Thursday, February 15, 2018

Applique dogs for a 2018 project

Just getting started. Three cut out a bunch more to go.

Hardwood floors....

Been talking for awhile about getting the upstairs floors installed. Living room is done done done.  Except for patching the walls...painting the walls..reinstalling the trim.   Moving the furnitire back...etc etc etc.

Full moon. Possibly inspiration for a future painting

Pictures of kids. No took any of the other animals.

City museum was so fun

Let's walk to the city museum

Older kids were up and ready to go.  Waiting on baby.  Let's head out!

St.Louis cousins meeting the newest cousin

Adjoining rooms boys with grandpa, girls with grandma.  Jesse, Sara and baby Alton got their own room down the end of the hall.  Every one wants to hold the baby.