Monday, August 24, 2009

From the Archives: Storm at Sea

As a Disclaimer:

This photo was manipulated on PhotoBucket.

The true colors are not near as exciting!

One of the peers was inquiring if 'anyone' had made a Storm at Sea.

I have only made one.

It is on my LIST TO DO again when I have the time.

This couch size one was made just to see if I LIKED the pattern. It cracks me up when I see it (we still have this in our 'collection' for the kids to use when they are visiting)

At the time I had the urge to sew, I didn't have a collection of fabrics to pull from and didn't have the desire to go shopping. (I know- what was I thinking) I had 'seen' this pattern in a mag. It was designed to be paper pieced. Of course I knew I could do it quicker (No one really cares about points on the stars- right?)

For some reason (I don't remember why) I had a couple of yards of these three prints. How can one go wrong with Red, Yellow & Green!

This quilt was sewn in a weekend and originally 'tied'. A few years later I practiced machine quilting on it and it has several border to border patterns. Don't think I am going to worry about it falling apart any time soon.

There is not a label on it so I don't know the date, most likely late 1990's. I do remember strip cutting the fabrics so it has to be after I got a rotary cutter. I didn't paper piece it, b/c I have always preferred a little wiggle to my work, even when I am just practicing.

This utility quilt has gotten a lot of use and visited a few parks for picnics. On my TO-DO list to make in scraps I hope to do Dark, Med. & Lights or possibly R W & B.