lost.

Carl got a can of chicken and dumplings for supper, I am not eating b/c I am not hungry.

Friday I need to get Sarah to her car so I can have my wheels back.  I would like to pack up all the sewing stuff and head to the building as soon as possible.  Christy will met me after her work around 3:00 to sew graduations quilts.  I am looking forward to making progress on some long over due keepsakes.- cw

My Journey 2016 Pilgrim's Plan Wk2- D4

Today is my Birthday it is also Hump Day-  I have that silly tune from the TV commercial stuck in my head.  Sarah dropped her boys off here to ride the bus to school.  They were both in great moods and we shared yogurt.  Normally I don't feel like eating anything this early but I need to take my antibiotic and don't want to do so on an empty stomach. While waiting for the bus I fixed Carl scrambles eggs and toast.  I used the bread and left over meat from Monday nights sandwich.  Smells great.  I love when the house takes on the aroma of good cooked food.  I love it even better that I have no cravings to even try 'just one bite'.  I did a few stretches and kitchen sink squats.

No computer games so far this morning. Instead after I start another load of laundry I plan to lay back down and read for a bit.--

Morning bible study was lead by Debbie H.  We are studying a book written by Joanna Weaver titled Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.  Today's lesson chapter 8 was Lessons from Lazarus.  Wouldn't to be neat to always know the ending instead of having to live through each chapter of our lives.  Knowing that it is God's purpose( not mine) that is going to prevail frees me up to surrender to Him the things I can't (or don't need too) control.  The grammar rules that made me think are :  Never put a period where God puts a comma and never put a comma where God puts a period.  Pretty deep to think about!

Yesterday I received a b-day card from my mother. The verse was:  Whatever your heart wishes, my heart wishes for you. May your highest hopes and sweetest dreams always come true.  Love you- mom.  On the back she wrote:  Hope you have a good day and that your water classes are going well.  Hope to see you soon-    What a sweet note of encouragement!

I love my mom, I don't get to see her as much as I think about her b/c of distance in miles.  I am not quite to the point where I control all the irons in my fire.  OKC is only a 4 1/2 hour drive away.  I don't like to drive distances by myself-  even to Springfield I take a friend or grand kid.  Maybe this summer I can take a couple of kids and run down for a few days.  Better yet as I get healthier, I can get stronger and take mini 3 day trips to visit.  I think I will add this goal to my TO DO list.-  visit mom by myself by the end of the year.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to visit on a regular basis.  Mom swims all the time.  I could shoot for swimming a mile with her on a workout day.--33 laps is a doable goal.-  God is good!

Debbie H gave me a card and hand wrote:  You are a wonderful friend.  I'm so glad God put you in my life.  All things are possible through Him.  Love ya Debbie.  She also gave me a new coffee cup.  I had not shared this journey of getting healthy with Deb (Yet) so the saying on the cup really touched me.  The cup says:  A Woman of Faith is one who holds her heart wide open as God's will unfolds.  Accepting His often mysterious ways, and always offering thanks and praise. The other side says:  God bless this Woman of Faith.   I don't know if Deb knows that my mom's name is Faith.  What a great double meaning to her gift.

Phyllis is held up at her chiropractor appointment so I have time to lie down and rest a bit before she comes out to see me.  Looks like it is time to be still and know!

Phyllis dropped off sequins/beads/etc.... that I can use to embellish pieces I am working on.  She had her son Ryan and granddaughter, Luna with her.  We decided to grab a bite at Acambaros.   I ordered the combo fajita salad w/no beans.  I only finished half of it but ate, tomatoes, guacamole, jalapenos. Everything tasted so good.  I did not crave or eat any chips!  I find it interesting that once I wrote my intent to eat avocado, they have shown up on the menu twice in two days.  I wonder how the fruit will find me tomorrow--ha ha.

Phyllis also gifted me a sack of fabric pieces to play with.  I will do her proud, make piles, move piles, and return everything I don't/can't hide in my stash.  I love having a Sister-in-Law that sews!

I have been getting a bunch of Face Book birthday wishes.  I love them all but these two are my favorites----
One from Elaine (D.D.)
Oh my goodness-it's that time of year- another birthday-Many moons ago I met a beautiful girl in high school that was smart, caring, full of love and din't judge people.  Nothing has changed- she doesn't realize how much she helped me thru my difficult years in high school.  I will always call this wonderful woman "my friend/sister" and be in debt to her for the rest of our lives.  Love you- Happy Birthday

and from Dawn:
Happy Birthday my sweet sister!  I love you so much, have a great day!  I can eat cake.

Our GOD is so good, He puts people in our lives that we don't even know we need just when we need them.  And Dawn can eat cake-  enough said-  Our God is so Good!

Sarah still has my vehicle so I am home bound till I get it back.  Carl and I enjoyed a supper of scrambled eggs and left overs from lunch.  Very good,

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Journey 2016 Pilgrims's Plan Wk2 D3

I slept better last night.  I did get up a couple of times to use the bathroom and take cough med.  Carl didn't wake me when he left this morning so I slept in.  No pool today but remember those dishes from the other day?  Well they are on my list to get baptized (immersed and made clean again);

Sarah has my Durango so I am home bound.  S-I-L Phyllis called this morning (woke me up), we will meet up tomorrow for lunch.  Is this the push I need to clean things up a bit?  Might be!

I hit the scales this morning and am almost 20 lbs down from 2 months ago.  I found if I steady myself by holding on to the wall I can make that number much higher.  I made a visual picture of the cheat weight and now have a goal to get too.

Ok, time to get a cup of coffee, add a bit of coconut oil and get to cleaning the kitchen.

Couple of hours later, I have started the laundry and run a load of dishes.  Kitchen is not perfect but should be better soon.  I have a bad habit of letting the big bowls and pans pile up.  In the water class we learned an exercise where you lean forward, arms circle out (like you are hugging a ball) and back up to stretch the spine.  Normally when I empty the dishwasher I either have a grand kid 'hand' me things or a get a back ache when I do it myself.  Today I started with the pool exercise and then did one after each collection of items as I was putting them away.  So-  stretch, empty utensils , stretch put away plates,  you get the idea.  Did the same as I loaded too.  About a dozen good stretches later, dishwasher is running again and I am not complaining about my back.

Carl is out working at the building w/Billy (from church) so I did not need to cook for him this morning.  I did fry up a couple of pieces of bacon and two eggs for me to eat around 1:00 pm.  Even before I started this journey I rarely ate breakfast.  My problem was once I did eat something, everything not nailed down was next.  So far I have been able to stick to NO breads or sugars and not have desire for either.

I laid down and tried to nap, couldn't fall asleep.  Now I have the worst dry mouth ever.  I googled reasons for it and am convinced it is my medicine.  Now to find relief.  I don't want to chew gum or candy.  Water doesn't help.  Good side is now I am not swallowing every couple of minutes and then coughing.  I worked on laundry and kitchen.

I have noticed that every time I get tired I end up at the computer playing games.  Starting today, I will limit myself to one game of choice after each blog post entry.  Think I sill skip the game earned from this note and lay down with Carl to get a quick nap before supper at Orlando & Mariana's home.

Supper was so good. The salad was spinach with strawberries and walnuts and a few other healthy things.  Mariana also made chicken cooked in a bit of olive oil with a cheese and pepper topping.  She also served avocado and I ate two pieces.  I can now mark avocado off my list to things to try.  After dinner conversation was fun, I really love these two people.  Orlando wants me to go to El Salvador with him sometime.  I told him I will go next summer if Carl goes with me.  Now I have several long term goals to shoot for.  My niece is getting married in August in California.  I plan to attend and have a good time.  In a week we are headed up to Chicago to help Jesse hang sheet rock.  I want to go and help out.

It has been a good day, I am more tired then I want to be but I got a lot done.  I am sure in a couple of days when my sinus clear up I will have the energy to finish everything I didn't do this week.--cw

Monday, April 25, 2016

My Journey 2016 Pilgrim's Plan wk2 pt2

3 John 1:2--what a wonderful greeting!

Parallel Verses
New International Version
Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.
New Living Translation
Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.
English Standard Version
Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.
Berean Study Bible
Beloved, I pray that in every way you may prosper and enjoy good health, as your soul also prospers.
Berean Literal Bible
Beloved, I pray you to prosper concerning all things and to be in good health, just as your soul prospers.
New American Standard Bible 
Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.
King James Bible
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.


I want to be as healthy in body as I am strong in spirit-- I am sure that this verse will be one of my Mission Statements to ponder and implement the next few days/weeks/months.

Pg. 9 of Dennis Burge's book The Pilgrims' Plan explains that a pilgrim is someone on a journey with the intent of improving their life.    I have considered this statement over the past week and am all in with this journey.  At this time I am not so much interested as why I gained so much fat but how to change so I don't continue doing so.  I am sure that as this year progresses I will grow and open up to habits and choices.  For now I want to be as naive as possible for as long as possible and not scare myself away from better choices b/c of underlining fears or stresses.

Habakkuk 2:2  different situation but good goal idea-  Write the vision down and make it plain!

1-  PURPOSE:  What is my vision, what do I want to do-  I sincerely want to enjoy my days in my body and be a productive vessel for our Lord.  I want to run with the grand kids, do yard work, cook, yes even clean up.  I want to go from nothing to ninety in energy and creativity.  I want to participate in Mission works that would include travel,  I want to jump up and down and scream at ball games.  

2- PASSION:  How bad do I want this?  Enough that I am putting myself out there to be held accountable by self and friends.

3- PLAN:  Do I have a plan?  Yes I do,  the Pilgrim's plan book is a great start to get me thinking out side of self and physical goals.  I am looking forward to having a set of goals and working towards them.

4- PURSUE- Am I willing to take action and pursue the goal of Healthier living/being?  YES, I am.

5- PRAYER- God calls those things that do not exist as though they did-(Romans 4:17)  I had a little talk with Jesus and told him all about my troubles.  I am so sorry that I didn't ask for help years ago, but today is a day that the Lord has made, and I will be glad and rejoice in it.  Today I also did a jumping jack in my living room and and didn't wet myself!

The book challenges the reader to set three goals:  Here are mine--

1:  Reason Why-  Short version-- I am tired, I am weary, I still have work and purpose in this life and I want to get/be as healthy as possible to achieve dreams.

2:  Create a vivid Picture:  State exactly what you want down to the smallest detail.  This is harder for me b/c I don't 'see' myself, my physical self, the look in the mirror self.  I 'see' a child of a loving God that has adopted me into his home.  I know that this world is not my home and that I am just passing through.  I also know that I want to finish the race on my feet with my hands held high.  I am not going to be luke warm or a couch potato.  I am going to get in shape and go down swinging!

3:  Ask yourself the right question everyday-- for this list the question would be How can I find, prepare, and eat healthy food.  I have many, many questions to ask myself each day.  This one for eating gives me choices and responsibility to choose wisely.

Everything begins in the mind before it ever materializes in the physical realm.
Proverbs 23:7 says that 'For as he thinks in his heart so is he"

Now that intent is identified, the next element is Passion.  Passion creates the desire and the courage to do whatever it takes to achieve the goal.-  I am not going to run up and down steps Rocky-style but I will purpose to eat better, sleep better, exercise better, etc.  I will challenge myself and rise to the challenges.

Jesus said in Luke 19:13 that we were 'to occupy until He comes'  I have work to do, to stay busy, be productive, active and profitable until I can say like Paul (2 Timothy 4:7) "I have finished the race"

And the plan-  The difference between who I am and who I want to be (talking physical self here) is what I do.  As I continue to know better I am going to do better.  For things to change I am going to have to continue to change.

Renew the Mind-  Romans 12:2 tells us not to be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so we can prove what is that good, acceptable and perfect will of God
The world tells us daily how imperfect we are,  God tells us Come to him for a place of rest.  I am going to listen to God over the world every time.  I now know out of necessity that it is time to change the way I think about food.  Patience is a virtue and I will patiently pursue my goal to be healthy.

No excuses, no backslides, press on towards the goal---One day at a time--cw

My Journey 2016 Pilgrim's Plan wk2

So, Saturday night I cooked hamburgers.  I was coming off a 4 day fast so I ate light.  I felt full after a couple of bites of salad and forgo the bread etc...  I did have 3 small bites of burger and immediately wish I had not.  Note to self :  Develop a Plan to go on a Fast and come off correctly.  I think my cabbage soup will work in this transition phase and instead of another 4 day fast that takes 3 days to recover from,  I will ease into it and have one or two day fast in the middle.  I am surprised that once I decided to fast my body offered up no objections, no cravings, no temptations.  I am becoming a fan of stating what I want and doing it.

Grand-kids spent the night and 4 got to go to worship with Carl and me.  I love so much that the little ones are growing up hearing God's Word.  I love all my grands so much!  Before services I had a cup of coffee w/teaspoon of coconut oil.  After services we fixed lunch at home.  I broiled up two steaks (I knew better then to eat any--lol)  For a side I fixed onions, mushroom, jalapenos, tomato--yum yum ( a new favorite to try with scramble eggs).  The most amazing part for me is that I put bread and baked beans on the table.  Not amazing that I cooked but that I didn't judge anyone who ate different then me. There were also scrambled eggs left over from breakfast and ham and cheese to make sandwiches.  Kids fixed what they wanted and shared one steak.  I feel a victory over this lunch, many goals were met, food, family and fun.  Good Meal.

Grands have headed to their own homes and I am seriously considering a nap.  Other choices would be Do Dishes-  I may flip a coin to decide.  -  cw

2 hr nap won the toss even though I didn't really use a coin.  My sinus are draining due to allergies so Monday is a call to the doc for my shot.  I did rough paint a thrift shop table for my entry.  I can do distressed without even trying--lol  I'll snap a picture when I am done embellishing it.
Planted a few strawberries and scoped out where to add phlox ground cover.  I am not a yard person so anything I do needs to take care of itself or die trying.  Saturday the grands 'cleaned' out the last flower area I attempted.  Carl made me a rock pile around a light pole so I could put out some of my mosaic work.  Only took one year for it to over grow.  Maybe it would be an ideal area for phlox.

I wrote earlier that I did a minimal lunch.  That was 5 hrs ago and I still feel full.  NO desire to eat supper at this time but I am sure I will give in and finish off the salad and mushrooms-  did I mention they were good?  I see an mushroom/ omelet sometime in Mondays forecast.  Carl did show me how to make coffee in the new machine he brought home-  It's a one cup-  I think I will enjoy using it when he is away.  Too many times the full pot goes to waste when it is just me drinking it.  I have been soda free for several months and cutting coffee back to a couple of cups a day.

 Kristy from church ask me this morning if she could come over and help sew graduation quilts-  what a great opportunity to clean up a few messes so we can make some more!  My sewing friends are so good to me.  Friday evening it is peddle to the floor!  Who wants to bet I make a party of it?

Headed out the door with Carl to Lowe's and then evening services.  I love having my husband home, even if it is only 5 days. ( I also love having him gone the 5 days he is driving-  just joking)

Friends from church invited us over for dinner Tuesday.  I am looking forward to putting my new eating skills to the test.  I will switch my swim class to morning so I don't miss a day.

Carl had a taste for Combo Fried Rice and Egg Roll.  I ordered an egg roll and ate the inside.  Then I googled recipes to make the pork and cabbage and am definitely adding this to my TO DO for a side dish in a meal.  For today don't tell me how many carbs-  I want to feel like I got away with something.  Still full from lunch so this was a nice snack.  I was able to drink 6 bottles of water and two cups of coffee today.  Keeping hydrated!

It is 8 pm and I am headed to bed to read and hopefully sleep.  I made up a bed in the kids room in case I get kicked out of mine for coughing too much.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  Each day is a day that our Lord has made.  I will be glad and rejoice in it-  Today I am happy with my progress.--cw

Day Two- or as some call it Monday-  I coughed all night-  not literally but it felt like it.  I did find a bottle of kids cough and cold and think I might be addicted.  I got up in time for swim class but am too tired so I decided to try shoot for the 11.00 am class. I called for an appointment with my doc.  Of course they can see me at 10.45.  Good thing I am flexible, not in body yet but in schedule. We are going to Exeter tonight to watch girls ball practice so looks like no pool today.  I will miss being in the water.

Fixed bacon and eggs for Carl for breakfast.  I wasn't hungry so I didn't eat.  Did do a cup of coffee and my 'pills'  (nothing exciting, vitamins and blood pressure).I got choked up when I took my meds.  My throat is sore and the coughing didn't help.  Made me think of Dawn.  Said a prayer for safe travels for her trip to get the feeding tube taken out.  Jody last night specifically asked for prayers that the tube could come out Tuesday.  God is Good.  

The laundry got rotated- it never really gets done.  Dishes are still sitting in the sink--maybe if I blink three times they will do themselves--nope didn't work.

Doctor visit went well, in on time and out with allergy shot and scripts for antibiotics and cough w/codeine- looking forward to sleeping tonight.  Need to remember to stop and pick at the pharmacy before we leave town.  When Carl was at doctor 10 days ago I weighed myself.  I got the same room and scales.  Someone must have fixed them b/c I was 8 lbs lighter.  Seeing as I have at least 20 lbs of snot in my head I am closer to my goal weight--ha ha.

It is noon I am not hungry so I will wait till Carl gets back from errands and see what he is in the mood for.  Those mushrooms are still in the fridge with my name on them!  There is a chance we may go to Roaring River for supper after the ball practice.  Does this count as a date?

Late lunch, I had left over mushrooms/onions scrambled in an egg, part of a braut and the left over salad.  So full.

After lunch Carl and Sarah moved desks around in my downstairs sewing room.  I can add re-organization of that room to my list of TO DO's  It is now 2:30 pm.  I need a nap!

Nap was so short I am not even sure if I fell asleep.  Shower and head to girls ball practice. Breely (age 5) hit the first pitch thrown to her- pretty exciting!
After practice we ate at a pizza place in Cassville.  I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich (bacon, peppers and cheeses)  I did not eat the bread or chips.  I was full after 1/2 the order and brought home the rest for breakfast.  I think the key is not giving in and eating the bread.  In the past one bite of bread always equaled cravings for the whole loaf-  -  no cravings or feeling hungry today.  Only one cup of coffee and 5 bottles of water..

Now that we are back home I am going to buckle down and work on my goal setting.  This will be part 2.  I still need/want to find a photo I have in mind for self image.  be good  cw

Saturday, April 23, 2016

My journey 2016 Pilgram's Plan

Pilgrim's Plan is a book for optimal health, abundant energy and living lean with out prescriptions-  by Dennis Burge.  I am starting to implement ideas and suggestions in this weight loss book. The 'My journey 2016" post this year will be personal thoughts on how I am experiencing my journey with self.

This book is for you if you have any of the five signs of metabolic syndrome-  of course I have all five!

I have not at this time read the entire book.  That being said, I am familiar with low carb eating.  I know it has worked for me successfully in the past.  My biggest mental block to eating healthy is having a plan I can do and stick too.

Earlier this year I injured my right shoulder and had tendinitis  of course I waited several months trying to heal it myself before I asked for help.  My chiropractor is one that actually gave me a little motivation to get healthier.  He gave me exercises for my shoulder and lower back.  He also suggested walking and weight loss and add cal/mag for muscles.  No big star there I have heard it before.  The light bulb moment is when I went home and actually did the exercises.  I have been so sick and so tired for so long that I think I was finally sick and tired of being tired.  It did take about 3 wks before I could say the vitamins were working but now I not about to miss a day with them.  No severe legs cramps at night anymore--yeah!

My good friend Dawn, was a wonderful inspiration and encouragement on my new quest for better health.  She took me on a tour of our local YMCA.  Looking over the classes that were offered, I decided low impact water classes.  My first class fell on a Friday morning--I loved it.  So surprised I could move so well--easy peasy until time to get out of the water.  Gravity and weak muscles are not a good combo.  I went home that first day and outlined a schedule I could purpose to do for a month.
That  idea was to do a morning and an evening class 4 days a week.  Morning went well, I came home and slept all day.  Turns out Friday evening is a walking in the heated pool against currents.  Loved it too.  Even did a few arm and legs tricks I had learned that morning.  I would suggest the walking to anyone wanting to improve on balance.  After a month of being in the pool I am walking up and down stairs holding items not needing to use the rails to steady me.
My First full week I attended 8 classes.  I have to admit I slept most of the time I was not in the water.  I was flustered that I was so weak but determined to commit to another week of water work-outs.

The Second week was better and I had longer non-napping hours.  Still  pawning off normal activities to the grand-kids though.  How lazy do I have to be to not even get my own bottle of water.  Made a note that the third week I was going to start doing more on my own.  I grocery shopped and carried in the bags and put stuff away-  yeah me- starting to power through.  Laundry was still a problem, It took me 3 days to wash and dry one load.

Third and Forth weeks showed great improvement on my attitude and ability to lift and carry and move stuff around.  The Fifth week I could walk out of the pool without holding on to the rails, I noticed that on the Friday water walking class I could 'run' in the water and my shoulder is almost back to full range of motion.  There were several times in those two weeks that I swan several strokes and finally worked up to 25 meters.  Personal goal is by week Eight to swim two lengths of the pool with out stopping.

It was in the middle of the Forth week that I meet Dennis Burge when he stopped in to talk to our water class about his 'book'.  I had to laugh b/c I really DO NOT like sales pitches or people.  I have to give it to him, lots of energy and a great attitude.  I was giving it all I had to get to classes and wasn't interested in a new diet.

Fifth week I cut back on my classes to one a day (Mon/Fri AM and Tue/Thur PM)  I purposed the previously committed time to deep cleaning my home.  I looked at each project as an exercise class.  I worked on arms and legs and commitment to finish what I started.  Not as much success as I would like but a few things are starting to look better around the house.  I am noticing this week I am not napping as much- hope I can keep focused on finding a balance between my physical health and mental--lol  I wouldn't be disappointed if I get a bit more sewing/quilting done sooner or later.

Sometime in the Sixth week I ran into Dennis at the grocery store, we visited a bit and I asked to purchase his book, just for light reading--well, here comes the next rest of the story.

First a couple of disclaimers (or excuses)  even though I have on occasion considered starting a journal, I never stick with it.  Biggest problem for me is that I can't seem to write in the moment.  I also can't write by hand so I give up.  I seriously am not even sure I can stick to it writing in my blog post.  Next this post is for me-  for me to finally get real with thoughts and motivations while I am working towards better health.  I have discussed my intent to follow the book with several trusted friends.  From this post forward the weeks will be numbered by when I started reading the book.

Week one, I spot read and chapter read and spot read some more.  Thursday I took good friend Dawn out for pedicures and read her some highlights and ideas that I found interesting.  I had decided the day before to start a Fast so I could pray about my goals, study other ideas and  test out of I could mentally commit to a different way of eating.  Happy to say I  did the early to bed, early to rise and no naps this week.  I made it to all my swim class and even worked in learning two upper body exercises I can do on the machines.  I also biked a mile (at the Y)   Hubby comes home tonight and I will have a nice low-carb supper for him and little something to break my fast.  I have searched and found menu ideas that I think I can stick too and he can enjoy too.  I am a great cook so I am excited to do our meals at home again.  With just the two of us it has gotten too easy to grab a bite out.  Plan for week Two is to cook at least twice a day while hubby is home and fast when he is gone.  When he gets back again we head to Chicago for a week.  I will have a good list of what/when /where we can eat while there.

I am starting a day early but for week Two I want to start a journal in the moment.  Jot down what I am pondering or attempting at the time I am thinking/praying about it.  I am not good about making plans, I have always been more of a go with the flow kinda gal.  To get my physical body tuned up with the rest of my being I will need to make plans and put them into action.    Let's begin:

Where and with Who we spend our lives and our eternity is highest priority for me.  I have always been a family oriented woman who loves God and wants to keep his Word with me.  The idea that I can change my nutritional habits and get better health to serve with more energy, creativity and endurance is very much a goal I want to commit to.  Like I said, I am sick and tired or being sick and tired.  I am willing to admit that I convinced myself that it was normal not to feel well and this was my lot in life.  I have been know to say- "When you know better, do better"  Right now I am studying to 'know better'.

Goal for today is to finish reading the book.  Take a second look and highlight passages for inspiration or second look.  Of the 9 benefits of this plan on page 15--I am greedy and want all 9!.  I want to lose weight- not just weight but fat.  I have let myself get fat b/c I have not taken time to understand what my body needs to feel well.  I would love and enjoy a higher energy flow.  Mental clarity is a long term goal (I had meningitis 6 yrs ago and still have fog that I would prefer to be gone)  Better sleep-  is a must, I have been reading up on snoring and all articles suggest weight loss.  I don't know how me losing a few pounds will keep Carl from snoring but I am all in !

I know I should write down my stats so I can brag about progress.  Unfortunately I think I may be too insincure to admit what I weigh right now.  I have been blessed with not being able to know or care what I weigh, I have never been tied to a scale or mirror for that matter.  (Maybe for amusement but never for vanity)  At this time I am just going to say that hubby knows for the first time in 35 yrs what the doctors scales read (Of course they are WRONG!)  I didn't die and nothing bad happened when he saw the number so I am going to keep it between us and I am sure he has already forgot .  I am OK with talking in T-shirt sizes  I bought 3x before I started swimming. Several seem to fit a bit looser but it may be I haven't washed them in hot water for awhile--lol

Pilgrim's Plan, section Five encourages personal goals.  I think it is important to take the time to get healthy.  I will draft up my goals in a few days.  I have been thinking/praying on this for a few days. I want to be here/there for my family and friends.  This is a step in a healthy direction.  In 2011- I wrote a post about 11 quilt goals for the new year.  Sad to admit that many projects on that 'list' are still sitting in the unfinished zone.  Hopefully as I  get myself together my creative side will come out more to play.  I enjoy teaching classes but have cut back to 2 a month.  How fun would it be if I could fill a schedule.

Chapter 6 is the one chapter that has me thinking most.  Defining my Purpose, Passion, and Plan has been taking up a lot of waking brain time.  My struggle is not can I go to God in prayer about my fat, I know we can talk with God about anything.  My struggle is will I go to God and admit I am disappointed that I have not taken better care of this body he gave me.  Disappointed is not a strong enough word, I am grieved, I am sad, I am sorry.  I know our days are numbered and don't want all of mine to be on a couch or in bed.  I want my husband to say- did you see my wife to that?  Or the kid's to be able to say 'Oh, my mom does that all the time.  Taking the grand-kids to the pool and actually playing in the water with them is something I didn't think I could do anymore.  The past several years at the lake I sit on shore while they swim but today I am looking forward to showing off my backflip skills.  (Ok I have only done two lately but I didn't drown and there was still water in the pool when I was done.)

This is a bit longer of a post then I planned but the next TO DO is write a declaration of intent:  Here goes, I intend to do better each day and work towards better health.  I will continue to pray, read, exercise, and eat healthy.  I had added beginners yoga to my schedule.  My first class wore me out.  I had to take real estate class the following week.  My second class the instructor said something that has stuck with me.  She was teasing that we were going to put our leg behind our head.  Then she added "in your mind"  Part of the journey to get where you want is to visualize it and work towards it. This is my attempt to put down in writing my vision.  My next post on my journey 2016 will be to Read and reread 3 John 1:2 and then address my Three step Goal setting process to stay on track.

Wish me well-  cheryl