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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Scrappy Borders from gifted strings --Thanks, Dawn!

Dawn gifted me a baggie of scrap strings she picked up thrift shopping (Actually I don't know where she got them but the baggie looked like it had once had a tag on it--lol)

Wish I had thought to get a picture of the bag, this might have been more impressive if you could see what I started with!

24 (Twenty Four!)  String blocks.  Lucky for me I had a ton of 8 1/2 inch  phone book pages already cut out.

This is ALL the left over strips-  Seriously ALL of it.  Am I good or what?

I tore the paper off before I ironed and resized the blocks.  Left the pieces out to long and the cat found them.  OK pick them up again-  twice.

Love my Studio die cutter.  The blocks were sub-cut into 2 1/2" strips  Half were cut with the diagonal pointing left the other half pointing right.  I did not worry about squaring up the blocks before the sub-cut.

I knew I wanted to use the new strips as a border on an existing work in progress.  I auditioned a couple of tops and settled on this one.  More scrappy pieces that Dawn had given me from a friend of hers years ago.

Strips were 2 1/2 x 8 1/2  I had considered a braid look but changed my mind and went for a little scrappier look.

Thrown on the floor to check for missed seams.  Looks good!

Side ways picture of top hanging.  There is a little wiggle to it But I am sure it will all quilt out--ha ha

Love this scrappy border- Thanks again Dawn for thinking of me and sharing your scrappy finds!
Not shown is the new pile of crumbs  (I used almost all the strings on the blocks and now have a bunch of little triangle (ish) shapes from the sub-cuts- wonder who I can gift them too?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Belated B-day present to myself--lol

Painted several years ago by a friend's daughter, this beauty now lives at our house.  Temp. hanging on the quilt wall in my home office.  How much fun would it be to try this in glass or fabric!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Project progress and finishes

It has been a month since I last posted progress on the basement clutter.  A lot has been accomplished, you will have to take my word for it.  To the untrained eye some areas look like the same ole, same old--lol

entry hall- area to hang the helmets.  I have been wanting to start and finish this project for awhile. 

A lot of the embellishments are from family and friends junk drawers--lol

For my B-day I treated myself to a couple of little somethings from Hobby Lobby.  Now I have a spot for mail and keys!

This is all that is left of the fabric that needs moved.  So close to done that I do a happy dance everything I pass by.

The wood shelf are attached to the wall.  Just need to keep sorting stuff and filling shelves.

Only about another half dozen boxes to go through.

Shelves on the south wall are filling up slowly

WOW almost looks organized-  way to go Cheryl!

Closet, still needs a bit of sorting

Shelf under the big table, ready to add glass scraps

Another storage shelf empty- how did that happen?

I actually have uncluttered floor in the sewing room.  No more letting overflow escape into adjoining rooms!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Still working on moving glass piles around,

Starting to see progress- long ways to go--lol

all the small glass boxes have been moved out of the fabric room--yeah!

Table is starting to get less cluttered- one black shelf out, two to go

Do you see the floor?  I have a floor- see it?

Didn't do anything to this wall, just showing it off-  the work bench is buried!

More floor- it has been so long I almost forgot what it looks like

the glass blowing stuff is safe in the store room

bead wall is filling up too

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nice weather for planting flowers

Found Little Bunny Foo Foo's house

My Christmas village 


Thanks Kindall for this lovely arrangement

Wire Ma & Pa look like they need a new coat of paint to go along with their new flowers

Love this inside cat!  Never have figured out the maker.  I purchased him from an estate sale.

Inside buddies

Plant stand in my home office

I need to learn to 'rotate'.

Can there ever be too many wedding quilts? NO

Another group effort from my favorite 'sisters'.  I love this pattern!  Die cut using the GO cutter.  (Thanks Dawn and Debbie E for turning the crank and counting the piles)  Then kitted up and passed out to volunteers to sew the blocks.  Like magic, I leave town for a week and when I come back the blocks are all completed!
Raw edge applique- my favorite technique and saying (BTW)  Last but not least, a wonder scrappy piano key border.

Love getting to see favorite fabrics from all evolved, what a wonderful keepsake for the new bride and groom..

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Took Time to make a little crazy bird

Sometimes I feel like I am never going to get to 'hobby', all I do is move piles of 'future' TO DO's around the basement.  When I moved all Connie's glass to our house I didn't realize how hard 20+ yrs of projects would be to 'hide'.  I have always said fabric is easier to hide then glass!

Several years ago I went on a self imposed "No Buy" for fabric.  For the most part I have stuck with it.  I have (with help) gone through all the stash and organized into keep and let it go.  My only quilting purchases have been my GO cutter and dies.  I can actually 'see' me being the One that uses all her fabric before I die.  (Use it or gift it)  It is rather nice to be down to one room where I can see what I have to work with and pull stash and sew.  Two of my girls raid the fabric room for personal projects, probably so they won't get stuck with it all later.

I project at least 40 more hours sorting glass and supplies in case you are wanting to come over and help.  I am overflowing my designated glass room and am having to relocate the mosaic TO DO's to make room for things that have to stay climate controlled.  Of course with the weather, progress has been slow moving stuff out.

Tonight I made myself take a break and play.  This wonky bird was in with Connie's patterns.  I had seen one of her originals and mentally added it to my TO DO list.  It has been awhile since I actually played with the whole process.  I fussy cut out 10 sets of misc. scrap glass and rough cut another 20 sets (just in case-lol)  Now if I ever want to teach a class on how to burn one's fingers I am ready to go.
 My favorite part was trying to remember all the steps to working with glass.  My grinder works!  I can still apply the foil.  It wouldn't hurt me to practice soldering a bit more.  I loved getting to play with the wonky beaded headdress.  There wasn't enough sunlight to show off how cute this.
One down, 19 to go!  Wish me luck--lol