Saturday, August 15, 2009


One of our quilting friends, who seems to get a kick out of twisting my arm and making me start new projects has done 'it' again.

Check out Nancy's wonderful stripe quilt top.

I had decided I WAS NOT going to have time to make one of these interesting patterns.

In fact I even fondled men's stripe shirts at the thrift shop and didn't purchase any. How is that for sticking to my guns!!

Tonight I spent a little time sorting through a few piles that hadn't had any attention in a while (I don't keep track, could be years) I came across a pretty good stack of bumpy fabrics. I am sure they have a real name but for me they are textured materials that 'feel' good. I have polka dots and strips and flowers, etc...

As I sorted I started putting the stripes in a pile and realized that I have more than enough to kill two birds with one project. One is commit to a top out of the bumpy stuff and two is copy another of Nancy's Did it Firsts! Yeah me- two points and no real poultry was injured.

This one with the flowers is going to make an interesting block. I haven't figured out the scale I am going with. I tend to not follow exact patterns or directions. (Why learn from others trial and error when I can make my own mistakes in block size)

I was delighted to find I have over a yard of each of the pink and blue, so these will be used to make some of the larger blocks and/or borders

Here I am showing off some of the favorites I uncovered. I am pretty happy with the overall look of the fabrics together and hope to live long enough to see how the top turns out.

For now my TO-DO is just to finish this post. Print a copy, add it to the pile and put it all into a TO-DO bag.

My way of getting organized.

I have at least a couple of stripe-tops in this batch and happy to brag that when I sorted the dots(Swiss) I know there are several in that one too.