Sunday, July 4, 2010

Raelynn & Dustin July 3rd

Last year when when oldest daughter, Christin Raelynn eloped with her hubby Dustin they started planning for their vow ceremony.
Raelynn has always wanted to get married in the park with family and friends.
Sarah made the best cakes ever. The plan was for them to not melt in the July heat. Lucky for all attending that we had the nicest rain to keep the temperatures bearable and the bugs away.

Pictures are all out of order- here is the new couple lining up to greet the guests.

This is the part where her dad walked her down the isle. When asked who brings this woman to this man, Carl answered: Her mother and I do. To which the speaker then asked: "And who are you?" (I have to add that since they are all ready married, Raelynn asked my dad to do the ceremony-he is a bit of a jokester)

The ring bearers did not have the real rings, they stayed at the back with their mom until the question was asked if there were rings. Then they ran to the front with their pillows. It was so cute. Here is Ben 2 1/2

Bride being escorted by her Father.
and....the flower girl getting ready to go down the isle.

The bridesmaids are so cheery after only getting a couple of hours sleep. They even moved all the chairs from the seating area to up on stage so the guest could sit out of the rain.
What great group of young people.
I will do a better layout with the pictures later. These are some of my favorites. Special Thanks to all the aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents that came to share this wonderful day. The best wedding in the rain I have ever been too.