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Friday, November 27, 2015

The two are now One--Christmas exchange blocks

Funny thing is I made the back before we started the exchange.  Then I decided I didn't want to make this large of a quilt.  Put all my exchange blocks together and they matched the size of the back exactly!  Guess my quilting brain had other ideas.  These two were quilted together with a holly and berries pattern border to border.  The back of the quilt was rolled to the front for the binding.  Love, love, love this quilt!

First Wednesday  in December/2015 we will meet at the library in MOnett and show off our progress.

My facebook friends are all posting shots of their opening days deer hunting.  I threw these pillow tops together into a twin size snuggle-under that may or may not get quilted this year. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Library Exchange Christmas blocks 2015

Group meets first Wednesday at 2:30.  We have traded 12 1/2" blocks the past couple of months.  Trades are one for one.  Each person was asked to made sets of 6.  I usually trade two sets but this month I only made 6 blocks.

I can't wait till tomorrow to get my last blocks that are going in this top.  As usual I jumped ahead and started setting things together without having everything I need--lol

I chose to make 4 block sets (set together with a narrow green stripe)  I am setting those 9 together with red w/white dots strip.  I think I will add a black print as an outer border to finish the top.

I am very pleased that the library group has been so productive-  Maybe we can have a mini-quilt show after the holidays to show off our group exchange!

Dear Jane- got a few blocks added to the top

My notes show I started this project in Feb of 2012  I found the book on clearance and thought it would be a good read.  I 'knew' I could get this simple project knocked out in a couple of weeks.
I don't remember when or why I lost interest.  It is so much fun to jump back in- even if it was just for a bit today.  Sorry Jane back on the shelf with the other TO DO's.

I added 1" sashing strips to 39 blocks and set the blocks together.

Seven rows of 13 blocks still needed to finish the top

I gave up on piecing the hard ones and went with raw-edge applique so every block is cut out.

Left half of the quilt is together.  All four outer borders are complete.  And the back is pieced as well.    Maybe Jane can get some attention this winter if/when we get snowed in

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Graduation quilt made with t-shirts

A friend let me quilt a few for their church kids.  I had this one longer then planned but have finally gotten it finished.

I decided to change up my go-to quilting pattern- sorry roses maybe next time.

love, love, love the borders that were put on this one!

Little hearts--border to border

I will show off the whole quilt after it gets gifted

Nov. is last trade for Library Holiday Swap

I have been teaching an Intro to Quilting class at our local library once a month.  We meet 1st Wednesdays at 2:30pm.

We are participating in a block exchange.  Each person takes home as many as they bring.  We are seeing a lot of fun fabrics and patterns!

I am trading six 12 1/2" scrappy Tumbler blocks

Last month I made six snowmen blocks w/red borders and six with tan/angel borders

I had enough of the green and white stripe to strip the blocks in sets of four.  I will then border those sets with red w/dots.
I made this 4-patch for the middle of my top.

Monday, October 26, 2015

The first two scrappy--boys

Evidently I neglected to post photos of the first two scrappy tops I made for the grand-boys.

All SIX (6) waiting to get quilted--seriously hoping the daughter's do this as a joint project--hint!

Ben's top--Lot's of fun prints!

Close up-  boots, baseball, basketball, horses, fish, sponge-bob-  busy top

This is the back to Ben's top--crazy

Andrew's quilt top- another good selection of scraps

Chiefs, horses, Garfield, bears, leopard prints, hot air balloons, whales etc...

Andrew's cont... hearts, Micky Mouse, frogs, Buzz

Gumby playing Soccer for Andrew's back

Sunday, October 25, 2015

art for my sewing room

A few years ago my mom gifted me her embroidery stash.  She saved all her leftovers in the original kit package.  A friend was telling me she wanted to finish an older piece but didn't have matching yarns.  I suggested we raid mom's piles and see if we could find scraps to work with.
Jack pot!!!

It was so much fun going through each package to glean usable leftovers.  I remember seeing most of these pieces finished over the years.  I hated to throw away empty kits so I cut out the photos and made a one of a kind art pieces for my sewing room.
I still have the finished mice in the center photos.
I don't know who ended up with this woodland series but I have the package photos and  love how cute they are together.