Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Journey 2016--What's the Plan?

Now that I have jotted down ramblings from my days for a month, I am ready to change it up a bit.  Journal entries for June will center around staying on track for healthy living.  Since we have been home from our trip I have eaten well (and often)  I am a good cook and it didn't take me long to figure out healthy tasty meals to make and enjoy.  It helps that Carl is on the road 5 day at a time so if I choose not to eat I don't have to worry about it.  Today I had a large salad for lunch, with tuna!  Carl is getting home around 10 (ish) so I will fix him something and not worry about eating that late.  Tonight he will get hamburger patties cooked with onions and mushrooms.  I like terrioki sauce and do a combo of fry/steam.  I will cook down extra mushrooms for breakfast Monday.

I have a licensing class on Wednesday in Springfield all day.  Every other day this week I will be at the pool.  No one needs to hold me to it-  I said it, I will do it.  I will also get Debbie's quilts done this week.  I have been organizing fabrics this past week and have several projects I would like to work on.  I also want to get back to doing glass work.

I  put an ad on Monett Yard Sale page about wanting help sorting mosaic stuff.  A gal is coming over on Thursday to help me clean off the back porch.  If that works out I may let her help me on a few other clutter areas.  I am leaning towards thinning out some of the piles of craft projects.  Maybe I don't really need 30 bowling balls right now.

Monday-rain most of the day.  I did the pool class w/Dawn (and the other people).  Good class. Came home and made breakfast for Carl.  Omelette w/mushrooms and cheese.  Very low Carb.
We took the boys out to Happy House after school.  I had salad, green beans, and chicken.  I am sure there were some carbs. but no breading or ice cream etc...

My fortune cookie nailed it:  "An airplane ride is soon in your future sending you to fun!"  Carl said His said:  "No airplane rides- ever again!"  I can't see him on a Greyhound bus so he either needs to start walking or buy a ticket.  Either way-  Abby we will see you in August!

Tue:  morning deep water workout at the Y  w/Dawn.  Late breakfast w/Carl at Family Restaurant.  I had Hamburger steak w/grilled onions, scramble eggs  & coffee.  No toast or hash-browns.

Worked on machine so I could quilt. (Don't quite have it fixed--yet) Helped Carl with a plumbing job.  Ran w,Carl to view cabin in Cassville and bought it.  Now to find someone to move it to the Lake.

Did the ZUMBA evening water class.  Headed back out w/Carl to finish his plumbing stuff.  Got home and too bed around midnight.

Up Wednesday early to head to class in Springfield.  Instructor was Tom Lundstrum (Investor stuff)  Pretty good class.  I had him many years ago in KC when I got my GRI designation.  After class ran to Ozark to get new needles to hopefully fix my machine problems.  After evening church, Carl, Kelly, Lane and Breely and I went to Family Restaurant for a bite.  I ordered a patty melt no bread or fries- so good.  I asked Breely if it smelled like 'what's updog'  in here.  She asked : "What's Up dog?"  I said not much, what's up with you?

Thursday, Dawn and I did beginners Yoga at the YMCA.  Good class, still a little shaky on my arms but working on it.  Found out that there is another class Tue/Thur evening before ZUMBA water class.  I am going to try add those to my TO DO list. I had salad for lunch, added sunflower seeds. Lane went with me to Walk class.  We had a swim race and I beat him.  We also did the ZUMBA class.  he kept up well but it wore him out!  I showed off my back flip trick and he can confirm there was still water left in the pool when I got done.  For Supper I had another salad but added tuna/sweet pickle relish, shredded cheese- way better then eating a sandwich  (I have not had bread since Chicago)  A low carb treat is pork rinds and cream cheese.  Scales show I have hit my minus 2 lbs early this week.

Friday- we were supposed to go to the pool at 5 a.m. but Sarah was running late for work.  I had to run pick up the boys and by the time we all got in the car it was 5.30.  We plan on doing water walking class this evening then free swim till we wear ourselves out. I did a small salad and chicken (no sause) from Little Caesars.  Kids got pizza.   Boys are spending the night.  Ran Lane home to Exeter for his ball game.  As we passes by George's I asked if it smelled like-- "What's UpDog?"
Andrew said "What?" so I repeated several time and all I got was a "What?".  Finally Lane said (just to get it over with) "What's Up Dog?  and I said "Not much, what's up with you?  Andrew said:  "I have heard that before, it was funnier when I just keep saying "What!"  Then I told them about going to the store to get a HenWeigh but the store was out.-  Andrew asked "What's a HenWeight?"  I said: "Oh, about 3 or 4 pounds"  Lane laughed so hard he snorted.  We spent the rest of the ride telling really stupid jokes.  So yesterday a friend from Aurora came over to help clean up the back porch.  She took a truck load of misc. stuff with her and planned to come back today and finish.  She texted about noon to say she was sick and would have to plan for another time.  Now that I have started I don't want to slow down so I may see if anyone else is interested in bartering help for junk.  I did work on the sewing room and it is looking good.  Plan to clean the carpet and hang a few thing on the walls.  Lane helped me move my UFO's back to the house.  They fit in the shelves just perfect.  Now NO more TO-DO's till I get a few TO-DONES.

Boys and I played at the pool for a couple of hours.  Andrew hugged me and said this was his best day.  I think every day I get a hug is my best day!  I went down the slide 7 times.  That means I walked up all those steps to the top of the slide 7 times!   When I say walked, I mean walk/ran.  The boys would go first and wait for me to splash them when I came down. (Yes there was water in the pool when I was done).(Starting to see a theme about water worry here)

I took Andrew to his school earlier in the day to pick up his meds from the nurse.  While there he got to hug and say goodbye to teachers and return library books.  Hard to believe school is out for the summer.

Tomorrow will be another day to look forward too.  I am enjoying waking up and seeing what I can get done.  Such a big change for me.  Kitchen has stayed clean all week and laundry is caught up.  Who would have ever thought I pull myself out of this rut I had been in.  God is good- putting people in my path that educated and encouraged me to do better.  I hope I can do the same when I meet others working on their journey to better health.

I got a bunch of misc things started and a few finishes today.  I had the boys and they slept in.  I tried again on the quilt machine.  I am not giving up but I am considering taking it in for repairs.  Sarah brought my other machine upstairs so I could clean it and see if I can get it to fit on my tracks.  I had bought a second machine a couple of years ago and have never had room to set it up.  Tomorrow after services I will see what I can do with it.  It is still early Saturday evening.  The boys have gone home and I have decided to go to bed and read for a bit.  This has been a good week.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Journey 2016 Pilgrims Plan WK 4

Today is Sunday, we are still in Chicago, looks like the plan is to head home to MO sometime tomorrow.

Well this is the start of week four since I got the book, it is also the start of week two on the new thyroid med.  Too many variables--ha ha.  Seeing as I haven't picked up the book in a couple of weeks it is about time to pass it on to a friend.  If/When I get it back I can do a re-read and see if I need to fine turn any attitudes or practices.  For now my main take away is to do better and feel better.  I have no problem signing up to continue to study and implement healthier ways.  Bring it on, bring it ALL on.

Yes I am headed downstairs to find a couch to lay on and read for a bit.--

Walked to the local groc store and purchased items for 'Brunch'  I made my favorite, onions, peppers, mushrooms, added smoked salmon and of course scrambled cheese eggs.  (Not all mixed together but laid out in a very pleasing fine dinning sort of way.  I also picked up a container of cut fruits to go with the strawberries I got yesterday.  We ate outside.  What a wonderful 'Mother's Day' for me.  I love Jess and Sara so much.  She even let me do the dishes.  (I am trainable)  If I have ever let on that I have diminished dishes abilities that is true, But things are a changing.  I rinsed everything and got them in the dishwasher by myself- it didn't kill me and I didn't kill anyone around me.  I am actually excited to see if I can reproduce this social experience when I get home.  It may be this is only possible in Chicago or if one starts with a clean kitchen.  Isn't part of being healthy, living healthy not just eating healthy.  4-H, Head, Heart, Hands and Health!  I am starting to realize that to be whole one needs to BE.  I AM what I am can be better stated that I AM what I purpose to BE.  The verb 'BE" when used in the south means continually-  like I be fishing means I am always fishing.  I "BE" on my way to knocking all the 4-H's out of the park!!

I have heard it said (or I read it some where) that to change a habit one needs to replace it with better habits for 28 days.  The end of this week will be a month on the low (lower) Carb way of eating.  I have a few days to go but am finding that I can make better choices when I want too.  Eating something not on the 'list' is not the end of the world.  I like fruit even though it has a higher natural sugar then I need right now.  Avocado is not as awful as I thought it would/should be.  I can within reason expect to see results in how my body feels and functions in everyday life.  I am optimistic that I will be running barefoot on a beach in California in a couple of months!

A little over 2 months in the pool, a little less then a month watching what I eat and would you believe that almost 20# of fat had enough and went away.  I use to have a cartoon on my desk that said "Don't feed a grudge-  it just gets bigger", the same is true for bad habits.  Don't do the same ole same old.  Fat!--you are not invited to invade my space any more.  No sad good-byes--just a smile and a 'see ya------never'.

While the guys are working away I got to sit out back and read a bit.  Funny how I can work up a sweat sitting.  I did share my new favorite coconut oil with Sara.  Connie got me started using it a while ago.  The Pilgrims' book suggests cooking with it too.  I like it in coffee and best yet in massaging my feet.  It really keeps them soft.  That is the only make up tip I will most likely ever give.

I was able to get to the end of the five and dime book, turns out it was written in 2000 so some of the numbers quoted make a bit more sense.  Sarah and I ran out to get fixings for supper-  she is doing a crab boil w/shrimp, crayfish, corn and potatoes, onions and sausage.  I think she is taking all the carbs out just for me.  Actually I plan to eat anything meat and finish off a salad (I saved a little of the cooked onions/peppers from this morning as a topping.)  We can say we have been well fed this trip.  I can also boast to taking zero naps so far this week.  (Today is still Sunday)
Supper was awesome food served on the table Jess made for back yard dinning.  It was nice to sit and visit and eat and eat and eat.  After cleanup we were in bed by 10-

Weather has been great, flowers and trees are well into their Spring routines and my allergies are just now starting to get my attention.  Slight tickle in my throat and gross sounding sniffling.  I skipped coffee Sunday so maybe 2 cups today to make up for it.  Caffeine kills allergy bugs right?  Jess and Sara have left for work and Carl and I are slowly getting around to the idea that we need to pickup and get out of here.  My junk is all in piles by the door, I am not looking forward to the up and down the stairs needed to get it all to the truck.  I look over and am convinced Carl is taking a nap on the couch.  What's a gal to do?-- pick up a book and get in a couple of more chapters before he notices.  Book 4 is Tina Fey- Bossypants.  I got a little over half way through yesterday and then skipped to the last chapter b/c I always do that when I think I am not going to have time finish a book.  I like her writing style, her humor and most of all her ability to convey real to her stories with out destroying everyone else involved.  I see her as observant without being condescending.

I think our plan is to get out of here mid-morning.  Fingers crossed we can miss getting stuck in a.m. traffic.  It is amazing how many workers/people are coming in and out of the city.  This neighborhood is quiet right now.  No one is out and about walking their dogs.  There is a dog park about 3 blocks from here and it is interesting to see the migration of larger dogs on leash that pass by in the afternoons headed out to play.  There is a skate park a little further over under one of the overpasses.  Same thing-  kids and boards.  This is a busy little part of the city.  We are not even gone and I am daydreaming about what to do the next trip back.  God is good-  I love that our son and his wife are settling in to their home.  The guys did not get as much done on the bathroom as they planned to do but I am confident that Jess can finish it up just fine.  He is a talented quick learner and takes after his Dad in a lot of ways.

Our trip home took a bit longer then the trip up to Chicago.  We stopped and looked at a few 'little houses'.  I am not sure if it was to get ideas for our cabin or just to remind me I really don't want another house to clean.  We also stopped for supper at Steak N Shake.  I ordered my favorite a Patty Melt but asked for no bread or fries.  The cook did a great job with presentation, He placed the burger on a slightly smaller plate which made my meal look huge.  Carl got a similar burger w/fries on a larger plate and my stomach is convinced I ate more them him.  We hit rain for about half the trip, nothing terrible.  We pulled up to the church building around 10.30 pm to unload tools.  I will worry about the stuff in the truck tomorrow.

Sara had sent two pots of plants home with me.  A pepper plant for the back deck and a flower pot for the front yard.  The gal has a green thumb!  Their yard was beautiful, full of tulips and other flowers.  Her garden area is starting to come to life.  I snapped a few pictures for inspiration.

Headed to bed, thankful for a safe trip and a wonderful husband that only makes/lets me drive during daylight.  I think I am too tired to snore tonight.--

I awoke this beautiful Tuesday morning to the 6.30 alarm which is set to remind me to take my Thyroid pill.  I lay back down convinced I will make my 8.30 water class.  OK maybe not that one but the 11.00 for sure.  Ha Ha, Carl wakes me around 1.00 and asks I have lunch plans.  That is code for are you fixing something anytime soon or do you want to go out to eat.  Acambro's it is.  IF and When we finally get up out of bed.  Now I remember why we headed home Monday, it was to leave Tuesday open to catch up on sleep and mow the yard.  I will concentrate on the sleep, he can mow.

We made it to the restaurant a bit before 2.00.  My new favorite to order is a plate of lettuce.  I then add my small bowl of salsa and part of the small cup of white queso.  Not many carbs but a lot of good tastes.

 I cleaned out my stuff from the truck. I agreed to do Carl's laundry so he could take a nap.  Secretly wish I had thought of the nap thing first.  Breely has Kindergarten graduation this evening, so no water class for me.  Well if tears count maybe a little 'water works',  How can I possibly be the grand parent to a child old enough to graduate K? (Or the other 5 older then her?)

I did pull a couple of weeds and find the perfect spots for the pots Sara sent home with me. (Sara NO 'H" is Jesse's wife, aka, Chicago Sara, Sara Smiles, Chicago Blue Sara and other nicknames that I don't say out loud.)

 My kitchen is kinda clean- no effort on my part, thanks to Sarah (w/an H, long time daughter and part-time dishwasher) for stepping in and doing dishes.  I think she left one casserole dish in the sink just to mock me.  She likes to wash by hand and stack in the dishwasher to dry.  I might try that myself.  Maybe just add a couple of knee bends or jumping jacks and call it a work-out  routine.  As lazy as I feel I am seriously thinking a nap is in my future.  I will get back on non-vacation time tomorrow.--

Graduation went well.  Kids were so cute and sweet.  The pre-school class sang songs and counted by tens.  Breely's class counted by 5"s to 100 then 105,110,115,120  we get it.  She looked adorable up on stage in her cap and gown.  She had the same reaction as Karlee did to the 'gifts' I brought her.  One large bottle of chocolate syrup and a bottle of strawberry syrup  (left overs from the wedding sent home with me by Sara)  I added several pieces of bubble wrap and two pairs of socks I didn't wear.  I give the best gifts!  Bubble wrap is always entertaining, the syrups brought a smile too.

Carl headed down to Bentonville to sleep in the truck and get an early start on his route tomorrow.  I came back to Monett and stopped at Little Ceaser's and got a container of chicken with out sauce for supper.  Calling it a day and headed to bed.  Sarah is dropping the boys off at 4.30 a.m.  so they can catch the bus from here to school.  Only one more week of getting up early and then summer.

Andrew is not invited back to school till Friday.  He made sure the other two boys made it out the door on time.  He and I then headed to the pool to walk in the heated pool w/currents.  Wow, the water was either moving fast or I am out of shape being out for a week.  As soon as we can get changed we are headed to the building for Bible class.  No big plans for today, no expectations is my motto--that and a nap.  I do have a feeling that my body is going to actually want to do something any minute now.  Please don't be vacuum, please don't be vacuum.  I wouldn't mind if I finished putting the sewing room back in order- we will see.  Maybe I need to flip a coin--clean on the basement or play video games.  OK re-do the flip!.

After class, Andrew and I hit Crosslines (thrift shop) and found a few gotta gets.  Then we  ran out to visit Frank and Judy, she was sleeping so we didn't stay long.  We did bring their little dogs a toy for later.  Next was a trip to Walmart for groceries.  After carrying ever thing inside, Andrew said he liked it better when I only did one thing at a time.  We had been gone from the house over 4 hours.  It is not going to take much to talk me into a nap after we get a bite to eat.  Salad for me,  Andrew had Sonic chicken earlier so he just wanted sliced apples and cheese.---

We started a new book in the Ladies evening class.  I left mine in the Durango in case Kelly drives to the Zoo tomorrow.  Andrew and I are going to crash Breely's class trip.  9.00 headed to bed, got the wise down, working on healthy.--

Breely rode the bus with her class and Kelly, Andrew and I drove to the zoo in Springfield.  We got there just a few minutes before the class bus did.  Kelly said her pedometer registered just under 4 miles of steps for the day.  The kids all enjoyed seeing the animals.  I enjoyed walking from shady spot to shady spot (or bench to bench).  Note to self-  start bringing a baby stroller to walking events.  I did break down and rent one to carry my bag and snacks etc...  It always had a kid or two stowing away when they thought I wasn't looking-  ha ha.  Thanks to Mike for having to go to meetings and letting me steal his ticket.  This was a very fun day-  so happy I could keep up with kindergarten kids.  One section of the zoo had wide stairs going down a habit enclosure  (or a ramp on the other side)  I chose to clunk the stroller down the steps to stay with the group.  Before we got to the bottom the 'leader' said- there is nothing down here- go back up!  A girl from Lane's class and the teacher's helper both grabbed for my stroller and carried it up to the top.  I laughed b/c a parent with a stroller WITH a baby in it, lugged hers up by herself.  When I said my THANKS for the help-  I asked if anyone else saw the irony of them helping the G-ma and ignoring the baby in our group.

 Andrew is reading over my shoulder and telling me to list the animals we saw-  Monkeys, Giraffes, Lion/lioness, zebras, wolves, elephants, snakes, one-alligator, birds, more birds, we saw a lot of birds, bears, tigers, a bob cat,and cheetahs,   Not yet mentioned is the Turkey that dive bombed our car on the way to the zoo.  Talk about starting a trip with a bit of drama!

On a lighter note:  Andrew made up a joke this morning that I expounded on-  He asked: Why can't you play tag with a fly?  I responded: b/c the fly will land on you a bunch of times shouting "You're it!, you're it!, you're it!.--how annoying!  And then, when you finally tag it back (splat)--game over!

It is about time for Ben to get off the bus, wonder if I can get the boys to finish cleaning the trash out of my car!  (Note from Andrew-  this ain't going to happen!)--  surprise- Durango got cleaned out.
My allergies are messing up my eyes so I did not go to the pool tonight.

No excuses but I missed the 8.15 morning class too.  Thought I would catch the 11.00 but Sarah called me to pick up Andrew IF the school called.  Now that it is after class time of course the school decided to let him stay today.  I have a chiropractor appoint in a bit then I am headed to the building to quilt.  Kelly, kids and I ran to Ozark and got new thread yesterday after the zoo.  Hopefully thread is all I need to get the quilt machine running again.  I did dishes, started laundry and did a general pick it all up around the house.  Amazing that bending over doesn't actually kill me.  (I do have a slight headache, but I can survive it.)

After my 'adjustment'  I headed up to do a little quilting.  That is exactly what I did -very little- quilting.  I did however piddle around and clean up a few piles that needed organized.  The quilt room now looks like an enjoyable space to work.  I will try again tomorrow to actually get the machine running.  I promised Debbie H that I would have 2 tops quilted by Sunday.  Now I have a goal and it is written down.

I made it over to the pool to do water walking.  Water was a bit cold but ok after a few laps.  I really need to commit to getting back in a routine of classes.  I have Andrew again on Monday & Tuesday.  He will need to bring his YMCA card so he can get in and watch me.  I know he wants to 'do' the class but for now he can sit in the bleachers and read.  He made it till 2.00 at school before they sent him home.  He is going to do the field trip on Tuesday w/his dad.  School schedule ends on Friday.  I am sure between Carl and I, we can find enough chores to keep him busy.

Headed to bed to get caught up on this season's The VOICE.  I keep falling asleep before the end of the show.  I find it interesting to watch the different singing styles.  I can never remember anyone's names but their voices are something else.  Carl was scheduled to come home tonight but is staying out on the road till Sunday.-  I am not being mean to him, he just wanted to make up some hours from taking days off for Chicago.  He will only get 3 days off when he gets home.  My guess is it will all be spent mowing.--

Good Morning Saturday!  So good I slept through the alarm.  Yea me!  While I was at the building yesterday, Jim Bass told me about a large yard sale- he hinted that a hoarder left her stuff to the church.  Of course I had to go out of respect and bring back 'just a few' boxes of fabric.  They are still in the headed to the building to unload and quilt.  No particular order, maybe both at the same time--I am feeling a bit energetic for 7.30 a.m.--

Still breaking thread on the quilt machine.  I took a break myself and sorted and cleaned (a LOT).  Ran home for another break and loaded up all the fabrics laying around that need to go to the building.  My poor car.  Clean it out, fill it up, repeat.  Sarah is on her way over to bring me our remote that Ben 'accidentally' took home (2 wks ago)  I bet not having tunes blaring on PANDORA is why I wasn't in the mood to rock out and clean at home this past week.  Soon as I wrote this I remembered I do have a TV in our room that I could crank the volume up on.--

Saw this on FACEBOOK- reminds me that I don't have bad days.  I do have times that I don't rejoice as much as I could/should.  

God is good, this is a good day.  I have picked up piles and moved piles and actually bragged to Carl that the house is clean.  Then I looked around the rooms and saw everything I still need to do.--uggg.  OK- the house is cleaner then it was yesterday.  That may be my new Go To phrase-  'cleaner'.  Pat on the back- all dishes are done and put away.  Dishwasher is empty, sink is empty, counters are wiped down.  Goals for tonight are vacuum  the living-room and mop the kitchen.  (At least sweep the kitchen floor).  I might want to stop writing plans down b/c I don't have a very good record right now in the getting stuff finished album.

This is the end of week four.  I definitely have more 'energy' in day to day type activities.  I am sure it is a combination of better habits.  I would like to Thank good friends, Dawn and Debbie for being my accountability peers.  I am sure that more then a few times I could/would have made different choices but in the back of my mind I was thinking "is this really worth writing down?"  Tomorrow is another day, and I will continue to do better.  I can do all things......

Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Journey 2016 Pilgrim's Plan Wk3

Isn't it Awesome that our week starts on our Lords' day.  (Every day is a day that God has made so they are all really His)  So much to look forward to.  I slept well last night.  Spoke with Carl and he sounds better.  I have a few things to do today to get ready for our trip but nothing stressful.  Today will be a good day to FAST.  I also have a yoga video I want to try out.  I feel relaxed already just thinking about it.

Didn't make it to the yoga video.  Nice calm day today.  Early to bed.  God is good.

Monday, just realized I haven't had coffee in a couple of days-  what's up with that?  Got Ben on the bus.  Drove Andrew to school so I could get to the pool early.  What a good workout.  I got to play in the water for about 20 minutes before class.  Very relaxing- easy stretches.  I find it funny the harder I work out the more I daydream about cleaning the house.  Not that I actually do it, I just think about it more during a workout.

Think I will run up to the building and work on grad. quilts for a bit. I plan to eat today so I will do a late lunch and work on finishing up the soup from last week.

Three quilt tops are done-  how many have we done over the years?  Andrew spent the day with me, we picked up stuff in the basement and shared a pizza.  He ate pizza I had chicken wings and the toppings on one slice.  Pizza didn't taste like I remembered,  Don't think I will try it again for awhile.

Rested watching a movie, don't remember the name.  I never do, surprised I even watch the whole thing without falling asleep.  No nap today!

Bowl of warmed up soup  yum.  The boys are spending the night.  Sweet dreams for this house tonight.

Tuesday.  Ben is on the bus.  Andrew and I will be running to get Dawn to take her to Ferrel Duncan in Springfield.  Connie e-mailed me a reminder about class today at Marionville.  This will be interesting to see if I can do two things today.  I had remembered to cancel  class for Monett on Wed b/c of Chicago trip...

Springfield trip went well, Dawn got her feeding tube taken out (a couple of weeks later then she wanted but better late then never).  How fun for me that this was the Doctor's visit I got to take her too!  Andrew and I had a discussion about Zacchadus from the BIBLE.  Short version is why  would a man climb a tree to see Jesus if Jesus wasn't real?-  Mind blown!
Loaded up items for Marionville class from the building and visited with Sharon working on her quilt for a grandson.  Found the lost fabric.  Headed now to Aurora to pick up Connie.  Today is going fast. I did dish out a couple of spoonfuls of yogurt to eat on the way to class.  (Not hungry but know I should eat something.)

Class went well.  Ladies want to continue and next month we will do flowers from the KC Star patterns, D-9 patch and whatever else Connie and I come up with.  I want to teach a class on how to take applique patterns and re-draw them into paper piece.

Nick was at Crosslines when we got back to town so I dropped Andrew off with him and took a quick tour of the building.  Someone must have just cleaned out their sewing room b/c I ended up with a very large trash back of perfect scraps/yardage.  I would take a picture but the imagination is just as good.  I pinned in the purple pinwheel quilt from Debbie H.  My back just isn't going to let me get it quilted tonight.  That and I keep breaking thread.  Called Deb and I will get to it soon as we get home next week.  I was able to get Mia's graduation blocks so that TO DO might get done before we leave. Lindsey had her last two blocks ready so I can get that row sewn in tonight too.  Swim class is in an hour, I have a lot to work on before I am out the door.--

Great class, love the water zumba, it is always over to soon.  Came home and finished up the grad quilts.  Mia didn't have all her blocks so I did what I could.  I can finish next week.

Slept great, we are getting a late start for Chicago.  I am packed need to throw it in the truck and buckle up.  This is going to be a great day.  God is good!

Drive to Chicago was uneventful.  That is good- no problems. Breakfast at McDonalds, I ate the eggs and sausage from a McMuffin.  Carl did let me drive a bit from Marshfield to St. Louis.  I think he even slept part of the way.  We got to town in time for supper.  Sara is a great cook.  Her chili was home made with sweet potato, so good.  I had the kale salad w/a small spoonful of chili on top no dressing.  Yum Yum.  I forgot to bring my Cal/Mag vitamins so no surprise I had leg cramps when we went to sleep.  So good to see Jess & Sara in their home.

The kids left for work early.  I woke at 6.30 and took my thyroid pill (lab called me Tuesday when in springfield w/Dawn and said I have to get on it for energy)  I am not supposed to eat for an hour and can't take other meds for 4 hours.  About 8-ish I walked up to to get coffee for Carl and me.  Nice little walk around the block.  Sara left her yoga book out for me to look through.  I took most of the day to read it to the end.  I am more familiar with the names of the poses and the authors voice for writing and practicing yoga.  I am more confident that I can get classes worked into my schedule that I can participate in.  Yoga is a good core exercise and I need strength in everything!  Nice thing about being downtown in a large city is everything is close.  I walked to TARGET store (Twice!!)  The first time I had a list in my mind and forgot most of it.  I ended up clothes shopping for an hour and bought several outfits to wear to Abby's wedding in August.  I don't know what 'her colors' are but I am into orange for some reason.  I also forgot how to get home b/c I veered right when I should have gone left-  nice little extra mile never hurt anyone.  I did ask for directions from a city worker who pulled me up on his GPS and got me headed the right way.  Lucky for me it was right near  a B B Q place called Fat Willy's, grabbed a pulled pork for Carl and a bottle of water to 'thank' the worker.  The second time I ran up to TARGET, I made it up and back in 30 min.  Hopefully no leg cramps tonight!  Jess's neighbor (Chris) is going to run around with me tomorrow.  Saturday, Sara and I are going to water class at the gym down the street.  I am looking forward to spending some time with her.  Carl got the bathroom tape and mudded.  He and Jess can work on tile this weekend.

Confession-  I wanted to 'try' a bite of the pulled pork w/hot sauce.  Carl left me about a 1/4 of the sandwich and a handful of fries.  I did take the meat off the bread but ended up then eating the bread and the fries!  I have not had bread in over two weeks-  no cravings to start looking through cabinets but I am disappointed I ate all the fries.  Seriously they were not that great and I knew that as soon as I bite into the first one.  Old habits take time to break and change.  Sara will be home soon and has a lasagna ready to put in the oven.  She is trying a gluten free idea.  I am sure it will be wonderful!

Even gluten free has carbs but if I was going to die eating a fry I think I was resurrected tasting her non-meat casserole-  I knew it would be good and it is/was.  Spinach and mushroom and other good for you foods-  she rocked it!  Anyway, today is Friday.  Jesse's neighbor had to work, I decided to go exploring on my own.  Started with a trip to get coffee for Carl and a sub sandwich to put in the refrid in case I didn't make it back to fix him lunch.  Chris text me that there is a thrift shop about a mile from here.  Note to self-  1 mile = <15 min.  Second note to self-  DO NOT purchase furniture when you are walking.  I 'found' several places I wanted to browse on the way to the thrift shop but lost interest on the way back.  Maybe later today I can head out again.

A couple of years ago when Karlee and I came up by bus/train, I thought I did OK getting around.  This time is so much better!  The two months I have spent doing water stuff has really given me more stamina than I realized.  My legs are not burning going up and down stairs (I do have to hold on to the rail b/c stairs around here are not even--and very steep!)   I am looking forward to another great day of adventures in the city.

I was awake at 6.30, it is now 10.30 in the morning and I have already done more then most full days at home.  Carl just asked me if I would run/walk to Home Depot and get nails.  Sure,  less then a mile up, turn around time less then an hour. I wonder if he would notice it I stopped by the JoAnn's Fabric store while I am out?

No fabric but I did stop at TARGET (again) and bought socks.  I never wear socks but this much walking I am now a sock wearing person.  And the two boxes of nails I got tore through their bag.  Does that mean I shop at TARGET for their bags?  Maybe b/c I have several right now.  Might want to carry one with me on my walks.  lol

I might be in trouble w/Jess when he gets home.  I heated up the sub for Carl and left it out on the table for him.  I then went outside on the front porch to lay out and catch some rays.  The dog took advantage of me and ate all the meat off the sub.  He either ate most of the bread too or he has hidden it somewhere where I can't find it.  I have looked under the furniture and in corners etc....  Wyatt is not a large dog so he is either going to have cold cut combo coming out both ends or Jesse is going to 'find' the hiding place after we leave.  Note to self--push chairs up to the table!

I am not sure that three days is long enough for the thyroid med to kick in.  However, if my energy level is anything to hope for then I am all in.  Wouldn't it be awesome if this is the 'new me'!  Even if it is just the vacation me I am going to enjoy it for as long as I can.  I probably should look around for a backpack, might be easier then carrying bags.  There is a grocery store about 3 blocks up,  I may head that way after a bit and look for some Helmeins Mayo (sp?)

Ever get that annoyed feeling when you say you are going to check e-mails and spend an hour on games?  Bad job staying off FACEBOOK!!!  Carl is about done with the mudding so maybe he will have a clean up job I can work on until the kids get home from work.

Bathroom is sweept and shopvac, Jess is home.  He is going to lay out tile while Carl and I run get my money back on the bedroom furniture I bought.  Carl knows there is NO-WAY to bring it home, which is amazing b/c he hasn't seen or measured it yet.  Of course this will be the set I will be telling the great-grand-kids 'got away' b/c we didn't have a large enough truck (or bring the trailer--lol)
Note to self- purchase a larger truck or stay out of thrift shops by myself.  Yes, this is not the first time I have done this and yes, I am always surprised when he says NO.

We found the shop and better yet the alley to the shop.  Manager opened up the back door and let Carl look, shake his head and then I got a refund from a NON-Refund store.  First time this guy had ever done one by the way.  I didn't even cry--I will save that for the trip home.  Unless I forget.

Time to work on tile and think about what's for supper.  Tomorrow is another day.  Sara and I walked to the tile shop down the block to get trim.  I love that store, I brought a few samples back with me so Carl can say "NO" again.  He is so cute.

Running around is so much easier in the car!  Another trip to Home Depot to get tile cutters.  I got to ride shotgun.  The men have most of the floor laid out.  It is looking like a bathroom.  I did remember to plug in my battery charger so I can get photos later.  Today was 82* and I had a great day.  Sara is ordering pizza.  Salad for me, I know better then to take a bite, well maybe the toppings on the salad won't hurt.

Instead of going to the gym/pool tomorrow I am thinking the walking exploring thing will be more fun.  We will see, not like I ever change my mind about anything.

Not sure what time it is but my body wants to go to bed.  Everyone is still working on laying tiles in the new shower.  Pizza is sitting in a box on the table.  I will most likely pass on a late supper and ...never mind now we are headed downstairs to eat--  Sara just announced it is 10.30 and Wyatt does not get dinner.  I wonder if it is the late hour of the 12" sub.  Either way I don't think I care, I just want to catch some zzzzzzz's.  Yep I ate a slice of pizza and I liked it.  Yes I know that Chicago pizza has carbs.  Yes I know that tomorrow is another day.  I also know that everyone is staying up way to late working on the shower tiles!  Sleep, Sleep, Sleep- where are you Sleep?

We did make it to bed around Midnight, slept straight through the night.  This morning started late (8.45) with a walk in a different direction.  I found Duncan Donuts, got two large coffees, a bag of coffee grounds for Sara, a box of donut holes (they don't call them that), and a bagel for Carl.  Now I can add another bag to my collection.  Nice walk to see different sights.  I passed by the other side of the Tile store and day dreamed about all the pretty things to walk on.  Sara told me there is another thrift store up that block, I will have to find to later.  I am going to find a spot to do some stretching and take a minute to be grateful for this day.---

Sara and I did a bit of running around (by car)  We hit the Thrift store and petted the unit I wanted.  It really IS way big and there is no way other then renting a trailer we would be able to get it to MO.  I did find a couple of consolation items, one being a poster of hot sauces!   I think I will re-frame it for the kitchen- great subject mater and great colors.  I  also found a pizza stone that is ceramic on one side. It is very red, it will look nice on the breakfast bar as a catch-all area.  We shopped at the local grocery and picked up items to go with supper.  Jess is grilling pork-steaks.  I got an avocado to make something (I will know what after I google things to do with avocado that are not disgusting) .  Sara got guacamole dip in case I mess up.  She also got chips for the dip so I got Romaine lettuce (for crunch) so I don't eat the chips.  Her Big/Little Sister was having a HS event so we stopped by to see the robotic and other events.  The public High School is impressive.  Very well spaced out.  It has an indoor pool (4 lanes), a aquatic gardening area, impressive library/computer area and great interesting architecture in and outside the building.  Biannca said the 5 story tall school serves about 3,000 students  9-12th grades.

Carl is working on hopefully his last layer of mud for the bathroom.  I wonder if he is planning on doing a couple of coats in the hall before we go.  I think they decided laying tile is harder then originally planned so the project is getting scaled back for this trip.  Jess and Sara are going to Italy in a few weeks for 3 weeks, so maybe we can come up this summer and finish this job.  Tile has a lot of hurry up a wait time between steps.  One of them being wait 10 days before getting the grout wet.  No showers in the new bathroom till after they get back.  SO, I found myself more tired of walking around today, think it is the start and stop of running in and out and getting in and out of the car.  My hips are sore- not painful, just reminding me that I am not quite all there yet.  I will do my best to get a walk around the block in to stretch my legs good before bed.

So..... I can cut and mash avocado and even eat it (if I don't look at it)  I think it is the color that throws me off.  I mashed up one and mixed in mayo, sea salt and coarse pepper.  I spread it on lettuce and folded it over so I didn't have to look.  (Yes, lettuce is green too  Iget the irony of my color statement)  Avocado actually taste OK.  I can see mixing it in egg salad or tuna or adding cheese to give it texture.  I did try a spoonful of the guacamole we bought.  Way better then I thought it would be.  Taste like there was jalapeno in the mix and the diced tomatoes on top had onion in them.  I spread a spoon full on lettuce and am now a fan.  So much flavor,  I can see using avocados in salads more often.  I have been looking for a way to add cottage cheese to my list of things to try, I wonder if I can hide it in a dip.  I have used it in making meat dishes instead of cheese before but again it is a food that I don't like the look of so I avoid eating it.  I am doing ok with tomatoes, I don't seek them out but I can bite down without making a face.

I finished the second book I was reading, I will have to see where I laid it down to get the name and author.  Sara was a bit surprised I was reading it and offered other books.  Kinda make me want to do a book report-  maybe later.

Supper was fun, I got to grill,  Sara doesn't eat meat so I also fixed grilled mushrooms (they taste like steak) Jess like the pork steaks and ate several, I used H-57 as a sauce for the men, I used left over hot BBQ on mine.  We also had salad, and a veggie burger for Sara (which I grilled too)  I love the way that she keeps the kitchen so clean.  I am warming up to the idea of hand washing as I go and adding to the dishwasher to run when full.  We get home early next week so I have a mission when Carl heads back to work.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

After Supper the kids and I played a game called:  Setters of Catan, bit of strategy, bit luck of the dice but rather fun.  Jess said Karlee enjoyed it when she was up last time.

Carl showered and headed to bed after supper-  we are wearing the man out! I stayed up to read, this book is Nickeled and Dimed (on NOT getting by in America) by Barbara Ehrenreich.  I am a little more then half way through.  No great plans for a book report, ok read.  Brings up min. wage a lot and how no one can live on it, she tried in several cities for a month at a time and writes about her experiences on finding a job, place to stay, etc...  It is an interesting read mostly from the point of view of how the experience is proving her already conceived ideas of the working class.  Some one with a different point of view could view her struggles and successes as proof that one can get by and move up after finding employment.  

While on the subject of books, let me jot down the other two I read this trip.  Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham-  this is the one Sara was surprised I read.  Again, point of view, the language and intimate tellings of encounters in some cases are not my 'style' but from the point of view of the author relevant to this telling of her story.  We all have layers of self that we share, I choose not to do all mine publicly.  Again, even this post is putting a little -out there, so maybe it is not so big of a step to see a book like this being popular.  Reminds me of getting a one person view of a soap-opera in chapters.  My biggest disappointment for her is not that she has such a vivid remembrance of so many childhood and young adult memories and relationships.  I feel sorry that she has not put her mind to the part that she plays in her story.  Several stories are about about how she feels someone has done her wrong- not respected her for being her, etc...  Every story shows her weakness is really in finding/giving value to others around her.  Bratty childlike--- they are bad so she behaves bad too.  I am sure there is more to her then just this one book.

The third book (the first one read) is the Women's Health BOG GOOK of YOGA-  it is big and it is about yoga.  Kathryn Budig did a good job putting together the essential guide to complete mind/body fitness.  I am sure I will be turning and dog-earing pages for quite some time.  A new goal is to get a 15 minute routine down to muscle memory.  Sounds like a lot of big plans for when I get home, dishes and a workout, must be rough being me right now.  So seriously just kidding, I am so grateful that I have the Husband and family that supports me in this "phase" of not just surviving the day to day to striving to Sojourn on to a healthier me.  I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me tomorrow.   God is Good, He is so Good to ME!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

My Journey 2018 Pilgrim's Plan Wk2 Fri/Sat

Friday--Sarah picked me up and dropped me off at water class.  Her vehicle is ready so I dropped her off after class to get it.  I drank a bottle of water before class and a glass of ACV/L (apple cider vinegar w/ lemon).  I am amused at how well this tastes.  Not having sugars the past week has really made my taste buds have to work to find flavors.  My guess is the lemons are 'tasting' sweet for now.  Today is my last day on antibiotics.  Head is still way too congested but today's headache is a bit less annoying.

In class today the instructor had us do little push up on the side of the pool.  Today I could do it.  Took me a couple of bounces to get the rhythm but then I could actually get all the way up.  I can feel it in my shoulder muscles to prove it.

Don't know Carl's plans yet for when he is leaving for his route.  I will put off groc. shopping till he is gone.  Fingers crossed today or tomorrow I can fix a crock pot of cabbage soup.

Don't know where the day went.  Did get the graduation quilts sorted and machine set up to sew.   Christy helped lay out and cut background blocks.   Tomorrow looks promising for a Sew-In (kinda like a Lock-In but with sewing)

Carl took me to Walmart to get what he needs for his trip.  He will head down to Bentonville this evening.  I also picked up enough stuff that I can do a salad tonight and tomorrow and start the soup for Saturday Night and Sunday.  I also picked up healthy food to eat before and after a 2 day Fast.

Saturday morning and I am awake with out an alarm clock- this is going to be a good day.  Plans are to clean the kitchen and start the soup- both goals are doable.  I would also like to piddle around in the sewing room for a bit before heading to the building to sew.

Soup:  crock pot on high.  1 bag of broccoli/caulf mix.  (I am not using carrots or celery) cover with water and added a 1/2 stick butter.  1 bag of coleslaw cut cabbage.  Cooked beef/roast tips in teriyaki w/the left over mushrooms in refrid.  When browned add all to crock pot.   Use coconut oil to pan fry onions and peppers.  Walmart sells a bag of three peppers (red,yellow and orange)  I used about half of each color.  I used one yellow and one purple onion.  I like to cut them so the rings are intact.  The house smells so GOOD right now.  Doing a happy dance excited for supper this evening!

Kallen Brown's quilt top is sewn together!  So cute!  She tie died her blocks.

Best soup ever- well maybe not the best but pretty good.  I can eat this several times with out complaining.  Very filling and lots of flavors.

Headed to bed early to get a good night's sleep.  God is good!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

My journey 2016 Pilgram's Plan Wk2 D5

How can it be Thursday already, this week is flying by. The boys are up and ready for the bus. I slept Ok last night and hope to make it to the water class this morning. I still don't have my car back so I either need to steal Carl's or get him to take me or start walking now. Some how I have messed up the font size on this post. Hope I get it figured out soon b/c I don't like it!

Wild goose chase and finally figured out what I did wrong.  Wonder if I will remember it again next time.  Carl is starting to sound sick again so I called for an appointment got one at 2:40.  Hate to see him go back  out on the road with a sinus infection. (Or what ever it is)  My cough is getting better but for some reason I have a headache.  I still have the dry mouth but not as bad.

I got the boys on the school bus on time-  yeah all of us!  They have testing today.  I laid back down and took a morning nap--haha.  Now I need to either steal Carl's truck keys or talk him into joining me for an 11.00 class in the water.  Don't place bets on the outcome b/c it could be none of the above.

I am going to take my meds. and straighten up the upstairs until he wakes up. Or lay down.

Carl dropped me off at class a little before time to start.  One of the schools was having a field day and the pool was packed with kids.  The little area we work out in was clear.  A few routines into our workout the kids were lining up in the bleachers to get a head count to leave.  The YMCA song came up on our play list.  I felt like a rock star!  150 screaming kids doing the YMCA with us.  My take away is to look for encouragement everywhere around me.  Thank you Lord for people who cheer us on.  Today as I was leaving I stopped by the front desk to get my participation T-Shirt.  The goal was a certain number of workouts in a 6 week period.  I don't remember my number but I met the goal.
My shirt reads:  We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.-Aristotle
I will press on my journey of healthy eating.  It is almost one and I am not hungry but I know I need to fix something for Carl for lunch so I will eat now too.

He goes back on the road tomorrow so I can start working into a couple day fast.  When I get my car back I can hit the store and stock up on what I need for the next several days.

Doc sent Carl over for x-rays poss. pneumonia.  He can't work until temp gets in normal range.  He is not going to like being late on his go out day.  I played with the fabrics Phyllis brought me.  Lots of pieces that I can work into projects I have on going.  It is nice having a sister who works in a fabric shop!  Boys are here from school till Sarah gets off work.  Everyone had/is having a good day.

I got a note card from Janea (Librarian at Marionville) she wrote:  Thank you so much for being so awesome!  Thanks for helping to do my backpack-  I Love it!  Your kindness is greatly appreciated.
Last month I did a backpack class at the Marionville Library we only got one done- yes it was for her.  Glad to know she loves it.  I had never made a backpack before, now I can't say that anymore.  Enclosed  was a gift card to Pizza Hut.  Maybe next month after class Connie and I can grab a bite together.  Now to look up low carb foods at Pizza hut.

Sarah is cleaning out the Fridge b/c someone left the door ajar all day.  It needed cleaned out anyway.  'Found' a container of apple cider vinegar w/lemons, cinnamon and cyanne pepper.  Stuck it in the refrid to drink this evening and tomorrow.  Funny thing is last time I tried this mix I could barely swallow a couple of sips.  Tonight I have downed a small glass full and it taste great!  Maybe one more small glass before bed and finish the rest off tomorrow.  Nice way to start a detox headed into a fast.  Glad I found what was lost.

Carl got a can of chicken and dumplings for supper, I am not eating b/c I am not hungry.

Friday I need to get Sarah to her car so I can have my wheels back.  I would like to pack up all the sewing stuff and head to the building as soon as possible.  Christy will met me after her work around 3:00 to sew graduations quilts.  I am looking forward to making progress on some long over due keepsakes.- cw

My Journey 2016 Pilgrim's Plan Wk2- D4

Today is my Birthday it is also Hump Day-  I have that silly tune from the TV commercial stuck in my head.  Sarah dropped her boys off here to ride the bus to school.  They were both in great moods and we shared yogurt.  Normally I don't feel like eating anything this early but I need to take my antibiotic and don't want to do so on an empty stomach. While waiting for the bus I fixed Carl scrambles eggs and toast.  I used the bread and left over meat from Monday nights sandwich.  Smells great.  I love when the house takes on the aroma of good cooked food.  I love it even better that I have no cravings to even try 'just one bite'.  I did a few stretches and kitchen sink squats.

No computer games so far this morning. Instead after I start another load of laundry I plan to lay back down and read for a bit.--

Morning bible study was lead by Debbie H.  We are studying a book written by Joanna Weaver titled Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.  Today's lesson chapter 8 was Lessons from Lazarus.  Wouldn't to be neat to always know the ending instead of having to live through each chapter of our lives.  Knowing that it is God's purpose( not mine) that is going to prevail frees me up to surrender to Him the things I can't (or don't need too) control.  The grammar rules that made me think are :  Never put a period where God puts a comma and never put a comma where God puts a period.  Pretty deep to think about!

Yesterday I received a b-day card from my mother. The verse was:  Whatever your heart wishes, my heart wishes for you. May your highest hopes and sweetest dreams always come true.  Love you- mom.  On the back she wrote:  Hope you have a good day and that your water classes are going well.  Hope to see you soon-    What a sweet note of encouragement!

I love my mom, I don't get to see her as much as I think about her b/c of distance in miles.  I am not quite to the point where I control all the irons in my fire.  OKC is only a 4 1/2 hour drive away.  I don't like to drive distances by myself-  even to Springfield I take a friend or grand kid.  Maybe this summer I can take a couple of kids and run down for a few days.  Better yet as I get healthier, I can get stronger and take mini 3 day trips to visit.  I think I will add this goal to my TO DO list.-  visit mom by myself by the end of the year.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to visit on a regular basis.  Mom swims all the time.  I could shoot for swimming a mile with her on a workout day.--33 laps is a doable goal.-  God is good!

Debbie H gave me a card and hand wrote:  You are a wonderful friend.  I'm so glad God put you in my life.  All things are possible through Him.  Love ya Debbie.  She also gave me a new coffee cup.  I had not shared this journey of getting healthy with Deb (Yet) so the saying on the cup really touched me.  The cup says:  A Woman of Faith is one who holds her heart wide open as God's will unfolds.  Accepting His often mysterious ways, and always offering thanks and praise. The other side says:  God bless this Woman of Faith.   I don't know if Deb knows that my mom's name is Faith.  What a great double meaning to her gift.

Phyllis is held up at her chiropractor appointment so I have time to lie down and rest a bit before she comes out to see me.  Looks like it is time to be still and know!

Phyllis dropped off sequins/beads/etc.... that I can use to embellish pieces I am working on.  She had her son Ryan and granddaughter, Luna with her.  We decided to grab a bite at Acambaros.   I ordered the combo fajita salad w/no beans.  I only finished half of it but ate, tomatoes, guacamole, jalapenos. Everything tasted so good.  I did not crave or eat any chips!  I find it interesting that once I wrote my intent to eat avocado, they have shown up on the menu twice in two days.  I wonder how the fruit will find me tomorrow--ha ha.

Phyllis also gifted me a sack of fabric pieces to play with.  I will do her proud, make piles, move piles, and return everything I don't/can't hide in my stash.  I love having a Sister-in-Law that sews!

I have been getting a bunch of Face Book birthday wishes.  I love them all but these two are my favorites----
One from Elaine (D.D.)
Oh my goodness-it's that time of year- another birthday-Many moons ago I met a beautiful girl in high school that was smart, caring, full of love and din't judge people.  Nothing has changed- she doesn't realize how much she helped me thru my difficult years in high school.  I will always call this wonderful woman "my friend/sister" and be in debt to her for the rest of our lives.  Love you- Happy Birthday

and from Dawn:
Happy Birthday my sweet sister!  I love you so much, have a great day!  I can eat cake.

Our GOD is so good, He puts people in our lives that we don't even know we need just when we need them.  And Dawn can eat cake-  enough said-  Our God is so Good!

Sarah still has my vehicle so I am home bound till I get it back.  Carl and I enjoyed a supper of scrambled eggs and left overs from lunch.  Very good,

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Journey 2016 Pilgrims's Plan Wk2 D3

I slept better last night.  I did get up a couple of times to use the bathroom and take cough med.  Carl didn't wake me when he left this morning so I slept in.  No pool today but remember those dishes from the other day?  Well they are on my list to get baptized (immersed and made clean again);

Sarah has my Durango so I am home bound.  S-I-L Phyllis called this morning (woke me up), we will meet up tomorrow for lunch.  Is this the push I need to clean things up a bit?  Might be!

I hit the scales this morning and am almost 20 lbs down from 2 months ago.  I found if I steady myself by holding on to the wall I can make that number much higher.  I made a visual picture of the cheat weight and now have a goal to get too.

Ok, time to get a cup of coffee, add a bit of coconut oil and get to cleaning the kitchen.

Couple of hours later, I have started the laundry and run a load of dishes.  Kitchen is not perfect but should be better soon.  I have a bad habit of letting the big bowls and pans pile up.  In the water class we learned an exercise where you lean forward, arms circle out (like you are hugging a ball) and back up to stretch the spine.  Normally when I empty the dishwasher I either have a grand kid 'hand' me things or a get a back ache when I do it myself.  Today I started with the pool exercise and then did one after each collection of items as I was putting them away.  So-  stretch, empty utensils , stretch put away plates,  you get the idea.  Did the same as I loaded too.  About a dozen good stretches later, dishwasher is running again and I am not complaining about my back.

Carl is out working at the building w/Billy (from church) so I did not need to cook for him this morning.  I did fry up a couple of pieces of bacon and two eggs for me to eat around 1:00 pm.  Even before I started this journey I rarely ate breakfast.  My problem was once I did eat something, everything not nailed down was next.  So far I have been able to stick to NO breads or sugars and not have desire for either.

I laid down and tried to nap, couldn't fall asleep.  Now I have the worst dry mouth ever.  I googled reasons for it and am convinced it is my medicine.  Now to find relief.  I don't want to chew gum or candy.  Water doesn't help.  Good side is now I am not swallowing every couple of minutes and then coughing.  I worked on laundry and kitchen.

I have noticed that every time I get tired I end up at the computer playing games.  Starting today, I will limit myself to one game of choice after each blog post entry.  Think I sill skip the game earned from this note and lay down with Carl to get a quick nap before supper at Orlando & Mariana's home.

Supper was so good. The salad was spinach with strawberries and walnuts and a few other healthy things.  Mariana also made chicken cooked in a bit of olive oil with a cheese and pepper topping.  She also served avocado and I ate two pieces.  I can now mark avocado off my list to things to try.  After dinner conversation was fun, I really love these two people.  Orlando wants me to go to El Salvador with him sometime.  I told him I will go next summer if Carl goes with me.  Now I have several long term goals to shoot for.  My niece is getting married in August in California.  I plan to attend and have a good time.  In a week we are headed up to Chicago to help Jesse hang sheet rock.  I want to go and help out.

It has been a good day, I am more tired then I want to be but I got a lot done.  I am sure in a couple of days when my sinus clear up I will have the energy to finish everything I didn't do this week.--cw