Monday, August 31, 2009

7 shirts quilt (Thanks Nancy!)

Nancy posted another lovely picture a fan sent her of a quilt made from the 7-shirts mystery we did last year.

I thought since I am re-visiting past projects I would dig out my version to share:

You can get Nancy-Rose's Instructions if you click HERE

I was lucky to find shirts during a $5.00 a bag sale- Hubby picked them out and paid, thus leaving my Self-Imposed NO BUY in tack!

I think in my original post I bragged that this one would be for him.

In the spirit of Re-Gifting it has been passed on to Favorite Oldest Daughter's Boyfriend.

She thought the colors would look good in the Man Cave (the pool room in the garage)

I narrowed the shirts down to the number needed for the Mystery.

Nancy said to use similar materials, I knew it didn't mean ME so I mixed flannels and cottons

Looks good, but sews Not Sew Good! I am not an iron-er but did have to finger press a bit before re-sizing.

I liked how the blocks were coming along. I can see me doing this pattern a couple of more times- I love it in flannel.

I never did get a photo after it was quilted.
I think I did a herring bone border to border and for the life of me can't remember what was on the back.
I know I didn't piece the back.
If you missed the link above you can see the instructions from Nancy's site--