Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just Wondering- What say YOU?

I have been posting on BLOGGER now for a short while. My question is should I revisit past post from the 'other' site and move them over here?

I started out my quilting blog on a site that has crashed a couple of times. Each time I started over and 'wrote' what I was working on etc...

Today I was e-mailing with a new friend and wanted to send a link to a project I had done and I don't have a link b/c it was on the site that is gone.

Personally I don't mind telling my 'stories' over and over (I am training for really old age!) BUT a simple COPY and LINK is easier when one wants to share a technique.

I have no desire to do a website, I am not selling anything, but I really am curious as to how to show off my work in a way that I can find it again to share.

1-what do others look for in a quilt blog?

2- does the writer need to write for self or for readers

3- b/c we can edit- would it make sense to post pictures (wordless) and fill in the back story over time when one had time or interest. Kinda like saving a spot for a quilt or project to be revealed latter.
4- plz share what you would like to 'see' or sites that 'show' in a way that you are interested in.

I started my original blog so I could have a banter of ideas between quilt friends and have a journal of sorts for my kids on the quilts I have made. This is my 3rd time starting over. Is this site the place to be to try again? What Say YOU? Do I throw it all out there and see what sticks?- be good cw

To make it worth commenting, I will send a packet of the little butterfly appliques to the first 50 who respond. Leave your comment here on this post. AND send me your mailing addy (my e-mail is )